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Traffic stinks, build and use more trains!
This video is about Cash's Community Project 2018 in which he goes around the city of Austin making videos about why we should build and use more trains. If you agree, talk to those city council members. see this link below if you don't know how to do that. http://austintexas.gov/government
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Domino pyramid part 1 time lapse: what it is like to build a 3 dimensional pyramid
it took me three takes lots of frustration, and two fails… It also took a lot of effort… I'm so glad I did it!
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Austin international airport landing
Hey! This is me doing a video of me landing in Austin's international airport. I am sorry If my camera shakes... the landing is quite bumpy... but anyways, enjoy!!
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Tower bridge completed
The celebration begins!!! The biggest Lego project is complete!!! It has over 4000 pieces, and has a ton of good details to it!!!
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Massive package opening!!!
A massive package opening that I did!! It contains a lava lamp that is rainbow in color.... I got it from amozon prime. I showed this for your entertainment so I hope you like it!!!!
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Major Goal Celebration by me!
I my third place hockey game, I scored a goal to make it five to nothing. I went crazy after scoring. I jumped into the boards before I mob with my teammates. I ended up winning five to two winning third place in the post season.
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London and Paris - 2016 Family Trip - Cash Frankhouser
My European trip this summer to London and Paris!!!
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