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Angry New Yorker in New York City's Little Italy

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An angry New Yorker, having lunch on Mulberry Street in New York City Little Italy. You got a problem wise ass?!! Twitter: MikeRoblesComic Instagram: IAMMIKEROBLES
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Text Comments (84)
FOUGEDDABOUDIT4509 (2 years ago)
mikerobles (1 year ago)
LaBamba (3 years ago)
do more videos like this hahaha fucken great
Automatic Oversteer (5 years ago)
Automatic thumbs up.
Automatic Oversteer (5 years ago)
Excellent job Mike.
Trevor Jessop (5 years ago)
Fucken awesome bro! LoL
BOSS (5 years ago)
what do you mean california is for pussies? deadliest gangs are in cali lol
bititwine (5 years ago)
U forgot to say "wtf u lookin at" to the black dude tuff guy. Lmfao!!!!!!
Chris S. (5 years ago)
lol good shit! I respect how ya feel! New Yorker all day till death! Fuck these scary ass people. Be tough, dont be bitch. In all honesty tho i would of laughed at you if i passed by you for saying some shit. But i dont stare at people. Cause i dont LIKE when people stare at me i fucking hate it. THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT BITCH.
mikerobles (6 years ago)
You da Man @Nick - Back at ya!
Adrian Almendarez (6 years ago)
California is for pussies.
NewYorkfan1975 (6 years ago)
Wtf is Romanian mafia. The word mafia is an Italian word
NewYorkfan1975 (6 years ago)
Lmao black guy walks by and he stops talking lol
1974bron (6 years ago)
are you nuts? have you ever seen russian gangsters from brooklyn or the jamaican posses, or la costra nostra. they certainly don't have to go out and rob people. the make the pochos, ricans, and african americans look like li'l choir boys.
mikerobles (6 years ago)
Bite Me - Sweet Pants!!!
deatheater459 (6 years ago)
i love this!
Elizabeth Loftus (6 years ago)
ummm how did i get here???...... -___-
Nicole C. (6 years ago)
this is so fucking true. you guys dont even know how hard it is here.
@blahblahlablah LoL!!!!!!!!
Anthony C Garafola (7 years ago)
He's lucky it's all tourists on Mulberry St. I'd hate to see what the maniacs I grew up with would do with that beer glass he's holding.
Gary190tube (7 years ago)
lol..."what the fuck you lookin at?"
Michaelbos (7 years ago)
what's in your milk?
serious3f (7 years ago)
calm down, mikey boy.
mikerobles (7 years ago)
@serious3f LMAO. Bite Me, sweet pants. Be a man, and put your real FUGLY FACE on your youtube account!
mdmm (7 years ago)
I could tell right away that he wasn't serious... :-D
Nello7 (7 years ago)
Mike, that's actually a good bit, you should extend it though.
xraeddie (7 years ago)
@JohnnyRoastbeef21 Umm Johnny...his last name is Robles! If you are ashamed of your heritage it's too bad but that has zero to do with this very funny comedian doing a skit. Geez...lighten up Francis! BTW..this video makes me proud to be a NYer whos' family came from Spain.
Eric Sirias (7 years ago)
@25411959 East LA is filled with little Mexicans four feet tall. White man can toss those Muthafuckas across the border. East LA is not tough at all. Try South LA homes!
Petew1985 (7 years ago)
@mikerobles funny stuff man i was about to make a comment saying what a douche bag ! lucky i read the comments first from melbourne australia
Stephanie Bonnen (7 years ago)
@25411959 fuck outta here
Vince abilly (7 years ago)
llololololololo im from Camden outsidda Philly get otta heeeee!!
Gabriel Almonte Nuñez (7 years ago)
this guy ownz!!
CmoreBuhts (7 years ago)
People getting mad haha losers
treadstoneoperation (7 years ago)
why talking about little italy, when we all can go to Italy !!
treadstoneoperation (7 years ago)
why talking about little italy, when we all can go to Italy !!!
TheInboil (7 years ago)
this guy needs a girlfriend. and fast
Mason 59 (7 years ago)
what the fuck u lookin at?
AllWasWell (7 years ago)
mikerobles (7 years ago)
@25411959 Hey tuff Guy! Why don't u put your face on your comment. Why u hiding!!! Either you 2 ugly or 2 scared Sweet Pants!
25411959 (7 years ago)
You think your tough? Come to the barrios of east L.A., we will show you what tough is!!
shota Bodega (7 years ago)
Yep Italian spirit in there Besides BKLYN accent can be heard in Lower east side Including lil italy
mrguystarr (7 years ago)
I'm from Brooklyn. Definitely New York, but more Brooklyn style to me.
Teech (7 years ago)
lol that was funny
Christine Cannoli (7 years ago)
If I had a nickel for every jealous Floridian bitch that eyes me up and down, I'd be rich! Let me bring this Italian down here with me so he could tell em, wtf ya lookin at?
SmotPoker09 (7 years ago)
that was Gangster xD
john nhoj (7 years ago)
keep it up ....one day you will meet someone that ....will shoot you like a dog....if you talked to me like that....you would and up in the HOSPITAL ....IN A TON OF PAIN ....I AM FROM TORONTO....WITH FAMILY IN NY....1 OF 8
hahaha dad?
SPENCER SIKEI (7 years ago)
I like how he didnt say SH*T to the 2nd person that walked past lol thats how I knew he was just acting lol
mikerobles (7 years ago)
@lukinu2 Thank you :)
lukinu2 (7 years ago)
when i first saw this , i said to myself... "what the hell?"... then after reading some of the comments, I said to myself "What a talented actor this guy is". thumbs up :)
Sych0Stalli0n (7 years ago)
@mr888dini never put italian and albanian in the same sentence again, k thx.
mikerobles (7 years ago)
@taifhamid1 Kiss My Ass, Sweet Lips!!!
r Burgz (7 years ago)
TopVines (7 years ago)
you lucky you didn't say those words to another italian or albanian or there would had been a big fight haahahahahahah
Adrian Almendarez (7 years ago)
I live in houston and i would love to see all these wannabe thugs in texas go to new york and get scared shitless like the little pussies they are. New York <3
krypton137 (7 years ago)
wht the fuck u lookn' at lol
mikerobles (7 years ago)
@Ceunovo LOL. This was a short that was filmed in Little Italy. As you can see by all the comments, a lot of people were Punked! All in good fun, of course! Damn, I'm a good actor!
Ceunovo (7 years ago)
You guys cant take a joke! He's the famous Mike Robles, he's a Emmy - Award winning comedian! Youre the bomb, Mikey, your stuff is always fresh..you even got me fooled! Keep it up! Good job!!! - Michael
mikerobles (7 years ago)
@liverpool80000seater I do what I want - sweet pants! I got your Tourist - right here!!
JE5677 (7 years ago)
way to be tough to the small white dude out with his girl, didnt say shit to the black guy, you punk. I would smash your fat ugly face in. CEMENT!!
Mario Danmark (8 years ago)
Dancing Spiderman (8 years ago)
yeah i gree, Tony Cannoli... even the Catolic NUNS talk like this...
kuhleskind (8 years ago)
@bintarab1429 the movie "donnie brasco" its friggin fantastic.
paul557104 (8 years ago)
black fella he said nothing.
Joe Nowak (8 years ago)
wtf ya lookin at?
bull419 (8 years ago)
What's funny Italians in Italy think people from the south are dirt which is most of the Italians in New York who think they are better than minorities. The dirtiest people I knew growing up were Italians and Irish, They would say shit about me being Puerto Rican but my house was cleaner and more respectable than any of these terroni. Peasants.
fenotipobombay (8 years ago)
this is just a little italy newyorker accent.. but its not a true italian accent. italians in usa from many generation have definitely lost much of their pronunce.
jdtornabe (8 years ago)
@rd062080 your so cute!
jdtornabe (8 years ago)
your not tough. your cute!!!
slantyrock (8 years ago)
"waddafuckulooginat" hahaha
Blue-eyed Fox (8 years ago)
@Caporacolo Well that's fucking good news, because Little "Italy" is in the fucking United States not fucking Italy
SHINYamAHA21 (8 years ago)
woohahaha Tony, wa u doin g? foge ru bou rit! Thumbs up!
SrtTom14 (8 years ago)
Real talk hahaha! Viva l'Italia
SrtTom14 (8 years ago)
Nosy motherfuckers! But great food nonetheless.
tigerarmyrule (8 years ago)
Well they won't hear children speak Italian Caporacolo because Italian families no longer live in Little Italy. Apart from the Mulberry St. Restaurants there is little particularly Italian about an area which is a memory rather than a reality
Jerry Holmes (9 years ago)
he rude as hell!!
Caporacolo (9 years ago)
I'm italian and when i went to little italy some old people were kinda crying when they heard me speaking italian, they said they didn't hear children speaking italian in a long while :p
FilippieLLo (9 years ago)
i love u man haha big hug from napoli :)
Alejandro Milano (9 years ago)
Monsieur Lefrench (9 years ago)
i love little italy
Steve Mag (9 years ago)
mikerobles (9 years ago)
mikerobles (9 years ago)
tpavan (11 years ago)
Fuckin funny!!! hahaha!

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