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Polaris Build.mov
Time Lapse build of Depron Polaris seaplane
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Boxermad84 SU37 build Vid 3
Episode 3 It really is a joy to build this model, Plans are presise, i love the curves built in. If mine flies as well as the prototypes i will be well pleased. It will be a little heavier with the glass but found that was no prob on any other depron i have built. (especially the Alphajet)
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Boxermad84 SU37 build Vid Part 1 & 2
Video has been extended
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Alphajet Build Vid
Alphajet Build
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This video is about PISTOL HFT
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Ian C Kalt GS Alpha mpg
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HK H Copter
1st test flight with Hobbyking H copter with NAZA control unit & Sat Compass
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Depron F18.avi
F18 by Dave powers. 1250kv motor turning 8X6 SF prop No carbon reinforcing rods but coved with 0.6oz glass cloth & water based resign 2250ma battery painted with household emulsion paint
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Boxermad84 SU37 Single Motor
Boxermad84 SU37 Single Motor
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Boxermad AlphaJet Twin
BoxerMad84 Alpha jet Depron high Alpha plane with Twin contra rotating props 2x2200kv Giant Cod motors 2 x40amp controlers 2x 2200 Nano-tech batteries Filmed by JM with my Cannon Legria HF G10.
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Robert's New Sea Fury
Roberts New Sea Fury
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Ian-Synergy N9.mpg
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HK Y3 Tricopter
First flight of my new Hobby King Y3 Fibreglass Tricopter It had a 3300mah battery & flew for 5min and had 50% charge left
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Cat or Gecko?
Cat or Gecko?
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Morning Cuddles With Suri
Morning Cuddles With Suri
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Terry with 1st flight with yak and 130 RCV
Terry with 1st flight with yak and 130 RCV
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AlphaJet Wars 2
AlphaJet Wars 2
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Depron & Foam model collection
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HK Talon Tricopter
HK Talon Tricopter
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Frank Mirage
Frank Flying his Mirage at dunsfold
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Eddie & G-Paws
Eddie,s 1st hour with G-Paws navigation tracker
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Boxermad84 SU37 Build Vid 6
Now i am getting nervous, Maybe i should not have painted it yet. Planning on going to the field tomorrow Tuesday 2nd October So report and vids tomorrow evening (weather permitting) god bad or disaster all will be revealed he he .
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Boxermad Build vid 5
Very short progress vid
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Boxermad84 Build vid 4
Just a little Glass coat demo
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Jeremy Rave 90 FBL
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TRex 700E with sunshine
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Miss Geico X2 test runs
1st day out with two new Miss Geico 29's by `Pro-boat both running on 6s 5000 lipo's Also a trial run of our rescue boat which turned out to be a total success
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Two Boxermad84 Alpha Jets
Two Alpha Jets
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EDF AlphaJet Project
To all you Boxermad Alphajet fans I had two 4s 70mm edf fans lying around (from Phase3 Squall) so i decided to try a custom Alphajet EDF. I used two bottom sheets from the stock plan & put vertical separators in to accommodate the fans. There is absolutely no guarantee that this "thing" is going to fly but at least i have managed to hack about more sheets of depron Opinions welcome,especially from Greg & Jay
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Hughes 500 Defender 1
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Polaris Low & Slow
Filmed at Dunsfold by Terry(Blighty) (the best cameraman in the club)
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Attack of the inverted Alphajet
New Project
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Boxermad84 SU37 back to back test
Filmed this at a lesser angle so hopefully you will be able to see the model. The twin being fully glassed is rather heavy 47oz all up so it is not that lively. Very smooth and great penitration & solid on a windy day. For Scale type flying it is great The mid-mount SU37 is somewhat lighter 37oz (can be built lighter) if i use less glue sticks. One can defiantly feel the differance in the air, this is more nimble and aerobatic. Inverted is neutral, just haven't got the ***s to do it low down yet. must practice because it is so solid & groovey. Love them both but the mid mount is my favorite The NTM 2700kv arrived this morning so next job is to change the motor over. I have ground a C clip groove in the end of the shaft with a dremmel to reverse the drive output. (don't like the adaptor)
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Boxermad84 AlphaJet VTO!!!!
B0xermad84 AlphaJet VTO!!!!
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DJI 450  KK2
Test flight of my new KK2 controlled DJI450
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Jeremy Velocity50
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New Boxermad84 AlphaJets
New AlphaJets
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Andy Flying his Panther at Dunsfold
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TRex 700E
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Polaris at the Lake.wmv
Test Flight on the lake at Shackleford
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A vid from a birds eye view of the surrounding area from my garden
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Boxermad84 Alpha Jet
BoxerMad alpha jet Depron high alpha plane
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Eddie G Paws 1
Eddie and another G-Paws treck
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Wings & Wheels
I tried to video some cool cars but this woman would not move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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First Quad Flips (DJI 330+KK2)
Clear Sky & light wind, quad setup to flip . So hear goes. I did 8 but my pall only got 3 of them on camera That was easier than expected!!!!!!! these are my initial (uneducated) settingsP Gain 50 P limit 130 I gain 25 I limit 20 Stick scaling 75
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