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Reparations for black men are these Snow Bunnies SYSBM

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Text Comments (252)
Mike 10452 (7 days ago)
Agree. Reperation
samWC2003 (24 days ago)
As it should be !!!
Xenon Robinson (24 days ago)
These men look really happy, and they're smiling in every photo. Wow! These women are so good looking! Apparently blonds do have more fun! Weather bw realize it or these girls rock the kasbar! Brother just want to enjoy life! I can definitely ser the appeal and happiness in their faces! Well done MEN you've found your x marks the spot treasure! Looks like I'll being doing some digging soon to see what Find in the treasure chest! Thanks for the video Sir it all about the natural selection, and the chioce is obvious feminine women only, and the winner European girls, and other foreign hot- blooded nationals! South America here come!
Mthandeni Dawu (25 days ago)
Salty haters on comments lol.mtfs
Nate Pierson Jr (28 days ago)
I agree that you should be able to love who u love , now reparations must be given to ADOS its call justice bro . When american give aid or money to any country I pay we pay for it , the government doesn't ask me for my advice or opinions . In most cases they just do it , this country will pay its debt to us ADOS for life .
Xenon Robinson (1 month ago)
I think white are beaut3, and basically they're reactions they in general are so pleasurable to watch. I love the hers become fixated on me when she stares at me delight pertaining my unique look or clothing that I'm wearing. She is a beautiful in every since of the word inside, and out! It's ok to date who you want its not abput race it's about love, emotins that fill my desire! This is the type Women that men should desire! White girl s Rock!
Tau Noctua (1 month ago)
The Snow Queens of Spades will tell their white Husbands that they will be raising a Black litter of children. The Jacks will agree.
Djehuti Sundaka (1 month ago)
Y'all better leave them snow bunnies alone...and get you an Asian woman! (LOL)
BlackUnite Unite (1 month ago)
Ysll brother on here are sicking to degrade your own people i cant believe the shit im seeing on here damn u dont love you sister your mom thats what yall think about them and wont for them. Ysll brother on here r lost snd weak the white men will never accept you.
Mr Marshall Ck (1 month ago)
You making me hungry..😘 I wanna taste something sweet and yummy tonight.. 2019.. Yeah..✌
Mr Marshall Ck (1 month ago)
Like some good vanilla😍i hope it taste sweet😘 2019.. Yum..
sexywrestling divas (1 month ago)
as a white man i love seeing you black guys take our women and give them that bbc they need it
Sly Steeldong (1 month ago)
6:24 dat sum bigass titties 4 dis brovva. Dem blackskin babies they be makin gonna be fed sum rich white milk.....Coffee n cream, brovva ...
Sly Steeldong (1 month ago)
Talking about reparations, jappin on and on bout it, is for loosers. Never gonna happen. Get on with it. We all have some ancestors who wasn't threated right somehow. The world is not a fair place
Sly Steeldong (1 month ago)
2:07 BEAUTIFUL. Dis negroe won da big prize. Prime grade A white pussy is BLACK OWNED
Sly Steeldong (1 month ago)
1:13 1:20 dis brotha got it sorted, reel tite whitegurl. Got da pics???
Sly Steeldong (1 month ago)
MaaaadBusDriver: picture at 0:25 so fuckn HOT. Got da pic???
Lynn Jones (1 month ago)
When can i expect mine,by mail or cab,i have tell these broke ass sisters none of them will be moving in,date and time
Amal Jones (2 months ago)
White girls aren't what reparations. They're easy-to-use. They are only good for fucking and tying up naked to be tickle . If there are any white girls who are interested text me.
William Elliott (2 months ago)
Frustrated white males can only watch as black men attract pretty, busty white women and have sex with them. It's the law of the jungle!
JxJxJxJx (1 month ago)
it's true, breeding rights go to the best males, and women prefer black men. white guys can't compete so the finest white girl go black
You just keep in mind how many white dicks she's sucked, including dear old dads when you're kissing her youngsters. ALL women are scraggle daggles regardless of race. The white woman is the.original whore. Proof? she's with your black ass.
Reggie James (2 months ago)
Yeah the reason I stepped away from a lot of SYSBM is that they were doing this still to change black women. They dont really respect white or latina women they're just using them to get back to black women and I found that to be counter productive.
You keep the vaginal pink PIG skinned ho. Ill take the money.
jerry hayes (2 months ago)
we don't have high yellow black folks because of black men.My reparation would be a white women so i can make high yellow black folks.
jerry hayes (2 months ago)
Black women already get or are getting their reparations. section 8--food stamps- free medical-child support- I applied and was told to get the fuck out of here for black women only.
FreddyKoogo (2 months ago)
My reparations is MONEY!!! Fvck Them hoes
JxJxJxJx (1 month ago)
black men are going to get both!
JUGGERNAUT JONES (2 months ago)
The one girl dressed in all black 😊😍😘👍
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (2 months ago)
You on point mbd,about reparations
JxJxJxJx (1 month ago)
white men tried to keep down white womens desire for black guys but they can't any longer and white girls are leaving the white male oppressor in droves for black guys
frenchy role (2 months ago)
How Are Black Men Competing with Other Races Of men?
jazmine Pepper (2 months ago)
+Zeus ask a question to a question that makes sense.
Zeus (2 months ago)
frenchy role How are black women competing with other races of women?
Henry (2 months ago)
People marry who ever they wont so long as they're not hating on their own ethnicity.
Bruce Bigby (1 month ago)
I agree. No need to hate your own ethnicity. If I were a super wealthy man, I would have a collection of quality women of different ethnicities, including my own, if all are willing, but one good woman is still plenty. :-)
T M (2 months ago)
What an ignorant title to a video.
brazillo19 (2 months ago)
Bruh, how is this Reparations? White women aren't owed to us, unless you're referring to the rape of our women during slavery. However, even then, it's partial. Monetary damages must be paid in full because of all the economic atrocities that has afflicting we -- the direct descendants of black slaves. Now, some of these Becky women may be eye candy, but they aren't Reparations because they still have power over you in this society. I'll take money over these women all day. Pussy comes and goes, but money builds a castle, which pussy needs a safe place to go, and to get laid.
U already know (2 months ago)
We dont wanna hear that bullshit SHAREEF
Kevin (2 months ago)
brazillo19 You think racist ass old white politicians are going to tax the American government and give your black ass a check? Lmaoooooooooooooooooo you niggas are DELUSIONAL. Lay off the drugs.
Wayne Beauford (2 months ago)
damn sho is i just made one nut twice bout 3 hrs ago nigga lol
These brothers look happy!! I'm tired of fighting and arguing with sisters.
Mike 10452 (7 days ago)
Their over conceded weavable problems
Magica360 (2 months ago)
All the snow bunnies....I'm thinking u got to be a real coon ass nigga for these peckerwoods to allow these niggas these type of white women. And they're ALLOWING them/you to have them. Watch ur back blk man, cause we know what happens when the white man is jealous and tired of putting up with ur shit. We know it historically.
JxJxJxJx (1 month ago)
many white men have realized their inferiority to black men and accept the inevitable, that white women are leaving them in droves for black guys
Samantha Turnbull (2 months ago)
as a "snow queen" id just like to say i love black men , their looks & body are generally so much better than white guys
Mr Marshall Ck (1 month ago)
Once you get this good chocolate🍫 it's over baby🌹😘 2019.. Yummy😘 by Hershey's.. Lol...
Outrockz (1 month ago)
And they smell weird
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
that's true they have more testosterone and better genetics than any other men, and are more masculine, i guess thats why so many women love black men!
Undead Chronic (2 months ago)
You black guys realize these white women chase you after fucking scores of white guys? All these hoes doing is giving yall STDs but whatevs LOL
Tarius Shinobi (2 months ago)
Black Love? What is that? WTF is that?
Todd Whideman (2 months ago)
Chosenxeno (2 months ago)
Ya'll Niggas have lost ya'll fucking minds lol
Smiley Man (2 months ago)
0:52 thats remy boyaski very intelligent brother and trainer
Lando Calrissian (2 months ago)
Brotha you have great video's. I love it
Robert Chavis (2 months ago)
Cynthia G is attacking SYSBM and babatunde from negro wars book.
Enlightened Man (1 month ago)
Robert Chavis no need to be concerned with the words of a hood rat with a bad wig. Someone should ask why those 4Chan white boys punked her into no longer talking about whites.
Yours Truly (2 months ago)
Robert Chavis Who cares what that bitch has to say? She is nothing more than some bums 5th baby mamma
Robert Chavis (2 months ago)
MariYah Israel (2 months ago)
Aight! Ya'll can have that filth ... and we'll let your azzes stay in prison, when she hollers RAPE!
Kevin (2 months ago)
MariYah Israel Y’all still gonna be in the dirty ass hood begging for reparations. We’ll be in the suburbs with our white girlfriends and wives.
ezrathegreat8 (2 months ago)
There's more black men in prison from black women than white women so actually we're leaving dusty bums in prison.
Enlightened Man (2 months ago)
Amen brother The washed up daggles and their totally brainwashed and mentally enslaved simps spend their lives getting outraged and trying to dick police at any black man who is succeeding and enjoying his life. It’s embarrassing what I just witnessed from those single mother raised clowns bashing Embiid for his gorgeous woman. Hoping that some of those bitter women toss them some throwaway pussy as a reward. Meanwhile you see intelligent, successful brothers out here buying property, creating businesses, and making investments with their White Queens. I have to chuckle at the thought of being stressed out over where the next man sticks his dick. Brothers Grab yourself a lovely snowbunny, get that passport, go see the world with her, build a great life, and family. You’d be surprised what you can achieve when you have a peaceful and supportive woman at home. Life is short. Good job on another well done video MBD. SYSBM!!!
She X (2 months ago)
This makes me very sad. I don’t fall under the stereotypical black female character but I’m still viewed as such. Should I move on from hoping to date a black man? 🖤
Jmc Drawer (20 days ago)
Of course you should move on. Black men hate you, just look at this comment section. You might as well go over to the girl who swirls if you want to find happiness with a man. Your skin tone is your only blockage here
Pottnosticator (1 month ago)
Stop the pity party. Conduct yourself in a lady-like manner, go among spaces where intelligent brothers congregate and you'll be seen. But you must distinguish yourself from the rest in attitude and dress to be considered. If you look like a sheep, you'll be treated as one.
Jax Jet (2 months ago)
This dude is making his ancestors turn over in there graves...
Kevin (2 months ago)
You Pro Blacks been talking about building a powerful nation for 30 years now and y’all STILL haven’t built shit. When y’all useless niggas going to accomplish something?
I wish one of the PUSSIES would try and tell me who the fuck I'm supposed to be with, fuck you !!!
360seas2021 (2 months ago)
A white women is restitution for black Slavery SMH really after all those ass whippings, 60 years ago you would be hanging from a tree for that kind for talk like that. Im not pro-black be that's some stupid shit to say. "Jews it's sure is nice we can marry German Neo Nazi now that the Holocaust is over now WTF ! " Did you say ! Only black people say dumb ass shit like that. If you love white women fine but please don't say dumb shit like that. So Black people died so you can put your Black pole in white holes. Really bro Really Brother wowwwww you out there. :D ahahahahaha
Big Dawg (2 months ago)
North Carolina's James McAdoo. A lot of us are not African MBD.
gmshadowtraders (2 months ago)
Look at these photos, notice they are all smiling. Where are the black couples who are? Hello? Anybody home?
Kevin (1 month ago)
black girl Scottie Pippen cheated on Larsa. He started all this drama and she has cheated on him in response and their relationship has been shit ever since. Larsa and Scottie have been together for 21 years. Early in their relationship Scottie use to cheat on her all the time when he was still in his prime and younger women wanted him. Now he’s getting old and no women want her and she’s still in her prime and younger black men want her.
Kevin (1 month ago)
black girl Lebron been caught cheating on his wife so many times with WHITE WOMEN! Obama ONLY dated white women and because he was getting into politics he had to be with a black woman. It was even put in his book. Successful black men tend to NOT date black women because black women (not all) are NOT good women to date. Black women have nasty attitudes, rude, angry, disrespectful, can cook well but refuse to cook after they get comfortable, are prude in bed and LOVEEEEEE to argue. Then black women tell you some dumb shit like “I need a strong man to put me in check because I got a slick mouth”........ Who the hell wants to be arguing with a woman all got damn day? NOT ME! This is why black women struggle to find men. Even successful black women struggle to get men. It’s simply because of how badly black women act.
Enlightened Man (1 month ago)
Kevin facts
black girl (1 month ago)
+Kevin look at kelly rowland and her husband, denzel washington and her husband, Lebron james and her husband, vanessa calloway and her husband, tasha k and her husband .. ...... so why scottie pippen is not happy now
Curtchrisdagod (1 month ago)
+Kevin You're right.
"You cannot build Zion within the Matrix". Fact MBD!! 💯
Ravenlife 1372 (2 months ago)
Zeus (2 months ago)
Black men stake your claim at the peak of those SNOW covered mountaintops.
A dudes thoughts (2 months ago)
These guys have been talking about saving the fucked up black community for years and all you can do is work on saving yourself. These Afro centric pro black dudes are on the down low bro. They are mad because they want black sausage themselves and these woman of other races are more competition for them. I did a video about those sausage loving brothers.
Charlieq Roger (2 months ago)
Check out interracial dancing ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9b8AqfQZM4&t=10s
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
Timothy Richardson (2 months ago)
...MB, most snow fluffy bunnies still hate brothers. You'll be amazed how many have told me that if they date me, they'll be taken out their grandparents will, or they like you but wont take you home. P.S. tge more money that they make, the less they deal with brothers. Black women still suck tho.
Roger Pugh (2 months ago)
Seems like brothers over seas gets a better choice and a better looking white woman to choose from than brothers in America
Anthony Thomas (2 months ago)
Because the stigma of racism in America that prevents many White, Asian and Latinas from considering you as a quality choice in a man. That largely doesn't exist outside of America. In Brazil you are on a higher plane than local Afro Brazilians, same with Afro Dominicans.
Hurambee (2 months ago)
I’ll take one ☝️
William Wharton (3 months ago)
I learned the hard way that “Black Love” is like the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot. Very elusive! 😂
Mr Marshall Ck (1 month ago)
Too big for the bunny..👍2019.. And forever.. Yeah..👍✌
superluminal89 (3 months ago)
The person making this video is over complicating matters. There is a way to determine who gets reparations. Look up Sandy Darrity at Duke University & find out. The only black people who oppose reparations are those who know they wouldn't qualify for them.
Kevin (2 months ago)
superluminal89 So let me get this right? You Pro Black negroes been telling us left and right that America is racist and everyone hates you because you are black? YET you think these people are going to give you reparations? Lmfaoooooooo You dumb ass reparation niggas sound like me when I play the lotto. We ain’t NEVER getting reparations negro. Y’all niggas need to lay off the drugs. Lol
Anthony Thomas (2 months ago)
Who cares negros waiting around to get paid is typical ghetto behavior.
Derek Franks (2 months ago)
superluminal89 Jesus will supply my needs btw Have a Beautiful🐰She is intelligent has her own business
Roadblock (3 months ago)
I want my reparations! #WhiteVaginaDominationLikeABoss
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
You deserve it
prettysteeve47 (3 months ago)
Brother MBD : I will definitely take a Phat Ass Snow bunny anytime rather than a mule and forty acres.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
You deserve it
Anthony Thomas (2 months ago)
Buy your own 40 and make millions. Nobody wants to be a farmer surely not many Black men because it won't get them laid. I've looked into Aquaponics many times and will eventually do it, it requires less space and less materials to do it but the initial cost is higher than digging a hole and putting a seed in the ground but the back end profits are high because the yields are high on certain fruits and veggies.
E DR (3 months ago)
Listed to this a second time and these practices sound like the same practices nazi Germany used to create a pure race. These guys are becoming the monsters they hotep about just with a chocolate face.
js hooper (3 months ago)
All of this "reparations" and ADOS talk is straight up Looney Tunes bullshit. It's really exposing how many people are full of shit and shouldn't be taken seriously. I'm 100% convinced this shit was cooked up by right wing think tanks and Republicans just like the whole "Blexit" BS was months before..as a way to divide black people....but that's besides the point. Predictably the Pro Black Simps have been rejuvenated after years of taking L's and have latched on to ADOS as a way to dick police black men and restrict their options and social freedom. It's really tiresome dealing with a large segment of black folks...the desire to browbeat, impose their beliefs, police and dictate other people's free will through crabs in the barrel shaming tactics is at an all time high in black culture...due to social media. SYSBM is the only way to move forward.
Sh0t (3 months ago)
Reparations going to hordes of single mothers would be a crime against God. can you imagine?
Sh0t (3 months ago)
What does the bus think of Kem 123 and his recent videos?
ShutingFromTheSky (3 months ago)
good deal! tall and blonde plz
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
you deserve it!
gw3 Extreme2 (2 months ago)
Don't get it twisted MBD, Obsidian falls for the bullshit too.
MrBopeel (3 months ago)
Been reading Eugene Robinson's Disintegration. It's a good book and I recommend it. The so-called black community is finished. This #ADOS and Reparations movement is just a last gasp effort to save what was destroyed 40 years ago. Bi-/Multi-racials and immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean will become the new black. Save yourselves, black men! Get a quality non-ADOS stargate with whom you can make bi-racial kids who will benefit from the changes to come.
King David (3 months ago)
Where the Asian & Spanish women at? SYSBM!
Anthony Thomas (2 months ago)
He's done plenty of videos about them too. Don't fall into the trap of having to explain to anybody why you're with a White woman. Those are the people you should eliminate from your life anyway.
MyGenericYTC (2 months ago)
They’re out there. Safe travels!
Sh0t (3 months ago)
The Mad Bus Driver wins the Daytona 500!
Master Prophet (3 months ago)
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Bus Driver here!!! lol I love it!!! "You cannot build Zion within the Matrix." Brilliant! You're a sage for the times, my brotha. Thanks for all you do to empower brothas everywhere.
Bruce Bigby (1 month ago)
Yeah. I love it! Intelligent!
The Next Ruler (3 months ago)
All they doing is getting in on the ground floor to be with the next rulers of this world. Black women are so fucking stupid stay chasing white men and letting these white females have the best of the black men. Black women wanted to be with white dudes be with them while they call us master.
Brother DAN (3 months ago)
The picture at 7:07 says it all. SYSBM.
PredatorKingdom (3 months ago)
Damn the brother at 6:07 and 6:28 out here winning! Snowbunnies out here hunting for us and we need to make ourselves available to these Goddesses of the earth. #TeamWhiteGirls
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
true so many white girls love and crave black men
Todd Whideman (2 months ago)
White girls are devil cave bitches Latinas ftw
blkpump (3 months ago)
I'm a w/m who would happily clean snow bunnies after they are used. I think reparations should possibly go something like this. Every black man who is clean and disease free(don't want diseases spreading to other healthy bulls) gets to fuck any white man or woman he wants whenever he wants. I'm not sure what to do for the black women though. If they wanted they could fuck any white woman or man too. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Bulls let me know what you think.
MGTOW Monkey (3 months ago)
I do notice the brothers with non-black women are happier, smiling, and better with finances.
Kevin (1 month ago)
jazmine Pepper Jeremey Meeks just got out of prison and is now with a BILLIONAIRE white woman..... The funny thing is even famous black women STRUGGLE to find men. NOBODY wants black women except Hoteps or niggas with NO OPTIONS. Brother Polight got famous off that hotep shit and started messing with white women. Lmaooooooo
Kevin (1 month ago)
black girl Jeremy Meeks is a damn criminal with 6 felonies and BROKE and he just got with a billionaire RICH white woman....... NOBODY wants black women except hoteps. I know it hurts but it’s the truth. This is why even famous black Women STRUGGLE to get men. Meanwhile it’s sooooo easy for black men to get women.
Enlightened Man (1 month ago)
black girl a black man should have his finances in decent order when marrying a white woman so that he can properly take care of her and their future children. It would be irresponsible to subject her to a life of struggle. Fortunately many white women will also date intelligent, hardworking black men that black women refer to as “educated lames” and build with him through college and later enjoy the fruits of the love and support she showed him through tougher times. Black women usually only want the finished product.
black girl (1 month ago)
+Kevin if they really love u what do you need a money to be with them WHY and if blackwomen aren't good why you can't stop talking about us WHY
jazmine Pepper (2 months ago)
+Kevin so your saying attractive ww only want bm when they have options and have money, you said it, thanks for telling truth, yall out here purchasing white hoes🤣. Pathetic.
ContrarianExpatriate (3 months ago)
These tired Blackistan arguments are drummed into the brains of these idiots by black women and girls. The indoctrination of black men starts early. I would sooner shoot a threatening pro-black dick policeman than a white supremacist one!
Skank Hunt (3 months ago)
Mad Bus Driver, I'm a NEW subscriber and I did a little digging and found out you had an old Youtube Channel that was taken down. My question is, do you have a back up of your old videos that I could binge watch ?
Skank Hunt (3 months ago)
So they are gone forever, sigh... I found out over from Lipstick Alley on a thread that you in fact had a Main old Account that got Terminated along with some other channels. However, what you should have done was saved your old videos to a Hard Drive or Cloud Service for Insurance. As a new subscriber/viewer of your content and supporter of the SYSBM movement I would certainly enjoy seeing your Older videos, and I know others just discovering you certainly would too.
MBD MadBusDriverX (3 months ago)
no but i will make and new one with old video.
Jerome BBC Brown (3 months ago)
Snowbunnies are our reparations! Get yours brothers ✊🏿
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
True, snowbunnies belong to black men and white guys should step aside. And thats whats happening!
Reggie Gipson (2 months ago)
Get all the white girl bunny booty you can get black borthers out there!
Todd Whideman (2 months ago)
Bah Nah white bitches can't trust em Latinas are better
Kevin (2 months ago)
T Knight If we’re clowns then WHY are you here? You corny ass Pro Black niggas don’t accomplish shit. Stop stalking us and go build something. We don’t want shit to do with your shitty ass community.
Enlightened Man (2 months ago)
Jerome BBC Brown 💯
burnt DNA (3 months ago)
4:57 👌👍
Qadash Chaayah (1 month ago)
Reggie Gipson (2 months ago)
bother man get your mind off the money and get the white snow bunny. God will take care of the rest. white women will support you do your history.
Ken Durant (2 months ago)
Salute brother
G Shep (3 months ago)
One way you can determine who gets reparations is how they identify on their birth certificate, drivers license and employment and if you didn’t identify with being so called black going back for 5years you don’t get paid. Old lion 🦁 out.
Derek Franks (2 months ago)
G Shep My family bi- racial quaker,Black feet indian jewish ,Danish .i Dont want or need it .i work hard Jesus supply my need
Black Torch (3 months ago)
ADOS is a Trap! The only people benefiting reparations from the Daggle. SYSBM
Leroy Young (3 months ago)
Who cares about some ghetto hoe named SINthia G she the same hoe that talks about wanting black men dead go suck your mother
Leroy Young (2 months ago)
+Anthony Thomas she just a vampire who love to suck the blood of SYSBM movement
Anthony Thomas (2 months ago)
Both MBDX and Tommy have been in her mouth several times so they have the right to reply to her or talk about her.
Sonic Strains (3 months ago)
THINK & GROW RICH BROTHERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHy6GdmWzBk
Antonio Johnson (3 months ago)
As soon as clean up credit is clean up I start travel But for just like rest sysbm broyhers I going save myself from these toxic black femicunts. Well said MBD. #sysbm
Ray Reid (3 months ago)
MBD,why do you keep making videos showing all these fat,banged up white women?🤣🤣🤣
GTharo McScrooge (3 months ago)
MBD, I’ve long since had my reparations! 😅Lawd Have Mercy! Snow 🐰 been hopping around me for a long time!
cory taylor (3 months ago)
SIFU-SENSAI MBD and SYSBM BROTHERS--I stated in previous comments before.. …."THE BLACK LOVE"..Non-sense is just other tactic to get us back on The Slave Plantation called The Black Community that's it and this REPARATION...Horse shit is just an extension of that its the same thing...The Shaming, The Fear Mongering, and Dick Policing.. All tied to together.. Did LUCIFER make Reparations to YAHUAH AND YASHUAH..No..Did They both do the same for him..No It wasn't going to happen so THE DEVIL and his followers were thrown out of HEAVEN.. we know why.. its the same difference here.. SYSBM..is the way and only way..Our Philosophy, Our Lifestyle. this very well may be our culture,, if its not.. eventually it will be because this is the future.. SYSBM FOREVER!
L O M (3 months ago)
Holding on to the past will not help these pro blacks. #SYSBM
Dark Tiger (2 months ago)
...reparations with conditions...is not reparations at all....they can keep their cash with conditions...I'll take the freedom.
Avner Chaim (3 months ago)
Every time one of my niggas got out the pen they said they was gonna smash nothing but snowbunnies to get back at the white judicial system, C.Os ect U right, dcking down their daughters and neices is our reparations 😂
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
dicking down the white mans daughters is the best reparations!!
Razr6666 (3 months ago)
MBD my 5'3, 108lb, blonde hair, blue eyed girlfriend is all the reparations I need😂😂😂. You can't speak logic and commonsense to these reparation, Pro Black, Hotep, back to africa lunatics. The very ideal is insane and speaks to the very nature of the "welfare mind state" that's prevent in the so called "black community ". The only way to have a happy, peaceful and productive life is to leave both the Daggle and "blackistan" alone and steer your course to "Beckystan"!!😂😂 #SYSBM #TeamWhiteGirls #Beckystan
Alan Q. Wake (14 days ago)
Lmao well judging by the comments beckystan's about to be blown out like never before by the lara croft womb raiders #nextlevelbunnyrabbids
jason4275 (3 months ago)
Most of these pictures these brothers look like Africans from Europe, I guess they have it allot better there than us in America.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
European girls LOVE black men!
Zeus (2 months ago)
jason4275 it’s very easy here in America. Just move to a major city outside predominantly black areas.
Razr6666 (3 months ago)
You would be wrong, most of these pictures are not brothers from Africa, they're here in the US. I would know because I sent MBD most of them
Avner Chaim (3 months ago)
They sure do, believe that Africa is close to Europe.
shaun in the cut (3 months ago)
Major facts. Sysbm is your stargate to freedom, happiness and paradise don't let no simps and scraggle daggle stop you being free and happy.
Yup itzHiei (3 months ago)
had this white girl at the gym hand me a note card the other day with her name and number on it. Went on a date monday, went back to her crib right after (you know the deal). Brothers stop fucking around! Theres too many options!

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