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Dynasty - meme [Flipaclip] 100+ subs special! (5 hours challenge)
Original: https://youtu.be/-zi4XvVhUA0 Inspired: https://youtu.be/AeM_BY8Wg-0 Music: https://youtu.be/0TFxEERjS14 Thank y'all so much for 100+ subs!!
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I Can't Breathe - Original Meme
Eyy it's ya gurl! Shara! Back at it again with some low quality meme! But this time it's original! Yay! Song: https://youtu.be/WfFS3l3y3jY
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I don't hate bullies - SpeedPaint
Full pic: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/847591592347394633/ Music: https://youtu.be/dZNu4zlrqcs
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Meteorite - meme [Flipaclip] (CRINGE WARNING!)
Original: https://youtu.be/gP2kE0tavTk Music: https://youtu.be/IKKig2b-rlw I hate it.... The timing is off The drawing sucks I hate myself SO much uugghhh
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I can't breathe meme the actual thing. 
The adiou sucks btw read desk for more info
Hi yes help in so this is the actual one. Something went wrong to the first one and I had to post the one which I made in flipaclip. Sorry for the audio btw. The music is in the desk of the first one
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Everything Black (original)?
Sorry i was too lazy and i made this on a phone with my big oll hands song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcg6wekmCRA inspired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA7W5ucF0_g
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Kinjabang meme (ft. KitterCatow, BlueCatIcedFur:D, JevonKun, BTS lover, TrollingMyYoungSis)
Original: Miss Dreams Happy Halloween everyone!
Views: 159 Shara Animates
Unfinished meme
Kinjabang meme Oh boy! Been a week since I've last posted huh? Don't worry I have motivation to do it.
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Stickman with wings
Don worry I'll upload sumthin
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Upside Down - meme (Read Desk!!)
Sorry for not posting for a while! I was busy at school. It sucks man. Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPzIgNmdVOU Inspired by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0JEdkjPPj8 Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLQK0R7Ac8s So the reason why i'm inspired my Querts is she is not the original. The real original nal was posted earlier than Querts. Thank you!
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GO SUB TO HIM!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCseEUPBHTPCH48iKHUmw0Xw Music:https://youtu.be/l_nCDY9IxBI
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Gift for KitterCatow!! (also for the competition)
Congrats on having 200+ subs kitty!! Love you! Bye!
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Practice for GRRLS REMIX MEME but it's bad
I think i don't have motivation so maybe another speedpaint
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Views: 76 Shara Animates
Fuck off meme
I lost motivation BUT I promise I'll make the "I said meow" meme
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Drawing My Subs 1
Hey Guys! So I am starting a new series where I draw my subs in my channel! So be sure to hit the like button and subscribe button! don't forget to turn on the notifications so you won't miss a video. If you subscribed to me but I didn't draw you please let me know and I'll see you guys later! Bye! Music: https://youtu.be/3cBuQ0PuOcY Full pic: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/847591592347255265/
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I hope you love me back - meme (Read Desk!)
Sike you thought
Views: 127 Shara Animates
Draw my Subs 2
Music: https://youtu.be/p2jLy7wj5LI Full Picture: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/847591592347274051/ Ahh this character was so fun to draw! It was a little hard as well, took me a while to finally get the pattern right. I'll do this again at Saturday and Sunday! So wait okay? Bye!
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Sumthin idk
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Happy VERY LATE birthday Dragongirl6!!
Music: https://youtu.be/3w-C0-zVaW8 GO SUB TO HER!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOotICAwhCxXvLJ6tyFVoWg
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Shoutout (link to their channel is in desk)
Chip: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSxd5PT2NAlFfEvjxpfzXWw KitterCatow: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl6IU4U08hhsrt2Hkjcho5w BlueCatIcedFur: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXeSzlpX3GiVoEZSmB_UXEA JevonKun: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6m51p5D1ZK7LawXRqK3kw
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Meiking fany meem
Idk image this while Wi-Fi was being a dick to me
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Yep, you might notice that I changed the background. That's because I got lazy so sorry bout that. Original: https://youtu.be/wOZS6KdHonc Song: https://youtu.be/ZJ9shXz0WCA Have a nice day and enjoy!
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He just got his assistant woped son
Views: 18 Shara Animates
Friends! (Speedpaint)
Hello! Did y'all like the double upload? If so hit the like and subscribe button in both VID and as always "your a cutie🐰💖" bye!
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For the big Collab
Jesus what have I done to my cinnamon roll
Views: 88 Shara Animates
6 X 3
Views: 43 Shara Animates
RAWR!! - SpeedDraw
Her channel: KitterCat Song: Dirty Rush & George Es - Brass
Views: 24 Shara Animates
Background that I'll be using for a meme (read desk)
Hello! Sorry for not posting for a while. I'm currently working on a meme and this is the background that I'm using. If you want to use this background please give permission to me first and give me good credit on the video. I don't want you to use it without my permission ok? And if you are wondering if I animated this then yes! Yes I did. I'll post a video on how I did it when I finish animating my stuff. So yea.. Bye!
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IMPORTANT!! read desk
Hey! So I'm starting to like this magic stuff that I'm doing so I'm going to continue making it. BUT I can only continue if you guys want me 2 so yea
Views: 22 Shara Animates
Hey look! I made a trash
lol no. This is not what I'm going to post but found this anyway so... Ya
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Making music out of my voice (part 1)
I kinda got bored and made this. I know this meme but not the name cuz its Russia. Oh! And also, do you guys want me to make more of these?
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Chime meme
I hate it. I lost motivation sorry
Views: 77 Shara Animates
Fuck off (wip) read desk please
I CANT DO RUNNING CYCLE! *FUCK* anyway I don't know if I'll finish this or I can even finish this cuz I literally skipped the running part. I like this one out off every meme I made cuz the other ones are just fucking gay furries bouncing their head up and down and their so lazy! At least I still have the motivation to finish this one. K have a nice day!
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Making my way downtown
Lol Audio: https://youtu.be/j464VyBeJL4
Views: 70 Shara Animates
Something I gave up to.
Ye I got lazy and lost motivation
Views: 30 Shara Animates
Views: 80 Shara Animates
Fur Practice (Neytirix style)
Full photo is on my Pinterest! https://www.pinterest.ph/SharaLinn2000/ Song is on the end of the vid Love y'all so much! Bye!
Views: 35 Shara Animates
Killing Jevon - kun (PLEASE READ DESK)
I love my friend Jevon! This is not a serious thing, it's just a joke so please don't kill me. :,( Original: https://youtu.be/S7vOsRVK6ro Probably gonna do a remake of this cuz the face just glitches and disappear idk why Xd
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KitterCatow (monster au) -  Speedpaint
Full pic: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/847591592347030354/ Follow me on Pinterest!! I love y'all so much! Bye!
Views: 30 Shara Animates

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