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10 Things Italians Do Better Than Anyone

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Italy is synonymous with great pasta, beautiful architecture, and a rich history of artistic traditions. Italy is synonymous with great pasta, beautiful architecture, and a rich history of artistic traditions. According to CNN, the country and her people also hold the bragging rights to many other, often less celebrated things. Here are 10 of them. Number 10. Cursing. It's not so much what the words mean, but more about how they sound. Often perfectly melding the staccato and the lyrical, watching an angry Italian spout of a series of expletives is much like experiencing a spellbinding performance. Number 9. Volcanoes. There are 10 active ones throughout Italy and among them is the one considered to be among the biggest and baddest in the world -- Mount Etna. It erupted 20 times in 2013, filling the skies of Sicily with smoke, dust, and quite a light show. Number 8. Sports Cars. Italy isn't even in the top 20 when it comes to overall car production, but quantity isn't how makers like Maserati and Pagani stay in business, anyway. For example, in 2012, Ferrari sold only 7 thousand cars, but brought in over 3 billion dollars. Number 7. Caves. Italy has a lot of them, including the one that holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest accessible one. It measures nearly 28 hundred feet wide and its 500 steps can take an explorer 325 feet below the surface. Number 6. Ever-Changing Government. Fear that another Mussolini type could ever take power again has resulted in a constitution that gives very little autonomous control to its executive branch. . Since the end of World War 2, there have been 62 governments and 38 prime ministers, all short lived. Number 5. Beach Outings. Italy has both the most and many of the best beaches in all of Europe. They're also warmer than those in neighboring France as the average summer temps are about 15 degrees higher. Number 4. River Cruises. Italy is packed with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it so happens that a lot of them are connected by the peninsula's network of rivers. Companies that specialize in the mode of exploration offer a variety of routes, durations, and diversions. Number 3. Hot Baths. Italy takes their spas and the therapeutic benefits the services can provide very seriously. Some treatments are even covered by the government as means of healing. Number 2. Flattery. While some may call the outpourings of attention leering and groping, it's actually meant as a compliment. It's said Italians do the same things to friends as signs of endearment. Number 1. Desserts. Not only are Italian sweets great because they're delicious, there's also a lot to be said about the sheer number of them.
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Frances Van Siclen (9 days ago)
I love Italy !!!!
Carlo Cocciolo (27 days ago)
According to international studies, in Italy there is 25% of all the world's pictorial heritage: This also isn't such a trivial thing!
Berlusconi è una vergogna per l'Italia!!!!
Kb Calib (1 month ago)
Number one: Caffè. No matter how many new types of coffee drinks Starbucks has been inventing, none can stand up to Italian caffè.
Foxy 001 (1 month ago)
Qualche italiano?
Steve D (2 months ago)
My dad had a saying: "There are two kinds of people, Italians and people who wish they were Italian"
The Rock (2 months ago)
Americans r so fuckingg stupid
shadow frost (4 months ago)
so italians inveted the volcanoes and the caves, very advenced people indeed.
john vento (1 month ago)
Did he say that or only that Italy's geography has the most and beautiful, you SFB.
Remy D (4 months ago)
Aris1956 (5 months ago)
Interesting ..... I did not know that the caves and volcanoes were made by people . (OMG !)
Aris1956 (5 months ago)
There are many other things that Italians can do better than others !
MrGilRoland (6 months ago)
A lot of stereotypes and meaningless things in this video. So, fashion is not in the Italian top 10? Desserts are there, but not food in general? Or wine? Please, get out. Please.
giorgio ciaravolol (6 months ago)
We do almost everything better (except managing a state, learning from our mistakes and avoid corruption lol)
Lonnie Clemens (7 months ago)
I will have to visit Italy.
Ilias Pap (7 months ago)
Best beaches? Bitch please! I’m from Greece. . . . . . PS. baci e abbracci!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Damiano 117 (4 months ago)
Sardinia is way way more beautiful than Greece
Raheeb (7 months ago)
Italy is better than USA in everything
scottiSHITalian (7 months ago)
No. 11 - Killing people on the roads. 120% more fatal road casualties, per capita, than there are in the UK, for example. (official statistics from the EU in Brussels). After 17 years in Italy, I’m still ASTOUNDED every single day that I go outside and witness their road behaviour. I can’t decide if it’s cultural, or if it’s a flaw in their dna. And I love Italy and the Italians.
cirila dewi lanch (7 months ago)
You forgot : 1th on sex!
Feysel Difficile (7 months ago)
Les Italiens sont les meilleurs, il n'y a que ceux qui le savent et ceux qui ne le savent pas.
clare5 one (8 months ago)
Only 10? Italy is CLEAN! The food is the best on the planet! The people are thin, fit and beautiful!
Rodrigo Silva (9 months ago)
Another thing italians do better: Music!!
Cristiano Costantini (9 months ago)
🤔 quite imprecise.... n.10 the curse the woman says is really really soft (more rude curses are in the comments 😂) n.9 the dangerous vulcano is Vesuvio (near Naples), who is responsible for the eruption of Pompei and Ercolano in 79 A.D. Etna is active and erupt often but is not so dangerous. n.7 Doesn't say the name but I think he speaks of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frasassi_Caves n.4 River cruises??? Except of Venice, river cruising is really limited! France, Netherland or countries touched by Danube, Rhône or Rhine have surely more to offer for river cruising... n.3 hot baths... true but they are not at all so important in our culture... go to see Onsen in Japan if you want hot baths ! n.1 omg how I miss my home country desserts... 😭
Chazy Minoda (9 months ago)
pretty much everything
Nico RY (9 months ago)
Wtf we are in the top 10...Fiat-Chrysler is the 7th biggest company for cars producing
Roosje Keizer (10 months ago)
I simply adore Italy, its people, its culture, its kitchens, etc. but only for a holiday. Working there as a woman is hell. Bosses that think they possess you, shamelessly groping you all over al day long, wanting to date you, even when they are ugly, old with huge bellies and married for 20 years and longer. Making you do all the work while they themselves takeall credit for it. I have been living like that for over a year, having to defend me every working day and even sitting om a terras alone, reading a book or something of that kind and kissed the ground when I got home again, where I can be myself without getting harrassed all day long. You wanna know how I lost my job there? For refusing to come over to the office on a Sunday afternoon to refill the faxpaper. We all know what that order really was all about.
There is only 1 thing the Italians do better than everyone: SEX
Βας παπ (10 months ago)
Viva Italy! Greetings from Greece!
axoram (4 months ago)
Italy&Greece forever friends
andrea giambrone (11 months ago)
mongrelrat (1 year ago)
I'm Italian and I checked on my books. not a volcano in italy was built by italians. They're all made in china.
Gianni LionSPQR (11 months ago)
I wonder where was the original one they copied :-?
Kirum65 :-D (1 year ago)
I say ONE THING Venezia nothing else to say 😃😃
Teo Macan (1 year ago)
Jebo te ja u picku materinu how can Italians be the best at cursing and not Croats and Serbs koji jebeni kurac?
Mount Lel 123 (1 year ago)
Roma Invicta
Camillia B. (1 year ago)
Italy:better than France, the real place of love, YOU CAN DRINK AT 13!
ATsimon2005 (2 months ago)
I'm italian and if i go to a shop for buying "Drink" they DON'T give that to me
ATsimon2005 (2 months ago)
WHAT no!!!
Aldo Paptistella (1 year ago)
Proud to be Italian
Luca Ellul (1 year ago)
Amo L'Italia..... Vivo in Malta.
Gianni LionSPQR (11 months ago)
Malachi (1 year ago)
Swtiching sides
Matias Ferrari (1 year ago)
The Pagani creator is argentinian
abrrr abrrr (1 year ago)
just 10 things???
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
Italians are obviously very insecure people.
Max Zago (1 year ago)
You forgot motorbike , yachts , opera .... ! Go back to school !
stragulp (1 year ago)
hi, I'm a new italian Volcano.... my girlfriend is a cave... it sounds bad, but that's it.
john ortensio (1 year ago)
im from south america and i deal with italy all the time because of my business and let me say whenever i travel through the world i always want to go back to italy. im right now in canada and i miss italy, i do a lot of business in europe and quality of products are the same all of europe because they have to be because of the european union legislation on products. of all the countries i travel l love italy the best. most of these critical posting are jealous morons.
TyrannosaurusDVM (1 year ago)
In my opinion the Italian language (the one from Florence) is the most beautiful in the world
louis lesseos (1 year ago)
How about the music, the food, and the beautiful women!!! lol
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
Probably because the best music and dood doesn't come from Italy and beautiful women come from all across the world.
Jim Gulick (1 year ago)
Io ed mia moglie abbiamo trascorso tre settimane nel bel nord Italia nel mese di maggio. Il cibo era delizioso e tutti gli italiani che abbiamo incontrato erano così cordiale e ospitale. Grazie!
Enrico Stefanazzi (3 days ago)
Io ed mia moglie no
ATsimon2005 (2 months ago)
Devi provare il sud allora li si mangia anche meglio!😆 e sappi che quelli del Nord ritengono noi del sud dei maleducati e senza cultura,(Non tutti lo pensano) fai tu il resto.
RichardRiddick78 (1 year ago)
Add soccer and fencing to this 1. Soccer -- 4 world cups and one of the top leagues in the world for club soccer. 2. Fencing -- italy has the most olympic medals and is at the top for Gold Medals in the Olympics. Italy dominates in the World Fencing Championships -- total medals and gold medals. Historically, italy has had the top fencers as well. they have revolutionized fencing since the middle ages and renaissance. Many great masters have also written books.
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
Brazil are better at football than Italy.
Ray Zaffarese (1 year ago)
every culture thinks it's the best, but italians KNOW they're the best.
Noxias Herbas (2 months ago)
Uncle Meat is making me sad, he's unironically spending time trying to mock Italians lmao
Chazy Minoda (9 months ago)
insecure about what lol, pleaseeee
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
No, Italains are just insecure. The emptiest tin rattles the loudest.
Temperate or Tropical (1 year ago)
Yes, & if these statues get destroyed as did the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan in 2011, i hope the Mafia will Finally do their Patriotic Duty, or that at least SOME Italians will.
kekkuzzo75 (1 year ago)
Only Ten?
A_Wise_Young_Man (1 year ago)
Things Italians do better than anyone: 1) Runnng away from battles (2) Bankruptcy (3) Making cars that break down (4) Having greasy hair (5) Letting their historic buildings crumble and decay (4) Living with their mothers (5) Black economy
Alfa&Omega 00000 (1 year ago)
And you are...? A surrending monkey? Bararian Kraut? Drunken slav? Englishman,aka help me america I built my Empire fighting tribes with spears and did nothing else in history? Or a yankee,which great accomplishment to the humanity is the Hamburger? :) One word for you:Rinascimento.We did it,you didn't
84#Beatles (1 year ago)
A_Wise_Young_Man - Mhmm... so tell me and look my response, please: 1) Which battles ?? 2) Unfortunately, we're very tricky in that 3) There're maybe not as good as the German cars if we speak about cars for common people but at the same time we produce Ferrari®, Lamborghini®, Bugatti®, Maserati® and what once was another great sport car Alfa Romeo 4) Absolutely not true !! Can guarantee you that ! Stereotypes !! 5) A country that has such as the 35% of all the human patrimony of Unesco of the entire world is impossible to control all the historical buildings, simply because there is too much. But it's also true in some cases as Pompei maybe, but remember, Pompei is big as a real city. 6) Not 100% true, but more an stereotype ! 7) Unfortunately, we don't have competitive politicians that make their job correctly.
Tommaso Vasta (1 year ago)
You've forgotten the fashion and the craftmanship.
uday Kumar (1 year ago)
italy ia best
dojufitz (1 year ago)
Is bankruptcy in the 10...?
Azzurra Cerri (1 year ago)
We do everything better than anyone else 🇮🇹
polychronio (1 year ago)
greeks and italians are artistically most gifted in the world...
frog (7 hours ago)
ducky sweetie they’re white with a tan. i’m british and french and my tan is the same strength as theirs. white people do tan you know
Noxias Herbas (16 days ago)
+ducky nigga got a fake account because he is too coward to show his shithole face or name :P
Noxias Herbas (16 days ago)
+ducky shut up anglo
john vento (1 month ago)
+ducky Go fucky yourself you TROLL POS.
La la la (8 months ago)
ducky they’re white you imbecile. Every EUROPEAN country is a WHITE country.
33Alkaham (1 year ago)
MASTURBATION! Italians are hottest wankers ever, their masturbation looks so damn HOT HOT HOT !!!
Alfa&Omega 00000 (1 year ago)
Uninfected News (1 year ago)
This guy is a fkn moron, sincerely. an Italian
Hello Gee (1 year ago)
Things Italians Do Better Than Anyone? Evrything
Krixx Set (8 months ago)
Uncle meat maybe you should take a look into the workings of the EU before you hit the keyboard.. You're Australian aren't you?...
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
You mean like losing wars, bankrupcy, creating national debt, organised crime, graffiti riddled towns and hopeless political,parties?
DoriaAdmiral (1 year ago)
Aspettate che usciamo dall Europa e poi vedi come salta tutto il sistema capitalistico mondiale..... Quando un Italiano non arriva primo è solo perché è intento a litigare a casa sua o perché sta ancora dormendo.
Paige Martin (1 year ago)
ciò che è "dessert" in inglese
Sunshine Yildiz (1 year ago)
Hope to visit italy soon
watcher4234 (1 year ago)
The French make better wine the Germans make better cars the Spanish play better soccer and the Asian make better noodles.
Damiano 117 (4 months ago)
Italian wine is way better , Asian noodles is pre coocked
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
I have to agree.
The David (1 year ago)
what a bullshit, 5% truth, 95% clichés.
Tatsuhiro Satou (1 year ago)
8 isnt true thr best sports cars are french, American, and German and 6 is a joke there government only changes so much because theg cant get it right
Alfa&Omega 00000 (1 year ago)
Uncle Meat They bought it but they don't make them,Italians do,like Ferrari,and everyone want them. LOL,you may be kraut,a frog,a yankee or a chin chon,you can only envy us :)
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
Lamborghini are owned by VW who are German. As for Ferrari, well whi wants a hairdresser's car that falls apart when you use it? Not me.
Alfa&Omega 00000 (1 year ago)
LOL,Ferrari,Maserati,Lamborghini....all three are ITALIAN
Tatsuhiro Satou (1 year ago)
+John Smith you can google it the bugatti vayron is currently produced in France and as for America for pure value the Mustang is the most bang for your buck and for pure power the dodge hellcat challenger and the Shellby cobra mustang are top tier infact the shellby 1000 cobra has as much power as the bugatti when you remove its governor
Tatsuhiro Satou (1 year ago)
+John Smith no it was designed by vw but its made in France and i said Germany and usa too
ItsWednesday MyDudes (1 year ago)
"According to CNN" lol bunch of liars
Bec de Corbin (1 year ago)
Italians definitely do "Having a lot of caves" better than anyone.
Yeah Sure (1 year ago)
I'm an Italian and ai don't like pizza w/ cheeese SOMEONE HELP ME
Marco Di Flumeri (1 year ago)
What movie is that when the guy flirts with the girl? on AMC
Elite Gaming333 (2 years ago)
oh yes italy has the best cars like the Lamborghini bugatti Ferrari and other great cars like that
Arlene M. (4 months ago)
Italians are the best engineers. Hater.
Alfa&Omega 00000 (1 year ago)
LOL,they are requested everywhere,bet you are a kraut or a frog,top bad for you :)
A_Wise_Young_Man (1 year ago)
They fall apart. Italians are poor engineers.
Ziggy Sheppard (2 years ago)
You missed out coffee. They invented the coffee house and italian coffee is divine.
ATsimon2005 (2 months ago)
+A_Wise_Young_Man but it's the best
Arlene M. (4 months ago)
"coffee house," fool.
EverythingLion (2 years ago)
Italians are the best, fact
Noxias Herbas (16 days ago)
+John Corwin said the anglo, didn't you switched language to arab?
john vento (1 month ago)
+John Corwin ​ I agree we're not the best in everything, although close. Your mom definitely gives the best head and lay. Ask the 200 men in the world record gang bang video of all time.
ATsimon2005 (2 months ago)
+John Corwin better than living in america with that thing you call president, and i want to remember you that italy got the best food in the world, Who inverted pizza?? ITALIANS from Napoli! And than you ruined it adding pineapple! Idiot! The worst Place in the world is YOUR MIND!!
John Corwin (2 months ago)
lol italy is the worst country in the western world, just like a third world country. If you were the best why do you have a shit country lol
Andrea (2 years ago)
emh, vai a quel paese, non è proprio la cosa più volgare sentito in Italia, un giorno la prof ha bestemmiato...
Andrea (2 years ago)
Ciao sono italiano
Baez Rivera (2 years ago)
tomy crouz (2 years ago)
The best thing that we make (italy) Is pizza !!!
Rodolfo Barbieri (2 years ago)
11-losing wars- perdere le guerre
The Krieg (1 year ago)
Rodolfo Barbieri e quindi? Intanto l'abbiamo vinta. E no, non è auto-ironia ma insulti gratuiti dato che siamo su un video internazionale e il commento viene letto da tutte le parti del mondo
Rodolfo Barbieri (2 years ago)
Extrema Thule era autoironia, e la prima è stata una vittoria mutilata
Non Sicuro (2 years ago)
You forgot about sex :D
Non Sicuro (2 years ago)
+Johnny Trash wtf :D
Johnny Trash (2 years ago)
I'm not joking..ha ha. To date many women I have had sex with have been very happy about the size of my ding dong. Only one woman was unhappy, but I am sure she was in the habit of being penetrated by two ding dongs in her pussy. What can one expect from a an Australian Anglo-Saxon convict whore?
Non Sicuro (2 years ago)
+Johnny Trash i was joking btw i'm italian but i don't likt to show up...still...no girl ever complained ;D :D
Johnny Trash (2 years ago)
Agreed, nobody understands sexology better than Italians. Australians label sex as sleazy, they figured if they have a same sex partner they're not sleazy...
Pietro Bianchi (2 years ago)
In Italia abbiamo tutto, quindi non rompete i coglioni. Se non vi piace l'Italia restate a casa vostra
scottiSHITalian (7 months ago)
Ma, il mio paese e’ pieno di immigrati italiani. Vengano per cento anni, sono molto benvenuto.
Chazy Minoda (9 months ago)
Gianni LionSPQR tantissima purtroppo
Simone Mandi (10 months ago)
ma chi te l'ha chiesto
Gianni LionSPQR (11 months ago)
Anche molta arroganza, non è vero?
Christian Bellagamba (1 year ago)
Sei un coglione.
the proud penguin (2 years ago)
I am italian and when someone curses is funny af especially in region called Emilia romagna in North Italy, where I am from.
the proud penguin (2 years ago)
dodybarbieri I toscani sono cosi simpatici e per una Volta non sono sarcatisco
Rodolfo Barbieri (2 years ago)
Claudia Spin e noi toscani? D:
Claudia Spin (2 years ago)
AHAHAHAHAH obviously you've never heard naples' curses CHI TI È STRAMUORT MAMMT' E PAT'T' CO' CUL' STUORT'
Zed (2 years ago)
Yeah we have the best bitchessssss
Camillia B. (1 year ago)
Zed idioto DONT call any woman a bitch BECUASE WE ARE FEMALE BUT NO DOG
kekkuzzo75 (1 year ago)
o'cazz ca t'ncuron. ...this is a curse!
Leleras MSP (1 year ago)
Zed sei un pervertito schifoso!!
give her love (2 years ago)
Migy.x_ MG (2 years ago)
I'm On Italy Right Now So Hot Here
YouTube Sins (2 years ago)
11. Where is the bestemmia?!?!!
nellouffa (2 years ago)
la cosa dei dolci tempo fa proprio non la sapevo. Adesso che ci faccio caso, la noto spesso nei video stranieri. Ma all'estero che razza di dolci mangiano? E sì che molti sono stranieri: Sacher, Saint Honorè...
Carrie Wilson (2 years ago)
Cursing is not "vai a quel paese", maybe "ciucciami l'uccello che a tua madre è piaciuto"
Slutkat Vantass (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHA XD questo --
Fracchia (2 years ago)
Ma vai a quel paese porco dio!!!!
NintenEvolution (2 years ago)
11: Speàking english: Bicoz witot merketin end commercialà fillls... er... mistràccio.... uah... Nut gud. Cit. Renzi, itàliàn prime minister.
Kush Papi (2 years ago)
Frances Van Siclen (2 years ago)
There is so much to say about Italy you cannot put it on one video !!!! I love Italy and the culture and the food is the best !!!! once you get to kno the people they are great but stubborn and argumentative !!! They have a right to be argumentative with all the crazy governments they have had through the years !!!!
Frances Van Siclen (2 years ago)
almost everything was invented or started in Italy- deal with it!!!!
MORCOPOLO0817 (1 year ago)
Don't fault all Italians for Nancy Pelosi!
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
Pmsl @ everything invented by italians. You Italians are both insecure and bat shit crazy.
Pier Bianco (2 years ago)
"Maiale di un dio porco impestato". THAT is cursing, not "vai a quel paese".
SamuDrummer TV (3 months ago)
Sono tutti dii ma di diverse categorie.
Dario S (7 months ago)
ahahah questo è un livello pro. Bisogna pur farli partire dalle basi
Sol Invictus (8 months ago)
Toscano? ahahahahahhaah i toscani sono delle cinesate viventi in confronto ai veneti, basta guardarsi il video "15+18 quanto fa? coglione" per capire che non c'è paragone.
Azzurra Cerri (1 year ago)
Da toscana l'avrei detto toscano anch'io ahahahah
Pier Bianco (1 year ago)
ahahah, no no, per niente... ma l'arsenale è talmente vasto e variopinto che si possono fare tante combinazioni "interessanti" ;- )
Lucas Huston (2 years ago)
Italy is great at getting its country into debt and letting arab and african invaders into its land to destroy Italy
Widow (2 years ago)
haha! Not just our deserts, I say we cook spectacular! for those of you who  are Italian: Haha! Non solo I nostril deserti. lo dico si cucina speettacolare!
Jolly Roger (2 years ago)
number 11: do not understand English i don't understand the entire video
spino (2 years ago)
cavoli tuoi
Alpha Centaury (2 years ago)
It is true, here in Italy there remained only the beauty of the landscape, the monuments and the kitchen, otherwise nothing.
Mario Pellegrini (2 years ago)
I hate to say it, while I love my heritage, this list is pretty unimpressive (except maybe the cars?). There's got to be something else Italians do better than anyone else. And I mean Italians in Italy, not the ones in other countries like Brazil or Argentina or America - those are the bragging rights for those countries.
Krixx Set (8 months ago)
Maybe you should study your own history then and find out... I think you will ditch that attitude after you discover some of the achievements accomplished by Italians throughout history going back more than 3000 years.
Blue Vomit (2 years ago)
you miss food quality and variety, romance, flirting skills and women ;)
Uncle Meat (1 year ago)
You missed living with their mothers, greasy hair and cowardice.
Pomoscorzo (2 years ago)
There are two other things Italians can do like no others: a) talking with their hands and b) switching from idling one moment and hurrying the next :-)
Anton Monteleonus (1 year ago)
Pomoscorzo , ma <> you right on !
Mitch pi (2 years ago)
with all the good things we do or have done better, we talk about the most stupid

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