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The killer clown story
Created game by REALHARRISJ, LearnedRichie177 and AhsanGamerROBLOX, (me!) This is about 3 friends who go to a club, but one of them is a killer clown.
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Some idiot is chasing me in mining sim wth
I am just trying to like you know mine in this game but some idiot who i added randomly found my channel and you know is acting like a dodo (except they extinct and i wish the guy did too) yeah so hmm this will continue BYE
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hehehehe this is me xd lol this is badass dont sub i dont give a shit oh fuck. Okay if you want sub I don't give a damn are you badass or shet shet shet plz pick shet. Btw shoutout to REALHARRISJ for being there for me and xdestroyer67894 for the amazing kindness of buying a VIP Server.
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The ending.
Yes, I suppose we can be friends with him. He is okay I guess He is my best friend now and I couldn't have done it without you. Subscribe or not, please remember this story as a moral for friendship. Thank you
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Speed run 4
I am trying to beat the speed run game for the 5th time. Will I need backup plans such as a speed coil or gravity or will i succeed. Spoiler, i need so much backup, the pain..
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The Killer clown story: Part one
Three friends (Real, Richie, and Ash) go to bar. Sooner or later, bad things happen
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Roblox Fortnite dances. Good animations
Today me and my friends are playing a game (orange justice simulator) Credit to Jollyz and its quite good. except from fresh fresh never
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