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Freaky with a side of Strange!
I found an Enderman who was acting WAY out of character. See for more details! Happy Easter! The title is an Easter egg to a character's line in a videogame. See if you can guess it!
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A #shoutout to Purple Shep
This is a #portrayal of Purple Shep by SpongeBob. It is also a #vine.
Views: 55 Daryan TSNS
Hacker Alert
I have found out about a #YOUTUBEHACKER and I need your help! I am issuing a #CallToArms to all Youtubers, new and old, active and inactive, and so on. More details will be released as time goes. Here is the link to the video I showed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHwv3Zc3TmE&feature=youtu.be Here is the new intro for my videos from here on (except for memes, shout-outs, and portrayals; but including compilations of those.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqwNuRalUCs
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My Third Video!
This is my third and search-query making video! I put some songs into this one, so guess what they are!
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Emergency Broadcast
The reason I only have my face, is because I was in a rush to upload something, and this was the best I could do on such short notice. I had not uploaded anything new, and because of that, I lost a subscriber! Plz tell people about this and have them subscribe to my channel, and click the notification bell, so you can know when I post something new. I do not have a schedule yet, but I plan to make a new video tomorrow. Please comment what I should do. I can not decide.
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I made a Resource Pack in Minecraft!
I did the impossible! (I added a blooper reel at the end)
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Subscriber Special (Starring Rainbow Shine)
This is a video I made to celebrate my first subscription to my channel. This video stars a fellow Youtuber named Rainbow Shine. This is her: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-6E5csJ5yYgLXf6O9Z4f5g
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A #vine that I made myself.
The zombie killed himself when he saw Purple Shep when he went #NoFilter
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My Reboot Video
This is a consolation video, to make up for not uploading anything.
Views: 27 Daryan TSNS
Summertime Special!
This video is to tell you what I plan to do this summer! (By the way, I found a video editor on my computer and used it on this video. See if you can find where I cut out a part of the video! I will post the unedited video in due time.)
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My Intro Video
I want to gather all of the Youtubers for a Lego Movie Re-Enactment and I needed credibility in my claim, so I made a video to make my channel visible.
Views: 95 Daryan TSNS
Youtuber Frenzy!
I found 3 other Youtubers!
Views: 11 Daryan TSNS
My Second Video!
This is my second video. I found out that I need at least three videos to be searched, so I made a second one.
Views: 21 Daryan TSNS

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