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NEW NEW INTROOO (took me a long time)
Changing my Nameeeeee also go watch bearos mc Fred videos he asked me again for a shoutout lol
New Intro!
The Mysterious Hybrid[Ep 1] [S 1] (READ DESC)
I’m sorry for not making a vid in soooo long I have a project at school i haveee To To AKA (SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT) That’s why I hav not been making vids for so long btw I had to end the weird one idk why but I won’t end this season of The Mysterious hybrid I PROMISE Btw Go sub To Bearos McFred (He Wanted A Shoutout) OKAY have a great day guys byeeeeeeee.
12 Days Of Christmas (Funny!) (READ DESC)
I’m sorry I haven’t made any videos in a long time I am working on a few and you will see them soon (hope you sub, like, and comment) Byeee (Also Music link is in comments)
The Weird One[Ep. 1]
I haven’t Uploaded in a while because I will only make a video on the weekends!
(Hair IDs For RHS)-Part 1
If I Spelled anything wrong just tell me in the comments! Also If the code did not work for you I *MIGHT* Of put the code in wrong so I’m very sorry if your mad
{Dare Me!}

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