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Crystal tips (but no Alistair)
Watch a very thin layer of crystals forming on surface of copper sulfate solution For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 163 Simon Dobbs
Catalytic hydrogenation for kids
kwik and dirty katalysis 4 kids For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 209 Simon Dobbs
A Magic Appearance
This video shows a cup appearing out of nowhere- a real act of magic. The Magic of Chemistry. For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 546 Simon Dobbs
Showers of Gold
This video is about Showers of Gold- burning iron filings, so simple, so beautiful For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 262 Simon Dobbs
Another day, Another thermite reaction
For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 497 Simon Dobbs
Sugar and Spice
Sugar and Spice: the spice is an oxidizing agent For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 310 Simon Dobbs
Love a duck
How to make duck soup. Take one duck. Dissolve it. That's entropy man. I just love to dissolve things. STDobbs.com
Views: 316 Simon Dobbs
Amor Dei et proximi summa beatitudo
This is the Dobbs crest. Just gotta love the blues. stdobbs.com
Views: 373 Simon Dobbs
chemical colour
Original artwork by simon dobbs. Not THE simon dobbs, famous artist, but simon dobbs the chemist. Colour produced after a day in the lab. See stdobbs.com
Views: 228 Simon Dobbs
how thermitey fall
This video is about how thermitey fall
Views: 113 Simon Dobbs
Red hot metal
This video is about Red hot metal. Dig my funky Bunsen Burner. A reminder to strike whilst the iron is hot.
Views: 181 Simon Dobbs
Sugar Rush?
This video is about Sugar Rush?
Views: 123 Simon Dobbs
A video entitled "G&T", with a funky background track called "G&T" by the Dobbs. Get it? The Funky Music is my interpretation of how drinking a G&T *feels* Chemistry in action indeed.
Views: 255 Simon Dobbs
Potassium plus water- a damp squib?
This video is about Potassium plus water- a damp squib? More like an old flame?
Views: 107 Simon Dobbs
It took all night
to crystallise stdobbs.com
Views: 136 Simon Dobbs
Big Flash
Views: 65 Simon Dobbs
nucleophilic addition
This video is about nucleophilic addition For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 152 Simon Dobbs
Downtown Spider City
On a bench somewhere in Kettering....
Views: 84 Simon Dobbs
Cat Kins
Arty rubbish video of catkins of Corylus avellana 'Contorta' in my garden. The yellow ones are the males. Note the tiny pink female ones. stdobbs.com
Views: 52 Simon Dobbs
This video is about Displacement For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 53 Simon Dobbs
A soluble problem
A soluble problem- just a crystal of copper sulphate dissolving but look out for a new one recrystallising on the top right.
Views: 72 Simon Dobbs
Lightening_spark’s first video about aliens
By a young relative of mine Created with Stop Motion Studio. Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad on the AppStore. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id441651297?mt=8&at=10lGyj&ct=yt
Views: 75 Simon Dobbs
A Displacement Activity
A strip of magnesium in copper sulfate solution is rather beautiful as it reacts. Some copper is displaced which looks golden, but in the prescence of copper ions which act as a catalyst, the magnesium displaces bubbles of hydrogen gas, leaving white magnesium hydroxide behind. It looks like a sky in a painting by Turner.
Views: 71 Simon Dobbs
Magnesium Flash
This video is about Magnesium Flash
Views: 244 Simon Dobbs
sky stuff
Just a few random pictures of the sky I took one night.
Views: 57 Simon Dobbs
Bad Bunny
This is what happens to naughty bunnies. That's exhausted my supply of ethoxyethane.
Views: 153 Simon Dobbs
Not burning money
This video is about Not burning money- rather it's about dissolving it. Dissolving a penny in nitric acid. Brown fumes of nitrogen dioxide, green solution of copper nitrate, the steel core remains. All in the interests of science. For online chemistry tuition, see stdobbs.com
Views: 260 Simon Dobbs
Monkey Business
I spent a very happy day at La Vallée des Singes in July. Fabulous monkeys and apes wandering free.
Views: 70 Simon Dobbs
The Sequel
A sequel to lightening_spark's video
Views: 6 Simon Dobbs
tuition city
engaging, enthusiastic, expert… science tuition online
Views: 83 Simon Dobbs
Views: 100 Simon Dobbs
orange volcano
orange volcano
Views: 119 Simon Dobbs

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