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The Gregory Mantell Show -- Parental Alienation Syndrome

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When divorce turns nasty and one parent tries to turn the kids against the other. Dr. Jayne Major, police officer Catherine MacWillie, and film director Shelli Ryan discuss parental alienation syndrome.
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Jim Cole (6 months ago)
Pathogenic Parenting?
Sherry Schneider-Palmer (9 months ago)
Thank you Catherine MacWillie for continuing to help alienated parents. Catherine is now an advisor with the National Family Law Policy Center and is the owner of Custody Calculations. You can also get more help if you are being alienated by learning your rights at www.fixfamilycourts.com May the new year bring you and your children relief and reconnection.
kurtis howard (1 year ago)
Very Biased against men.But what do you expect from the feminist media .Facts; If your in family court for access to your child your already involved with Parent Alienation.93% of children ;mothers have custody .So whos fighting for access .
Robert Glazer (1 year ago)
Based on what I have learned, people that file false allegations of domestic either have a borderline personality disorder, or suffer from schizophrenia. I am currently in litigation with this exact situation and this video is spot on. My daughter does not talk to me or her brother 20 months. It is a form of child abuse... Anyone that does not see this as a real problem is a Moran.
Anna Keen (1 year ago)
Please sign and share this petition regarding parental alienation uk.https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/175477
Air Assault Deville (1 year ago)
OMG!  This almost makes me cry to hear this.
CHILDALARM LCI (1 year ago)
I suffered a lots from my ex partner, but the most worse she done its take childrens out of the border and never returned. Kids now are 8/7 both girls. They hate me because other parent tell them " your father its terrorist " and some case her family also say to my kids " your father is shit " but I'm here still stand up fight for my kids !
CHILDALARM LCI (1 year ago)
See my videos
Ray Jr (2 years ago)
Approximately 40 percent of child victims were maltreated by their mothers acting alone; another 18.3 percent were maltreated by their fathers acting alone; 17.3 percent were abused by both parents. http://www.americanhumane.org/children/stop-child-abuse/fact-sheets/child-abuse-and-neglect-statistics.html
Glen Gibellina (2 years ago)
Florida Supreme Court Task Force Hearings This was in 2015 that I address Parental rights and the destruction of our children and families to our elected officials. In 2016 I will continue my mission by speaking at even more engagements with our elected officials “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” – Ross Perot http://whydadsmatter.com/parentalalienation/flflorida-supreme-court-task-force-hearings/
Eric O Prof_Engineer (2 years ago)
It is so wonderful to hear plain language on this subject and how these experts also agree of how horrible this problem really is. The first 10 minutes of this video are great.
Ursula Barbara Armijo (3 years ago)
A must to watch, sadly so many innocent people are punished for what they have not done and send to prison!! That needs to be stopped!
still wispers (3 years ago)
how can we heal from this ?
paul banks (3 years ago)
I am having this problem my x has stopped me seeing my two children and this year my daughter passed away with cancer and my x stopped me from seeing her and did not tell me how bad the cancer was until it was to late to fight in court now I am wanting to get my son
Parental Alienation Awareness Day at our State Capitol! It was the biggest Bubbles of Love event in California yet. UNIVISION (Spanish TV station) came out and reported on the Bubbles of Love event. Change is coming because the outcry of loving families is becoming louder. Soon the noise will be too deafening to ignore and we will save any future children from this abuse. ‪#‎IfYouCareShare‬ ‪#‎StopPAS‬ ‪#‎Kidsneedbothparents‬ ‪#‎PASisabuse‬ https://www.facebook.com/joe.barrow.3/media_set?set=a.807316289337413&type=1&pnref=story
Jim Smith (3 years ago)
Please check out my campaign to get custody of my adorable daughter http://bit.ly/1bNmG0H repost if you don't mind.Thanks
Joesph Mcpadden (3 years ago)
I took the lyrics to Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" and changed them to my own in a music video with 100% positive feedback. I'm raising awareness about child alienation, which is CHILD ABUSE. LIKE IT, SHARE IT, anything...It has almost 10,000 Facebook views in one day. Please check it out here as well http://youtu.be/9OsVO54XDv4 This is happening everyday, kids becoming COLLATERAL DAMAGE because of separations and the reason why they are acting how they do now days... DON'T USE YOUR CHILDREN AS PAWNS!...
Thank you for posting this video. Too many family members live this nightmare. It is pure and simply a severe form of child abuse perpetrated by an individual with deep rooted psychological issues. For more information and videos on parental Alienation go here:  http://parentalalienationvideos.weebly.com/ Joe R Barrow Founder, www.April25.org
I recorded the days of parental alienation, took out all names and made this video of it. Have a gander. Equal Parenting is a good start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2dpl5XrkH8
Up 4 Children (3 years ago)
Stylin Dee (3 years ago)
This was back in 2007....I would be curious to see where the guests are now
PantheraLatina (4 years ago)
 FATHER AND FATHERS FAMILY HAVE SABOTAGE THE CHILDREN AND SERIOUSLY BRAINWASHED !!!! I have actual Video and Audio recordings of ACS workers, Childrens Aides Society, Corrupted FIRE CHIEF, Corrupted Police Officers and other CHILD AGENCY OFFICIALS allowing abuse even after mom showed evidence and granting a child rapist and child abuser and drunken junkie wife beater give father unsupervised visits so his new hooker can beat on child and ACS ALLOWS IT AND I HAVE IT ALL ON VIDEO , AUDIO, PAPERWORK, COURT MINUTES AND ETC, ANYBODY Wants to help me give these kids justice and safely back to mom plz contact me asap on my youtube page.
Donna Morgan (4 years ago)
This is the worst nightmare imaginable -- as Dr. says, a precious child is taken from a loving parent who not only misses their child, but is horrified their child is being emotionally abused by this situation, not to mention getting raise by a sick person. There is no excuse for the courts allowing and even supporting such an abusive situation. A situation that abuses the ENTIRE family all because of one sick, obsessed parent who puts on a façade at court time for a system that ignores a pattern of psychological control/abuse.
Men's Parental Rights (4 years ago)
Sault Saint Marie – Ontario Have a look at this video and tell us if you think this woman is telling the truth or telling a lie to the police: INTERROGATION OF A LYING EX She alleges her boyfriend ripped her clothes off, choked her, caused her to fall down the stairs, called someone to dispose of her body and attempted to ram a Dr. Sholl’s foot powder bottle up her rectum and/or vagina. Her story falls apart several times. She seems to be creating the story right at the police station. It is long, but worth viewing the entire 2 hours and 12 minutes. People–and “people” includes women–make up lies for various reasons to inflict harm. In our current society, we tend to especially enable this against innocent men, boyfriends and fathers. Many of those men and boys end up charged with crimes, jailed and ruined for life. Yet we think it’s wrong somehow to turn a skeptical eye toward any woman who wants to make an allegation, because of our “rape culture?” I commend the Detective in this video as she seems to be aware this woman is more then likely lying to her. I spoke with a process server at the Newmarket Courthouse the other week.  She told me that nearly every divorce document she has served in the past 10 years contained allegations by the applicant women of Domestic Violence, sexual assault, rape–or, as she put it, the “silver bullet,” meaning, an allegation that the husband had sexually abused their child. I am a victim of a failed false sexual allegation made against me and very sensitive to these matters.  She would say to me on the phone, “I am going to have you put in jail and will enjoy doing so!” Then she produced a perjured affidavit in court making such gross false allegations, it would make you go into shock!  The only thing that saved me from certain jail was a digital recording of the entire event and conspiracy to jail me. Watching this video brought back feelings of horror, when dealing with women who proclaim false allegations to police. AVfM has an adage for men: ABR, meaning Always Be Recording. There’s a reason for this, and it is not “paranoia.” Update: For more information on this case, see thishttp://www.brainsyntax.com/Home/MessageDetail/1323?fw=pll&a=554?pl&a=4ytube  page. http://www.avoiceformen.com/mens-rights/police-video-interview-of-a-woman-false-allegations-or-not/    
Loiza Eleftheria (4 years ago)
We ask for your prayers and love and to keep sharing the song to raise awareness...PARENTAL ALIENATION IS REAL! We support shared parenting! ThanksXXXX  http://youtu.be/l8epJcnQyeU
freedom constantinou (4 years ago)
This song was written in support to all victims of alienation, Please share to raise awareness.. Thank you, Peace, Love and Prayers to all. http://youtu.be/l8epJcnQyeU
Nubia Reymos (4 years ago)
I am living a real hell for more than 12 years.  I married a crazy person who blames me for everything he is.  He is al alcoholic and drug addict.  He is very depressed and blames me of being one.  He creates ugly situations and later calls the police on me. He created a huge case against me that I lost my children to DCF.  My children were totally put against me where I didn't have the authority to raise them.  He was always drunk and even so I always demanded from my children to respect him not matter what.  At the end the children even created false accusations against me.  The worst thing is that the law who should be there to protect me as the victim of a vicious person, didn't believe in me.  Now it is true that I know what depression is.
4dixieland (4 years ago)
  All these recent concerns about daughters stolen in Nigeria.  How about my daughter stolen from me here in our USA by Parental Alienation!!   Where is the outrage from the white house down to the average citizen over that?  When are we going to effect change in the Family Law courts here in our own country?  Please watch and spread the movie  "Divorce Corp". 
Menmatters (4 years ago)
Interesting how NOW allow their ignorance and bigotry against men to deny proper action to stop abuse of children, which is what parental alienation exactly is. How can anyone support an organization that puts political interests above the welfare of children?
j costa (4 years ago)
Manifeste seu Amor por uma Infancia Feliz 25/04/14 10hs Concentração TJ-SP
Roberto Mezkia (4 years ago)
PAS, Jayne Major.and Michael Bone. English sub. Spanish. 1/5 Sindrome de Alienación Parental 1 de 5, Entrevista a la Dra. Jayne Major y al Dr. Michael Bone
Sad Dad (4 years ago)
P.A.S. Such a brutal crime that this goes exactly how they say it.
DelRenia (4 years ago)
My husband is doing this to our three right now month after month depute my court orders for me to see them to. Him and his mom./family have been doing it for the last nine months what a failing system my children and I are stuck in I barely see them and the longest they've gone-ive gone without contact was 2.5 months its now been a month since ive seen them . my youngest is only 9 mths old.
zanynurse (4 years ago)
we were told that what we needed was an ADJUNCT to the judges court order. This adjunct will ORDER to police to ENFORCE the original visitation order.  So we need a second court order from the judge to make the police enforce the first order from the judge. Yeah, I know right? But that is what my son is now seeking.
Joey Caggiano (4 years ago)
Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Linet. See my video on the Character Assassination of Richard Gardner MD who coined the term Parental Alienation Syndrome. Among other distortions, there is not a shred of evidence that Richard Gardner was in favor of pedophilia. He was the first to name, but not the first to describe, Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). Furthermore, PAS has never been discredited by the American Psychological Association nor by the American Psychiatric Association. While the name “Parental Alienation Syndrome” is not mentioned in the DSM, the more accurate statement is that PAS has not yet been included by name.  But its description is included within several diagnoses in the new DSM 5. Some do disagree with the theory of PAS, but they are not social scientists nor do they offer compelling criticisms because they grossly misrepresent the theory and the background of Dr. Gardner.
Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Linet.  As a child & adult psychiatrist I applaud Gregory Mantell for his vivid portrayal of a form of vicious abuse of children and targeted parents. I am including this video discussion in my YouTube channel on Parental Alienation. You may want to see my own channel. Click  https://www.youtube.com/user/LinetPAS?sub_confirmation=1
Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Linet.  As a child & adult psychiatrist I applaud Gregory Mantell for his vivid portrayal of a form of vicious abuse of children and targeted parents. I am including this video discussion of in my YouTube channel on Parental Alienation. You may want to see my channel. Click  https://www.youtube.com/user/LinetPAS?sub_confirmation=1
Tracy Foraker (4 years ago)
This is outstanding!!
drummercook60 (4 years ago)
This is absolutely textbook regarding my ex-wife. The incredible evil she has done to me, the allegations, the court, the cops, the attorneys, counseling.Believe me, the one with the most money wins. A woman can lie through her teeth and in Winnebago county, you are toast. They will milk you until you dont have a dime left. And when your broke in my case a Judge will tell you"perhaps you need to manage your money better!" They are all CROOKS! They don't give a crap about the children they just want to keep the legal machine oiled, and you greased.
Les LinetMD (4 years ago)
Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Linet.  As a child & adult psychiatrist, I have included, with his permission, portions of Gregory Mantel's video discussion of Parental Alienation in one of my own videos. To see my YouTube videos on the topic of Parental Alienation Syndrome, click PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME: Alienating parents do not really love their children
rzighel (4 years ago)
Your thinking is misinformed. The roles of good and bad are very well defined when a parent tells the other "I will destroy your relationship with the kids unless you give me this much money" and then proceeds to do so.
michael russell (4 years ago)
50 percent of men are abused in divorce, and you sound like the perfect alienator.
Jennifer Grove (5 years ago)
Hmmm.. I don't think it's a good assumption to say that there is one good parent and one bad one. Reality is just not that black and white. As a lawyer, she needs to take responsibility for the harm that that kind of thinking causes in these situations and change things from the inside. It doesn't help the child to win a court battle which merely reverses the good and bad labels on the parents. The good vs. bad parent is how this problem got started. Reinforcing it won't solve it.
Jennifer Grove (5 years ago)
9:27 Anytime a parent speaks badly about a parent when the child can hear it. That is one of the best ways to define this that I've heard so far.
Jennifer Grove (5 years ago)
My ex-husband does not have BPD.
ICEMAN 007 (5 years ago)
y mi tia conce mucho
Ragg Doll (5 years ago)
Hubby had custody of his daughter,her mom being abusive. I came in becoming mom & 6 yrs we were happy Mom saw her 8 wks/yr,made no effort Dad spanked her bum at 9,left a mark,mom took us to court saying child abuse Daughter went along, they took her & says"Mom & courts say you're child abusers, I never want to see you", "I should'v lived with mom."calling him by name,wants no contact from the family No sanity left, no more $ 7 yrs later she's anorexic self-harming suicidal Mom is model Chat Porn
Vlad Vaida (5 years ago)
My mother has bi-polar dysfunctional personality disorder.She was... somewhat crazy and delusional.Regarding most of my family members.It started because of a fight(a big one) between her and my father on matters regarding my brothers sour, extra-irritable behavior (witch both caused).My dad reacted like ''all cards on deck'' to this and she came back to normal within two or three weeks.It was a risky move but it worked because mom is quite unstable(rendering her more adaptable to this stuff).
Muh Russia salad (5 years ago)
What are you talking about
sargdude (5 years ago)
Your sick and pseudoscience caused 570 children abused to death in the last 18 months in Los Angeles. Police and DA just will not prosecute these child abusers and left the public at risk. Every 1 out 4 girls and every 1 out of 6 boys are molested before they turn into 18 years old. That's how dangerous, ridiculous and criminal your pseudo science is! Both of you are child murderers & criminals! 30% women are abused in relationship. Most divorces are caused by abuse. They abuse their children.
Charity Epperson (5 years ago)
Her mother is smoking something called "fake" weed, we thought it was legal when it started years ago, but now she is a different person we don't even know? And my granddaughter is suffering for it. Cps knows but can't test for it?
Charity Epperson (5 years ago)
My stepdaughter just recently started acting this way, after removing her from my care of six years, now my granddaughter is afraid to even speak to me or papaw for being afraid her mommy will whip her, she has been " brainwashed" and I had to bring in my attorney because of the things being told to the child? How can I keep her protected until I get my custody hearing?
I agree. This is serious, false allegations can have devastation consequences. Someone who files false allegations is attempting to do enormous amount of harm and even if they are not successful, the ramifications of the allegation alone can be devastating.
NOW is on the wrong side of history on this one...
You hit the nail on the head...if you think about it, this makes all the sense in the world. Who else would do something like this to another person who they once loved...not to mention the harm that they are doing to their own child.
0:50-3:00 obsessed with having a child love them and love them alone, to ex out other parent, a sickness, child to only love me, take care of me, MENTAL ILLNESS, NORMAL people don't act like that, don't escalate their problems with DRAMA, and come in with all kinds of FALSE ALLEGATIONS and mayhem, they don't use their child as a pawn, as weapons, it's the worst kind of CHILD ABUSE, child having their will and choice taken away, parent-ectomy, kids participating, brainwashing [with sole custody]
0:50-3:00 worst kind of CHILD ABUSE, 4:30-5:30 involving police, 7:00-9:00 false convincing stories, 10:00-10:40 serious psychiatric problem, 11:40-15:00 court is winner takes all, won't share, no consequences for false allegations, problem is the courts; the court and police [really] KNOW the impact [and cover for each other with 'training' excuse while they profit] 21:00-24:30 false protection/no contact orders brainwashing children, UNBELIEVABLE there's anybody who doesn't see the alienation
David Martinez (5 years ago)
Im living threw this know, It totally sucks
adonnelly1956 (5 years ago)
That would be called "syndrome" They all will have Parental Alienation Syndrome
QuartzResonance (5 years ago)
What about multi-generational parental alienation? What I mean is, what if someone's grandparent starts it when the child is under the age of three, then the grandparent's daughter picks up the progressing alienation and continues with it? What is that called?
QuartzResonance (5 years ago)
I'm watching this because I think I might be in this. I don't know what to feel.
Warrior4Justice (6 years ago)
great video, we must unite and stop this legal abuse of our children
Daniel M (6 years ago)
It's usually Borderline Personality Disorder that causes a parent to do this to the other parent
hotdayindayout (6 years ago)
I have a friend going through this and her kids are suffering. The dad keeps creating all sorts of mayheim. He calls the kids several times a day asking where are they and what they are doing. No matter who the kids are around he says its an unfit enviroment. All this began when the mom got a new boyfriend who had money and took good care of the dads kids. I think he hates her for having the man around the kids. Every phone call is an interrogation I have witnessed it. Today he threanted!
Don'tDrinkthatKoolaid (6 years ago)
does anyone disagree that this is mostly a female perpetration? Maybe its due to proximity, or maybe it is just more socially encouraged, but I think it is inaccurate for these women to claim it is gender neutral.
Don'tDrinkthatKoolaid (6 years ago)
I don't think they should fuck off there is a lack of evidence pointing towards a mental disorder, I believe that to be only apologist female rhetoric. The real syndrome is the females proclivity and predisposition for parental alienation. I believe that to be only there to serve to protect women if they ever should be charged with a crime pertaining to alienation. If they get charged with a crime they can prevent a precedent being set in the courts by simply saying she has a mental disorder
Steve Dawes (6 years ago)
"this can lead to false acusations of physical or sexual abuse" 16 seconds in.
Steve Dawes (6 years ago)
fuck off you pretentious prat.the term used to describe the victim victim in the situation is irrelevant. the people harmed is the child.
Steve Dawes (6 years ago)
and why doesnt she know who i am? because of the "mother"
Mickie Martin (6 years ago)
Well I believe that you are wrong my friend, it goes on in my world as we speak. But thank you for your comment.
tigerspuds (6 years ago)
With all due respect, you don't know what your talking about.
Mickie Martin (6 years ago)
I don't discount that this happens but, there are people out there wrongly crying parent alienation when their only problem is that they can't agree to any terms of visitation set forth until custody and visitation has gone thru the courts. Kind of cutting their nose off despite their face. If a person loves a child they would go to the ends of the earth to see them, not just demand things their way then alienate themselves if it doesn't go their way. Think of the children people!
sargdude (6 years ago)
You are a very sick woman. I think both of you are sick! Because of that you let those criminals get away from their crime by blaming the children or the other parent made lies about them. No one can drive your children away from you except youself. Your bad behaviors drove your children away from you then blame the other parent. Both of you are sick! Both of you are pedophile lovers and criminal lovers!
Joan Kloth-Zanard (6 years ago)
And what you just describe is mental illness. Needing total control, selfishness and anger/rage are all mental illnesses related to any and all of the following: 1) Grief and the inability to move forward or grief management, literally stuck in the anger stage of the grief process 2) Anger management, related to being stuck in the grieving process 3) Borderline narcissism 4) Impulse control and being unable to distinguish that their feelings and emotions are theirs and not their children's
Nick John (6 years ago)
From what i've seen, it's a little more then that, it's more like a sickness or obession like she said.
Nick John (6 years ago)
You don't call that a mental illness.
Todd Maudlin (6 years ago)
Zeegoner- your dad will love you no matter what! This is NOT your fault! Get ahold of your dad asap and tell him that you love him and miss him! God's luck!...Todd Maudlin
Nick John (6 years ago)
@OhJaniceWhyOhWhy I mean, I was the kid in the eye of the storm. Do whatever you can to get your child out of the situation as fast as possible.
samiamc72 (6 years ago)
cant believe this day in age that peopl dont recognize this as a problem my children and i have been going threw this with their father for years my kids cant talk to me with out getting in trouble i get blamed for it because of what he says to them so they get mad at me what i dont like is the courts and systems making it to expensive for mothers like me but it cost to much money if there are programs to help with this they need to be assailable to all income family's
Nick John (6 years ago)
@lawkid30 Nope, im a child survivor of PAS. I was abused by both parents tho.
David Herbert (6 years ago)
so true, so true, so true. this is a great and accurate overview.
Octavian Popil (6 years ago)
another syndrome?? it's too obvious, another drug to sell? watch the marketing madness documentary
Steve Dawes (6 years ago)
poisoning her mind against me. i'm keen to speak to children who have reconciled with the alienated parent and how the relationship has progressed. i would also like to be informed if anyone knows of any documentaries, i could become involved with so that i can help make this condition better known. any contact from the alienated arent would also be welcomed.
Steve Dawes (6 years ago)
i'm not divorced, i was never married. my xe and i split up when my daughter was about 9 months old. and i havent really speant any quality time with her at all. she celebrated her 4th birthday last october. because i cant afford to travel up to see her and i cant quit my job, because i pay maintenance, to move closer to her i never see her. her mother has told every lie imaginable in court to try and stop contact and as soon as my daughter is old enough to understand i'm sure she will begin
patricia x (6 years ago)
@Spadadiforza I am a long time feminist& look forward to the time when the scales r better balanced with jobs/pay scale,etc bet. men & women.But I believe in PAS and I think many women (and men) who consider themselves feminists recognize this stuff happens.As a therapist, I helped a male client, a good father work thru the system 2 get 2 see his children& help get some protection for his son who was really maliciously emotionally abused by a sick mother.This is not a black/white issue
Sacred Society (7 years ago)
Mothers commit 3 times the abuse on children these days as Fathers and 4 times the amount as kidnappers. As a matter of fact. Mothers make up 49% of all kidnappings. This is a cold Fact with proven data. I don't like how these women keep pointing out that it's not just men doing this. They are trying to make you assume it's men doing and that only some women are. When in fact is is mostly women abusing children. The world needs to wake up and stop believing these old myths.
Sacred Society (7 years ago)
@willis446 You are full of shit. There are millions of kids going through this. You are ONE person with your own story.
Rolo Rolo (7 years ago)
@MtEvols ----------------------- Feminists are doing a good job guilting the policy makers into tipping the scales of justice in their favour. This is not justice for the kids that get caught in the middle. I can hear the surgeon snipping the factory closed already. Then I can hit n run without guilt.
Rolo Rolo (7 years ago)
@MtEvols Very true and he asks to spend time with me too. We as parents should be there to protect the Child's best interests including supporting requests to see the other parent regardless of personal gripes. It just doesn't work that way and sooner or later, men will just say no to getting women pregnant. F this.....I'm getting fixed and the next femme that tells me I got her prego , i'll laugh and walk.
Rolo Rolo (7 years ago)
@MtEvols And what the hell makes me a control freak, selfish and vindictive? I am not retaliating in any way and I continue to pay child support, out of pocket medical expenses, child care etc etc....and All I ask is for 20% of time share with my child. Get real.
addvoc8 (7 years ago)
Parental Alienation is NOT gender neutral. The vast majority of Parental Alienation child abuse springs from false abuse allegations used in divorce primarily BY mothers to win all. Twin inseparable crimes: False abuse allegations & parental alienation child abuse, serious twin abuses supported and rewarded BY our "justice" system. When the 1st crime happens the 2nd follows. It's politically correct to say, "Parental Alienation is gender neutral," if not simply denying it altogether.
Rolo Rolo (7 years ago)
its not mental illness it is called being a control freak, selfish and being vindictive all without consideration for the childs best interest.
Aaron Haskins (7 years ago)
As a child I was a victim child for PAS against my mother from an abusive father. As a Parent I'm a victim from my wife using PAS upon my son, used as a weapon to comfort her guilt of adultery against her husband. THIS EXISTS and for anyone who says it does not exist go FUCK OFF.
Nick John (7 years ago)
For everybody who says this isnt a syndrome you have to FUCK OFF. I LIVED THROUGH THIS.
Sherry Palmer (7 years ago)
@gregory mantell - Please have another show on how parents can stand up for their rights by not letting the courts force you into forfeiting your equal time to your children. And please have your viewers sign the petition for equal parenting rights at my YouTube channel @ sherrypalmer1 Petition to Take Children out of the Middle. Thanks and I look forward to more of your shows.
realzoomy (7 years ago)
PRAISE THE LORD! The police are reinvestigating the historic abuse
realzoomy (7 years ago)
@CounsellingQld The arrests have started, the police have been reinvigourated, they have been purging their forces of paedophiles, the Madelaine McCann investigation has been reopened, its all good news for children and very bad news for paedophiles and human traffickers, plus corrupt people who support and make money by supporting them.
realzoomy (7 years ago)
@CounsellingQld You PAS (invented by paedophile) worshippers make me laugh. You always trot out this tired old insult "YOU NEED HELP" and you really cannot hack it when you get outed for what you really are. The times of paedophiles life of Riley is coming to an end.Jesus said "The truth shall set you free" and victims of paedos have been turning to Jesus and finding they are not alone. The human trafficking regime is being broken up, the police are on to it praise the Lord!
TargetPractice08 (7 years ago)
I took a course with Dr. Major, she was absolutely wonderful/committed and helped to educate me regarding the PAS situation I was dealing with ... my ex rewarded our kids for telling lies and punished them for telling the truth or expressing any sort of love for me... I fought a myriad of false accusations over 6 years, dealt with a situation with is now a basis for an upcoming film called What Tigers Do ... eventually the courts figured it out and I have full custody of our kids but PAS is real
realzoomy (7 years ago)
@CounsellingQld Yes, I do need help at some point, as I have catteracts and am indeed going blind. But I see very well what the human traffickers and paedophiles are up to, as does God. You say I need help, but I fear you will never take the help offered by Jesus as a cure for your wickedness, repentance and forgiveness.

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