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Growth Simulator-Finding all the hiders- ROBLOX
Today we will learn where all of the hiders in ROBLOX growth simulator are. Enjoy!
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The swing
This is what hope gets for getting in my way 😈😈😈. Anyway, I couldnt find her channel to put here, but it's hope Charlotte. If you find it tell me. Thx for watching πŸ‘»β€β€
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My cat.... ( look in description)
So this is my cat. His name is tigger. He enjoys attention and getting brushed. He is 18 years old blind, and deaf. But for his age he is doing great. I just wanted to post this because I was brushing him and put the brush down. He stated brushing himself and I thought it was really cute! Rip Tigger- 1999- 2018, died at 20 years old
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Back Bend fail
I hope you guys enjoy, it was fun filming this so yeah! ENJOY
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