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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

406127 ratings | 97363673 views
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Text Comments (30152)
Antoine Kamarovszki (1 hour ago)
Yeah, sure...
Pankaj Joshi (7 hours ago)
church girl with those articles, now I know why I couldn't fit in North-American churches.
chimeranzl (8 hours ago)
and all that hot?! c'mon,... what car is he driving?
Abijah Baker (8 hours ago)
Hah jokes on you! I never got a date in college! I live alone with my cat Oops, probably shouldn't have said that. I'm a sad man...
PhorriX (11 hours ago)
Is the dumb hot one the girl from Oh Bo?
Tactical Polar Bear (11 hours ago)
I cant look at this guy the same after watching the grammar nazi video lmao
MR LAMBO (12 hours ago)
I haven't dated a girl in 8 years now and im in last year in college and none of the girls i tried to flirt with never gave me a chance to even take them out to eat and i was taking them to fancy Korean BBQ or even better but now i stop trying and now im dedicated to working hard for my success. 👨‍🎓🙌🚘
Robert Freeman (13 hours ago)
I only dated one. It was the stupid one. Also, daddy issues. All my girlfriends have had daddy issues. It's what happens when you have the physique of John Goodman.
jarchitect (13 hours ago)
Meem Ain (13 hours ago)
Nah I’ll live my life alone
excuse me sir, what is *the girlfriend*
Ox5f3759df (17 hours ago)
"Prolapse" is an insanely good name for a club
Mirmon (19 hours ago)
yea sure
Sanslayer (20 hours ago)
Six girls huh, well it's zero as of now and only 6 months left until college ends. I like where this is going 😏😂
Cool Moo5e (20 hours ago)
the one I got was a gamer girl and that skit was on point.
Ian Donahue (1 day ago)
Good thing he got that liberal arts degree.
DavidHornemark (1 day ago)
Pro tip: don’t watch this in school... take my word...
OlympianSGKim91 (1 day ago)
No to party girls No to church girls No to dumb but pretty girls No to perfect girls - you don't exist Yes to friends Yes to athletic
The Shinny Fish (1 day ago)
Dr.FishFace (1 day ago)
who ever said I could get a girl?
alfie piper (1 day ago)
im sorry, but number 3 was the hot one. i would have any weird repressed crazy sex with her
1: i 2: wont 3: get 4: a 5: girl 6: friend
Ser Richard Horpe (1 day ago)
Bold of you to assume
Rafi Ashraf (1 day ago)
It’s funny how you think I’ll be able to date 6 girls in college 😂
A. L. (1 day ago)
O.N. P.O.I.N.T.
CABRERA (1 day ago)
Dude I’m in the last year and haven’t even meet one
michael stillwell (1 day ago)
I didn't go to college, but I did smoke alot of medical grade cannabis, and drink alot of cold bottled beer, and crush/snort plenty of Oxycodone HCL-tablets, and smoke alot of crack/cocaine and blow my load inside my blow-up doll Betsy, while chain-smoking Newport 100s, and drinking lots of Colombian Coffee w/ tons of sugar and milk. And the occasional Adderall IR tablets, and sometimes the occasional MDMA tablet, or blowing my load inside a pleasure pouch while snorting fentanyl. So that was my college years...just a haze of unhealthy eating habits, fast food, excessive substance abuse, alcoholism, inhalants (whippets), and I went through atleast 3 blow-up dolls, I even was so-low-down that I took my roommates boxing bag down off the chain and cut a hole about half way down and then I'd smoke some crack, get that heart pumping...and I'd straddle the bag, and I'd pour lotion and rub Petroleum jelly all over the bag, and I'd be naked straddling the bag, thrusting like a madman till I blew my load and make down-syndrome faces.
Dank (1 day ago)
i wouldn't give up that nap for all the coked up sex in the world. this guy understands my soul. that last one is sometimes referred to as a self-fulfilling prophecy and it's true, it does happen, if you let it.
secret gamer (1 day ago)
I should probably just stop dating the last girl I dated tricked me and almost made me Lose everything
Fawaz Prihardi (1 day ago)
Not even one..
István Kovács (1 day ago)
Most guys won't date six differenet girls during their lifetime lol.
Stoney Holiday (1 day ago)
1:46 that one is the hottest
Will Turner (2 days ago)
97 mil views damn
DeJake (2 days ago)
Guy is pretty pathetic not gonna lie
Savina Huang (2 days ago)
Six girls? I’ve yet to date my first!
Abhijith Abhi (7 hours ago)
Moirre Zimmer (2 days ago)
YOU earned my respect and subscribe you r legend💜
RuiXcrow (2 days ago)
Was this a brief piece of history of my dating life wtf
X DICAP (2 days ago)
I’m in my sophomore year in college and haven’t dated any women yet. Let’s see what happens by the end of senior year.
Han Park (2 days ago)
6 girls??? im a senior and i've dated zero college humor expects too much from their viewers
Zachary Gimpel (2 days ago)
wow.. I didn't date 6 girls in college. I just skipped to the perfect one and...lost her.. At least this vid got that right...lol
Owen Chan (2 days ago)
Eh, why get a girl when you can kill youself
lovegadgets (2 days ago)
i am 21 no dates no girlfriend even went to college
GOD in heaven (2 days ago)
Anybody see what I saw in the track shorts
Lau taro (2 days ago)
Fake. I won't date anyone. Social anxiety rules.
Oof McNoogets (2 days ago)
I will never find true love ;-;
Lorenzo Peña (2 days ago)
I don't mind any of those...
harry rahi (2 days ago)
Engineering college is a separate thing.
Robin Ranabhat (2 days ago)
I messed up because I tried to mess up even when I knew that, if I try to mess up, there's no unmessing later
Talib Al-Faris (2 days ago)
i really smelled whine in the "perfect one" scene
Tom Sid (2 days ago)
Don't look at us, you're the one with a liberal arts degree. xD
Sierra Nevada (2 days ago)
I'm in the 6th grade what am I doing here
webmz (2 days ago)
what is a date
Marcel Maier (2 days ago)
no one can beat me in mario kart
theCrimsonViper (2 days ago)
last chick was actually fine...
zliukas (2 days ago)
Where can I gett the Iphone wallpaper on 2:02 ??
chris nunez (3 days ago)
Lol u think I'll get a date
Conviction454 YT (3 days ago)
I haven't dated a single girl as a junior in college lol but i think I may be close...
SkunkCommand (3 days ago)
The one who goes to church was insanely hot, damn!
bumblzee (3 days ago)
K but josh Ruben is a babe
WTF Review Time (3 days ago)
so like how do I get any of these?
naw nope (3 days ago)
church girl sounds amazing
Joseph Stalin (3 days ago)
*There's no dating in gulag camps.*
GAMESHAKER (3 days ago)
Lol am only in the first year but I think I'll remain single throughout the 4 years
JuniorNationFan (3 days ago)
Bold of you to assume that I will date 6 girls.
Zairon (3 days ago)
umm boosts up my confidence:(
john turtle (3 days ago)
I thought for sure the last one was gonna spike his drink and harvest his organs.
azraelangelofred (3 days ago)
I'm starting college at 34, using my Post 9/11 GI bill. Here are the 6 I'll attract and never date. 1. The Pro-Vets: She's all about America, she's all about dating a "Modern Day Warrior". She doesn't realize what your MOS is but by gosh, she'll quote Hollywood crap and Google stuff in desperation to pretend she does. She wants you for your job, nothing else. It's gonna be short-lived but she'll adore you for what you are/were....for a while. 2. The Daddy's Girl: She's got some PROBLEMS and she is into some weird sex. She's too young for you but that's what she wants, she's chasing the dad that ran away and/or is too much of a dick for you. The sex will be amazing and you'll be proud you got one that young, but she'll be wanting you to BE Dad at some point and that'll end the sex. Sooner or later, you'll be the old man that she dumps for a young guy once she grows out of her Daddy issues. 3. The Campus Ho: She'll bang anything and you're just another notch on her wall of accomplishments. It'll be short-lived and later, she'll blab about any and all short-comings you have to everyone. The sex won't be worth it and you'll be embarassed as hell. 4. The Predator: Oh, you know what you want. And she knows what you want. And she's gonna pretend to be what you want, try to prove she "loves" you and you gotta prove you "love" her....by transferring some of your Post 9/11 GI bill to her so her college is paid for. Also, you're the "man" so you need to make sure and pay for everything. EVERYTHING. She's a leech, but she was so hot and said everything so right...That was the red flag you should have seen. 5. The Plain Jane: She's not great looking and let's be honest, neither are you. You're what she could get and she's what you could get. It'll be a decent relationship but it's really not much more than friends with benefits until one of you can find something better. Harmless but soulless. It ain't gonna satisfy you. 6. One of your Teachers/Professors: Shoot, she's your age and she understands you. But you gotta keep it a secret. Her CAREER is what matters the most (something she won't shut up about and it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so repetitive) and if there is the SLIGHTEST raised eyebrow towards her around you, she'll drop you. Also, expect her to be triple hard on your exams. She's going to make college ten times harder for you than it needs to be, only to save her own ass. She'd have been a better pick if she WASN'T your professor. And that is why, if I DO happen to attract someone at college, I will avoid them at all costs. Cheerio.
p4nc4k3 (3 days ago)
1:59 thats the one i got in 10th grade... am I early? xd
nyyko (3 days ago)
Brave of you to assume I'll even date a girl in college
Vladimir Lenin (3 days ago)
i only need my communist manifesto to get satisfied
Smurf This (3 days ago)
2:22 is what i want ^_- Play Smash and then Smash ! ^_-
Tawpik Talat (3 days ago)
Soooooooooo Saaaaaaaad XDDDDDD
Joe Rice (3 days ago)
Dont waste time with silly college girls. Be with your family. Grow your business. Give your time to those who deserve your time.
michael stillwell (1 day ago)
I agree get money first, or value money over humans
Ricci Mortis (1 day ago)
did the pilgrims miss TV?
Sammuraii Dopee (2 days ago)
nah, have fun. no matter how big ur fucking business get is u cant go back to being 19 again
Miguel Sá (3 days ago)
how is that hot?
KeyoV (3 days ago)
What if you didnt date anyone ?
JoeyTheBiscuit (3 days ago)
_BluesFromHell (3 days ago)
Thought my internet was bad but then realized it was 360p
goat bro (3 days ago)
I'd date the friend one any day lol
NervE (4 days ago)
that fourth wall breaker
CuHound (4 days ago)
360p god tier College Humor
Mihail Dimovski (4 days ago)
dafuck are the views ???
Blah Smith (4 days ago)
It's like dating their hoodie.
Alonzo Gonzalez (4 days ago)
I’m into my 3rd year of college and still haven’t dated any yet. Outside of college I’ve slept with 5 different girls but never had anything like a serious dating relationship.
Austin B (4 days ago)
I’m one semester into college and I don’t think this is gonna happen at all
WilloftheWeb (4 days ago)
I've met 4 outta six of these, shit is still accurate in 2018
Nice Guy Casey (4 days ago)
This is a lie, even more so than the cake
Matthew Alvarez (4 days ago)
Girlfriend? What's that?
Maybe A giga (4 days ago)
7 girls that never exsisted
XPERTGAMER599 (4 days ago)
Who else gets “Hey Arnold” vibes from this video?
Mena Ashraf (4 days ago)
SSJ Mitchell (4 days ago)
That’s funny like I will actually get a girlfriend in general
Matthew Jin (4 days ago)
Who's here before 100,000,000 million views.
J H (4 days ago)
You need to grab that church girl. That's what you want to marry.
Tooki Cookie (4 days ago)
Jokes on you I'm gay
Deagan G (4 days ago)
Do a version of 6 guys
stijn2500 (4 days ago)
Ben Rothstein (4 days ago)
that last one is so incredibly true
The Premier (4 days ago)
I'm gay....so...no...
goat bro (3 days ago)
Red alert 2
Blade1301 (4 days ago)
Nah, I was too busy pretending to learn anything in college to look at girls.
UnKnOWn SeRvER (4 days ago)
Mildly questioning why I'm watching this since I'm a girl myself
Jellyjamgaming (4 days ago)
i would be happy if i was able to date 1 girl and thats even if i can be fucked going to collage dont need to go to collage to die in the military

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