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sippin on some cold JACK DANIELS, baby layin right here, NAKED in my BED. Say it makes you FEEL LIKE AN ANGEL. Get a little tangled up right about now, so GIRL LETS KEEP BURNIN IT DOWN. let's hit the switch and make our SHADOWS DANCE and light it up like it's our last chance... тверк
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ReVoLuTiOnElleBC (1 month ago)
🔥💝🔥What's your favorite country song???🔥💝🔥
Kevin Meeks (1 day ago)
Country girls have that little extra squeeze. These 3 are on the verge of anorexia
big boy, (1 day ago)
RevolutionElleBC three hot sexy babes
Nub B (4 days ago)
Twerk song of course!
Jacob Jones (5 days ago)
Anything by Brantley Gilbert those would be some awesome songs for y'all to do a dance
DontTreadOnMe 1776 (7 days ago)
Sorry Days preach brother
SickMan DLN (1 hour ago)
Strippers!!! 😁
Bug Nunnery (2 hours ago)
At least one of these women were a stripper at some point in there lifetime
Dan Hayes (4 hours ago)
If only we could all get paid for being sluts..
David Merlino (8 hours ago)
Cool music
Jhabari Owens (10 hours ago)
The Thicc is Ridicc
2amProFilms (10 hours ago)
Irony is these chicks are Russian
Bret Hart (11 hours ago)
So much going on here I had to watch it three times just to give each woman equal and focused viewing time. BOING
J J (11 hours ago)
I love whores...I meant dancers.
Marshall Fowler (13 hours ago)
I think I just got pregnant 😯😯
EXCELR8_ 007 (13 hours ago)
They need to do more squats.
Dale B. (14 hours ago)
I need some of that!
jay blankenship (19 hours ago)
Theres a difference between real country girls and sluts in boots
Yakov Sewon (1 day ago)
fucking dumbasses they are russians some asshole just reuploaded the video, here's the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sWycGGlLFU
Treasure gonzales (1 day ago)
Mike X (1 day ago)
Wow ol girls lip bout popes out🤤
Captain Zazo (1 day ago)
They're not country, country girls don't do that
cortney givens (1 day ago)
DSM Dallas (1 day ago)
This was pretty bad.
Majic Man (1 day ago)
Wow look at these three piggers.
deroc6975ify (1 day ago)
I didn't know Kermit the frog made country music.
Steven anderson (1 day ago)
you love it when I sing
dawgpound975 (1 day ago)
This is crap. If I wanted to see this I watch rap. Objectifying women is wrong. You are supposed to treat women as ladies.
Tharin 4Prez (1 day ago)
Um ... I think I need a Kleenex now.
Jack North (1 day ago)
Eww www ewwww
racingrb (1 day ago)
1:38 thought that was Angelina Jolie on the thumbnail
James Newton (1 day ago)
The Lord is my shepherd, I see what I want.
Lucky Luciano (1 day ago)
I want to lick that pussy
Ian Kinney (2 days ago)
Wow! 😍
Trevor Simon (2 days ago)
I like the middle one
Rekha choudhary (2 days ago)
take off your bra
ICU81 2 (2 days ago)
Hot dam utttt.....
Jim Skenadore (2 days ago)
Damn, now I have to clean off my 6 inch screen😋😍
Dave Taylor (2 days ago)
Dam where the ol lady at be right back😈
Kyle Collins (3 days ago)
Wow!!! 😍😍😍
Charles Mullins (3 days ago)
Sexiest video on the tube. Seen it 50 times and it just keeps gettin better every time i see it......love the middle chick
Jimmie Yunck (3 days ago)
Who is Better? (3 days ago)
How is this not age restricted?
RSFordMasta (3 days ago)
Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, or Cole Swindell
Charles Potts (3 days ago)
Robert Black (3 days ago)
Ohhh 😮 weeeee I did just what Fred Fred said I watch 3x I’m sorry 4x I had to put in this comment 😂
David Buckhanan (3 days ago)
So sexy I love it
Candi Dali (3 days ago)
Oh damn! I don’t know that these are country girls but that’s ok cause they are so hot it’s almost rated X.
blue knight (3 days ago)
aidenxcracer (4 days ago)
Fuck off they aren’t country girls there fucking pornos bet they aren’t Evan country won’t know fuck all
Amanda Baneck (4 days ago)
This video took a really beautifully sexy song and turned it into something dirty... No thanks.
Nub B (4 days ago)
Thank you youtube rnjesus
David Merlino (4 days ago)
Cool video
Jamor (4 days ago)
Too much clothes on
Bill Limpert (4 days ago)
Fred fred a true gentleman.😂
Mary B Rose (4 days ago)
Lol..my stuff
M W (4 days ago)
This is the SEXIEST music video ever 🤙🏼
nice but
The Bartman (5 days ago)
Mack Parker (5 days ago)
Wow ...whos the lady in the middle ????
jennifer pesak (5 days ago)
Hot and steamy burning it down next to him is exactly where I wanna be rocking on out with him all night long..... 💯
Jacob Jones (5 days ago)
Sometimes you gotta love it when YouTube throws something in your feed you've never heard of WOOOWWW is like all I can say definitely looking forward to seeing more from this page
David Merlino (5 days ago)
Cool song
jm Dawg (5 days ago)
for the unbelievable gorgeous women in the middle I have one question. Will you marry me:)??
Nate Jones (5 days ago)
Lol they are Russian dancers not country girls. Some one just put this lame track over their video
Ricky Spanish (5 days ago)
Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks for the upload.
KG (5 days ago)
Lesbian dreaming
A. T. (5 days ago)
I think I fell in love with the one in the middle!!
otis redrim (6 days ago)
So these hoes throw on a flannel shirt and now there country gtfo
Ed Ed (6 days ago)
thumbs down? how? why? looks like a lot of haters ...
Anthony Blue (6 days ago)
and yet they want respect....they need to find God
Bill Pletch (6 days ago)
wow holy shit love it!!
Rick Manzuk (6 days ago)
Nice country girl shake it for me 😘🤗
Gerry K (6 days ago)
Sexy as heck! dam!
JIMMY JUKEBOX420 (6 days ago)
This Video Proves God Existence , Man Could Never Last OR Be Happy Without Women. Holy Spirit By Me Thanks For Making Me A Man. For A City Guy Like Me The Ladies Can Dance AnyTime For Me, p.s. IF Your Ever In Chicago IL Look Me Up 😗😗😗😋😉😀😎☺🙄🙃🙄🙃🤓🙃
E M (2 days ago)
Very nice.
Papa Dope (6 days ago)
feel the hardness...
RSFordMasta (7 days ago)
Good song and awesome video to go with it what's better than that?
Monsanto Fungaro (7 days ago)
Ryan Davis (8 days ago)
No booty on any of them!
Kevin Gardner (8 days ago)
Jason Hildreth (9 days ago)
Adam Llamas (9 days ago)
Smoking hot!!country girls can twerk lol!really good!!😊
Joshua Brining (9 days ago)
Nikki Davis (9 days ago)
Love it!
unreal4u2 (9 days ago)
This is made of weak sauce. 3 flat screen TVs in t-shirts!
Ryan Flaugher (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Z9RGdib4fZ0 Sad that you can get 2m views and not even give credit to where the video is originally from
Burnie Burns (12 days ago)
Idgaf if they're country or not... to be completely honest with you!
Sorry Days (13 days ago)
I guess when the world is going to 💩 butts are what we focus on.....the new country music SUCKS btw
Sorry Days (13 days ago)
Good looking girls, but this is STUPID. Hip hop has officially ruined country music. Trashy as HELL.
murder music (13 days ago)
Best video on utube.
Big E (13 days ago)
Ask me how I know
where were the women like this when i 19 to 26 ;p;
Chris Baxter (16 days ago)
This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen
Allen Turner (17 days ago)
You have nothing #menwalkaway
Jerry Graves (18 days ago)
I would love too spank there asses !!!! Super hot !!! Love white women !!!!
Kobe The Third (18 days ago)
I think this video needs a dog a pickup truck some dirty boots and a getr done dude drinking a beer
Summit 1234 (19 days ago)
That’s not country music, it’s CRAP (country rap) and the women are trash.
Darrell Anderson (20 days ago)
Can't judge a book by its cover
SCKEV (20 days ago)
Love those country girls 👀👍🏼
Christianna Hasting (20 days ago)
This video is from fraules not them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BudzzLightYear (23 days ago)
The original video is dope lol, like yes the same dance works with this country track, but they were originally dancing to a diffrent song XD this video came out a couple years ago XD, nice editing tho
Frankie Gambino (23 days ago)
ima piledriver (23 days ago)
somebody's singing
Rodney Lopshire (24 days ago)
Ive seen this 100x and i cant help but wonder how tf they do this in heels!?!?
Xj Crawford (24 days ago)
Unfortunately country and twerking doesn't go together

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