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Broken Glass: Shattering Expectations

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It's that time again! We have a brand new video that will shatter your expectations. We have people breaking glass in just about every way imaginable! Submit your videos to FailArmy.com! ►►► SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! http://bit.ly/fasubmit SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/fasubscribe FACEBOOK • http://bit.ly/fafbpage INSTAGRAM • http://bit.ly/fainsta TWITTER • http://bit.ly/fatweet TWITCH • http://bit.ly/FailArmyTwitch Check out FailArmy U!!! • http://bit.ly/failu FailArmy gear • http://bit.ly/failmerch We've got friends in high places! Give them a watch: People Are Awesome - https://goo.gl/zDCbjj The Pet Collective - https://goo.gl/vQI0He JukinVideo - https://goo.gl/7PG5MZ Poke My Heart - https://goo.gl/ZLwQ4k Daily Picks & Flicks - https://goo.gl/bVnuVE FailArmy is the world’s number one source for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations. We’re powered by fan submissions and feedback from all around the world, with over 30 million fans across digital platforms! To license any of the videos shown on FailArmy, please visit Jukin Media at http://bit.ly/jukinlicense. Videos: Woman Shatters Champagne Bottle with Glass https://goo.gl/Zsb7h8 "Kids Kick Soccer Ball into Glass " https://goo.gl/XhD3s1 "Guy Shatters Glass Table with Sword " https://goo.gl/72zhrN Board Game on Glass Table Fail https://goo.gl/UTZa9i "Kid Breaks Glass Table " https://goo.gl/5sKj8N "Plate Glass Falls off Ladder " https://goo.gl/M4umr5 "Parkour Breaks Window " https://goo.gl/7KPkXE Girl Tries to Twerk on Window https://goo.gl/MR99PL Basketball Dunk Shatters Backboard https://goo.gl/EPboMr Glass Door Shatters into Pieces https://goo.gl/89V1WJ Stump Removal Shatters Car Windshield https://goo.gl/idgNqB Dunk Practice Leads to Shattered Backboard https://goo.gl/SJSRJi Mirror Falls and Shatters on Top of Man https://goo.gl/Cf7bis Guy Shatters Window While Throwing DVD Player From Building https://goo.gl/bVMHQL Golfer Accidentally Shatters Mirror While Practicing Indoors https://goo.gl/eK35Rx Bus Driver Misjudges Gap and Shatters Window https://goo.gl/NkMBos Guy Hits Golf Ball and Shatters Light https://goo.gl/vHjxJq Girl Breaks Light While Practicing Swings https://goo.gl/523MhH Squash Player Shatters Glass Mid-Game https://goo.gl/dc5Vs8 Soccer Trick in House Leads to Broken Glass https://goo.gl/FKB1h2 "Harlem Shake Girl Smashes Glass " https://goo.gl/exUUsv Frisbee Trick into Tire Breaks Window https://goo.gl/aG6Siy Workers Drop Cases of Beer from Truck https://goo.gl/c5UFne Weightlifter Breaks Window after Barbell Rolls Away https://goo.gl/aq8TdS "Guy Falls Off Skateboard and Breaks Glass Door " https://goo.gl/kMbDBj "Woman Drops Tray Full of Glasses " https://goo.gl/HKapB5 Baseball Swing Broken Window FAIL ! https://goo.gl/21BXgh "Sharp Sword Breaks Glass Table " https://goo.gl/VtJgVX "Siblings Break Glass Table While Wrestling " https://goo.gl/8foVz3 "Guy Catches Two Beer Bottles but Drops Third " https://goo.gl/eLHd8V
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Text Comments (745)
mR andross guy (2 days ago)
I get it They couldn’t Eat anybody that Time 3:03. Cause their fat and leaning
mR andross guy (2 days ago)
WTF was 3:03 why it brok
Andrés Quintero (2 days ago)
3:05 10th Time watching the same part and i still can´t figure out what tf happened there with the table!!! :[
Kenton Siddorn (4 days ago)
look at me holding a tray like a boss more like I broke a glass cause I’m a dumbass
Shard _68 (5 days ago)
Why’s the girl falling through the glass table not on here?
My Mom (7 days ago)
2:40 monkeys should jump at the jungles, not where humans live. Just deport them back.
Callum Faulkner (7 days ago)
1:00 What did this retard think was going to happen?
Leon Udeh (11 days ago)
Anyone who’s unhappy about what FailArmy has turned into, check out the Instagram fail pages @Americasnotgottalent and @Britainsnotgottalent . They’re not made by me but I found them recently on my recommended (they’re quite small, about 10k followers and they’re both relatively new) they have really funny, big, uncensored fails that aren’t repeated. They’re a bit like FailArmy 3-4 years ago - at their peak. Go check them out!
M A (12 days ago)
4:34 “mannen weten waarom”
Richard Chase (12 days ago)
4:23 there's a f****n forklift RIGHT THERE! Hope these idiots got fired.
I wish I was better (14 days ago)
5:56 it's what THOTS deserve
Gamerafighter76 (14 days ago)
After seeing all this shattered glass, my only concern is the beer.
Cat Black (15 days ago)
5:25 The boy works better with his feet :-)
Agent 47 (15 days ago)
I like how I got an ad for Urgent care!
Cameron Blackwell (15 days ago)
3:04 wtf was that a bomb?
William Pichardo (16 days ago)
Breaking wine glasses like a bawz
Never underestimate the predictability of STUPIDITY!!!
Cakimali (17 days ago)
5:35 kid's a boss
timefilm (18 days ago)
Is it just me or do subject fails get boring real quick?
megadeth (18 days ago)
1:00 retard alert!
Hi I’m Connor (18 days ago)
Jaye Davidoski (19 days ago)
2:11 like a boss!
ANIMALS 4 LIFE (19 days ago)
That must’ve been so embarrassing 😅😅 5:05
richthe1 (19 days ago)
Remember when they used to have new clips of funny shit... and now its just the same clips from years gone by... Pepperidge Farm remembers...
Say Tin (20 days ago)
Most of these are just people being stupid
Monkey Game (20 days ago)
I just wanna know what happened at 3:04
Jer - gelon (20 days ago)
5:15 fucking real his voice scared me.
Hendrik Ebermann (21 days ago)
Seriously murica, a frisbee to a window, and it shatters?? how is this even possible?
Micchi Draws (21 days ago)
Saw a video from 2012..
Jim Hayes (21 days ago)
The skateboarding guy just sitting there after the fact made me laugh!
Edmundo J. Cid (21 days ago)
Horacio borja (21 days ago)
Como puede haber gente tan pendeja jajajaja
MasterChief (21 days ago)
3:45 Deutsche hier?
Jerzy Rokicki (21 days ago)
The woman is the intro, like for real what was she expecting. She seemed so surprised. 0:01
COC-J Heller (22 days ago)
Lynsey Grande (22 days ago)
that was dope
Gary Haines (22 days ago)
We’re supposed to be intelligent - obviously that’s a flawed statement seeing some of these fail experts
Shubham Tewari (22 days ago)
This funny than fail army https://youtu.be/nytEnn1HM_c
LimpX (22 days ago)
why people are such idiots, in 90% the outcome is obvious.
Commander Strax (22 days ago)
okay, why would you ever build one of those basketball thingis out of glass? There has to be a reason for that.
Q Game Guy (22 days ago)
Steve Muller (22 days ago)
that was glass pane-ful ! sorry for these Windows who broked Under pressure
Praythorn Percey (23 days ago)
What a shame ... almost only staged clips :((
Creep302 (23 days ago)
Man. This fail complication is expensive. Glass costs a lot to repair
Cuteness Overload (23 days ago)
That last video will always be the worst Plz check out my channal.
GSH (23 days ago)
Another 6 minutes of idiots who can't hold the phone the right way.
0:49 atleast he sat perfectly
NessahWey (23 days ago)
Dude, those glass tables are a *pane* in the *(gl)ass* . There was once a storm and we came home to the table on the backyard deck shattered everywhere. It was *clear* that it wasn’t going to be fun to pick up so we *specked* a broom and cleaned for about 1 hour *sharp*
Chuck Norris (23 days ago)
2:02 I like how this dumbass didn’t even dent the melon lol
Controversial Kevin (23 days ago)
welcome back to re-use army
Life Is Fantastic (23 days ago)
4:05 at least he won the point
Tech Tutorials (23 days ago)
3:03 HACKS!!!!!!!!!!
cameron bennett (23 days ago)
4:32 what the hell are they doing with the truck. There gonna drop it
Zhost (23 days ago)
Thats why we use plastic
Un suavelien (23 days ago)
« Non Monsieur ça passe pas » Un peu de bon sens
frankie harlow (23 days ago)
3:20 potato camera oh wait no potato Emoji :( Alexia play despisito (I spelled that wrong)
Michael (23 days ago)
Is there a more satisfying sound than glass breaking?
Sam Law (24 days ago)
That last video will always be the worst 😱
morthren (24 days ago)
1:03 Stand there smiling whilst breathing in that phosphorus and mercury vapor
Lagwi n1980 (24 days ago)
really boring
Depp (24 days ago)
Stupid people's
Grant Cooper (24 days ago)
Finally! I have wanted this so much for so long!
UltamateSacrifice (24 days ago)
DENMONKEY (24 days ago)
THIS is why you're told not to play with SHIT in the house.
aruizislas (24 days ago)
The guys at 4:24 surely are the most stupid dudes all over the Earth...
Джулиан Экс (24 days ago)
The best Failarmy video in a long, really long, really fucking long time
R H (24 days ago)
How do you explain to ypur parents that you broke the window trying to twerk
Andrew Jepson (24 days ago)
Shattering windows is such a pane in the ass
Tayler Daye (24 days ago)
That sound gives me intense anxiety so this video is a nightmare for me and that first girl trying to wall twerk on windows...are you actually retarded? Damn...
HML (24 days ago)
2:00 the funny part was when you see the watermelon was unharmed.
Кот Вася (24 days ago)
1:59 у него мозги вообщем кушать, чем он задумывался вообщем ?
Luis SDcomicon (24 days ago)
Dumbest failarmy so far...
John Walsh (24 days ago)
Proof that while strong tempered glass can be very brittle.
robloxgamerbaldi (24 days ago)
Stan Lee (24 days ago)
3:03 how is a tiny thing break the table
Molly Nap Queen (24 days ago)
3:23 Weirdes laugh I've ever heard.
Some of these were _paneful_ to watch
Laura Sanchez (24 days ago)
1:06 My man just starts breathing in mercury... ARE YOU DUMB
Laura Sanchez (24 days ago)
Carlos (24 days ago)
For the vast majority of these, I was thinking "well, what did they expect to happen?" At 1:12, however, this was not the case.
Raphael Surfista (24 days ago)
You need to make more videos of this!
EVZYL (24 days ago)
No slomo. Finally!
Corey [James] Haims (24 days ago)
Yep, bet with myself won. Another rehashed compilation vid.
Mac2x Gaming (24 days ago)
Love new episodes!
Eric Bauer (24 days ago)
4:28... What the hell were these guys thinking???
Tim Brady (24 days ago)
The first girl , she didn’t look retarded.... but ?
T Ras (24 days ago)
1:09 aah, just look at that mercury descending on me
Bryan Embley (24 days ago)
Golfing in the garage, baseball in the basement...it takes a special kind to figure that will just work out without damaging something...
Ricxah Bitch Boy (24 days ago)
Dom konde se🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Murica got some thin ass Window Glas lol. That a plastic frisbee can kill it lol. German Windows laugh at this
Richi Apunkt (24 days ago)
shake that ass girl 😂👍
Bill Sembach (24 days ago)
Like a bowahse.....
Héctor C. (24 days ago)
4:06 that’s me at the strip club for the first time
Re Zoli (24 days ago)
Lot of idiots in the World. :(
Trashcan Stan (24 days ago)
*enters Steve Austin*
kacper getka (24 days ago)
More that vids!!!!!!!!!
Gijs Grol (24 days ago)
The best video in a long time. The sound of glass shattering is still great!
nimshres (24 days ago)
Oh so many dumb people ...................
Daniel Lane (24 days ago)
Why can't Fail Army ever seem to get new videos? Does no one submit anymore? We've seen most of these years ago. Content is really dropping

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