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Iris, l'Arte Ceramica
Un video per presentare chi siamo: come lavoriamo, i nostri valori e la nostra esperienza. Prodotti in ceramica e gres porcellanato per rivestimenti e pavimenti di design, per uno stile che dura nel tempo.
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MaxFine Installations
See the many different ways that MaxFine's massive tiles can be used
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Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica - Cersaie 2016
Il design porta la firma dell’Ufficio Stile Diesel Living mentre lo sviluppo e la realizzazione del prodotto finale sono frutto del know-how del reparto ricerca e sviluppo Iris Ceramica. Un progetto ad hoc che arricchisce l’offerta dei brand pensato per esaltare l’iconfondibile linguaggio Diesel Living e per valorizzare pareti e pavimenti di ambienti reisidenziali e commerciali dallo spirito esuberante e dal carattere deciso.
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MaxFine Fabrication
See just how unique MaxFine's tiles can be used
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Iris Ceramica new collections: Opera, Piasentine, Rays, Travertini Imperiali and Rinascimento
Here are the new collections by Iris Ceramica: OPERA, PIASENTINE, RAYS, TRAVERTINI IMPERIALI and RINASCIMENTO. Iris brand ceramics offer advanced design and longlasting, unchanging materials, making it a prime example of an ideal object for the future. The world of Iris Ceramica: essential forms and articulated features, natural ingredients and prestigious materials, advanced processing techniques with an artisan flavour, innovative (and sometimes surprising) materials that bring out the finest qualities of these simple, base elements, earth, water and fire. Our passion is experiencing the creation of objects, departing from the consumer logic in favour of a truer approach to everyday life and a more natural pace.
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Iris Boutique in Paris
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Iris, the Art of Ceramic
A video to show who we are: how we work, our values and our experience. Ceramic and porcelain products for wall- and floor-coverings, an everlasting style for residential and industrial projects.
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Serata di Gala Iris Ceramica - Cersaie 2013
Video girato durante la Serata di Gala, tenutasi presso lo Showroom di Iris Ceramica per il Cersaie 2013.
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Active Design 2010 - Award Ceremony of Iris Ceramica
Here the video of the Gala Dinner of Iris Ceramica for the winners of the international Active Design Award, in collaboration with the Resto del Carlino newspaper. The award was assigned to five interior design projects for both residential and contract settings that used ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial CeramicTM materials, the new-generative eco-active and anti-pollution ceramic material created by Iris Ceramica.
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Simone Cagnazzo, designer, presents the new collections by Iris Ceramica (2010 Cersaie Fair)
Iris Ceramica's stand at Cersaie 2010 was designed by young designer Simone Cagnazzo, who drew his inspiration from the variety of the new collections -- Piasentine, Rays and Opera -- to propose new versions of different spaces (such as the bathroom, the living room and the outdoors). His settings are all domestic or public places where everyday life takes place, and they all centre around a tree: the legendary "tree of life", symbol of Iris Ceramica's focus on the environment. "Materials that live and let live": this is the concept behind the stand, covered with materials in new styles with new functions which in the allegory become lungs for the body and the soul, where visitors can breathe in visual and tactile sensations and emotions. The message is "active sustainability", which means working together towards a future of innovative ideas and concrete actions inspired by the need for a green planet.
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MATIMEX Showroom, Castellòn (Spain)
The Matimex showroom is not only an exhibition space, but also a reference centre for the merchandising and the education about the materials of Iris Ceramica. The building, designed by Duccio Grassi according to the sustainability values, has different spaces for different brands: FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Iris Ceramica and Ariostea come one after the other in suggestive rooms, in order to create a meeting point for the professionals. Interior and exterior wall- and floor-coverings: the Iris Ceramica produts are elegant and innovative. Iris brand ceramics offer advanced design and longlasting, unchanging materials, making it a prime example of an ideal object for the future. The world of Iris Ceramica: essential forms and articulated features, natural ingredients and prestigious materials, advanced processing techniques with an artisan flavour.
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Story of Maxi Slab
Un video emozionante descrive il processo attraverso il quale, una delle più grandi innovazioni nel mondo della ceramica prende forma e arriva a rivestire superfici di tutto il mondo. An exciting video describes the process through which one of the greatest innovations in the world of ceramics takes shape and comes covering surfaces around the world.
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Who doesn’t give in to the temptation to pull faces in the mirror from time to time? Alone in the lift, in a department store dressing room, or in front of the bathroom mirror. In this video, the temptation proves too strong for carefree Francesco as he is about to shave, not realising that somebody is there waiting for him. Alzi la mano chi sa resistere alla tentazione di fare le smorfie davanti allo specchio. Quel momento in cui ci troviamo da soli in ascensore, nel camerino di un negozio o davanti allo specchio del bagno non ha uguali. Esso rappresenta una tentazione troppo forte anche per lo spensierato Francesco, il protagonista del video che sta per farsi la barba anche se non ha calcolato che c’è qualcuno che lo sta aspettando.
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Eleonora is getting a special meal ready for a candlelight dinner when something suddenly goes wrong. But she doesn’t lose heart and decides to make the best of things. Eleonora sta preparando un piatto speciale per una cena a lume di candela quando ad un tratto qualcosa va storto, ma non si perde d'animo e decide di rimediare subito a modo suo.
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Elena is having one of those mornings when nothing seems to go right, when we’re in a great hurry and have no time to lose, but mustn’t forget a single detail. Will she manage to get out of the house without forgetting anything? Ci sono mattine in cui sembra proprio che le cose non vogliano andare per il verso giusto e in cui la fretta regala quella sensazione di urgenza che ci dice che siamo in ritardo, che dobbiamo sbrigarci, che non possiamo perdere tempo, né tralasciare alcun dettaglio. Sembra proprio che per Elena sia una di quelle mattine… riuscirà ad uscire di casa senza dimenticare nulla?
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Iris Ceramica - projects (2010)
This video presents some of the latest projects by Iris Ceramica. Outdoors, indoors, wall- and floor-coverings: materials for every intended use! If you want to see other photo-references, please visit http://www.irisceramica.com/galleria_progetti.php
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Iris Ceramica ad Eurocucina 2016
L’equipe di Iris ha accolto nel proprio stand gli amici, i clienti, i designer, gli architetti, i produttori e tanti visitatori da tutto il mondo. E forse anche voi. In mostra, in collaborazione con Ibk Project, quattro cucine di nuova concezione dove le nostre lastre in Ceramica Tecnica sono state protagoniste. Abbiamo verificato una volta di più l’attrazione che esercitano le nostre lastre su designer e imprenditori anche in una veste inedita. Continueremo a vestire cucine, con nuove proposte, nuove idee e l’entusiasmo di sempre. THANKS! DID WE SEE YOU IN MILAN? For all of you, here’s a video summing up those hectic days at Eurocucina 2016. The Iris team welcomed friends, customers, designers, architects, manufacturers and visitors from all over the world to their stand. Maybe you were among them! On display, in partnership with Ibk Project, four new kitchen concepts featuring our high-tech ceramic slabs. We confirmed once again the great attraction of our slabs for designers and businesspeople, in a new way. We will continue to dress up the kitchen with new proposals, new ideas, and all our usual enthusiasm. Watch the video!!!
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Nobody likes Monday morning. The alarm clock always seems to ring too early, or worse yet, too late, bringing with it a lethal combination of anxiety and sleepiness. It’s in this kind of situation that the bold-hearted gather their courage and get up on a Monday morning ready to face the routine of the working week. But this appears to be an especially difficult Monday morning for our modern-day heroine Marta, who seems to have been out celebrating the night before … Il lunedì mattina è un momento difficile per tutti: la sveglia suona sempre troppo presto o, peggio ancora, suona troppo tardi portando con sé un carico di ansia mista a sonnolenza che lascia spesso tramortiti. È in queste situazioni che i coraggiosi del lunedì tirano fuori la grinta e si alzano per affrontare la settimana lavorativa e la routine degli impegni. Questo lunedì sembra essere ancor più duro per la nostra eroina moderna Marta che deve aver festeggiato un po’ troppo la sera prima…
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Abitare il Tempo 2010 - interview: Simone Cagnazzo, designer, for Iris Ceramica
ACTIVE Garden, created for the 2010 edition of Abitare il Tempo and placed inside the area dedicated to materials and ideas for outdoor architecture and design, takes the form of a real gazebo, made from recycled, treated wood, through which visitors can glimpse a tree growing surrounded by the Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti ACTIVE Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic™ materials. Entering this cube of 68 m2, which consists solely of criss-crossed wooden trellises, we find ourselves in a conceptual tree-house, where we discover an environment that is "activated" and "clean", a viewpoint far from the polluting din of the city, made up of materials created to restore new life to our urban environment, transforming homes, centres and apartment blocks into flowers, gardens and great trees.
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Conferenza stampa sulla sostenibilità attiva, Milano (23/04/2010)
Salvaguardia dell'ambiente e delle risorse naturali, approccio sostenibile della progettazione, abbattimento delle immissioni dannose e riduzione degli sprechi. E' questa la sintesi dell'attività di ricerca ed innovazione del gruppo GranitiFiandre e Iris Ceramica i quali attraverso un nuovo processo produttivo hanno realizzato un materiale per pavimenti e rivestimenti in grado di ridurre l'inquinamento atmosferico ed eliminare alcuni fra i batteri più pericolosi per la salute dell'uomo.
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Iris Ceramica Group CEO Federica Minozzi comments on the partnership: “Iris Ceramica believes in the principles inspiring Modena Volley and above all in the enterprising spirit. The values of the local community, sports and team spirit, ethical concepts and the ability to look forward and see a positive future, attracted us to this team whose ideals we share.
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Intervista a Graziano Verdi - Quarto Elemento
Servizio sulla celebrazione dei primi 50 anni di Iris Ceramica del programma televisivo Quarto Elemento.
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Iris Ceramica celebrates 50 years of future
Watch the interview to Graziano Verdi, managing director of Iris Ceramica, on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the enterprise.
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Iris Ceramica - Intervista di Graziano Verdi per Quarto Elemento
Luigi Giuliani intervista Graziano Verdi presso la Sala Mostra Iris Ceramica di Fiorano Modenese per fare il punto sull'azienda e sui suoi primi 50.
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