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SUBTEXT - texting your crush you love her

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This love text message story shows us how hard it is to tell your crush that you love her. You won’t believe how it ends. Phony Texts believes every text tells a story. Imagine you are peaking onto someone else’s screen during some of the most humorous, romantic and dramatic moments in their life. Phony Texts tells highly entertaining stories by letting you see the world through someone else’s phone. A texting series which takes you into the crazy world of groupchats. These are all stories told by text with all the screenshots, emojis, gifs, memes, links, audio notes, facetime, autocorrects, bootycalls, tinder fails, buttdials that we use daily. We make dog texts, cat texts, illuminati texts, avengers texts, family texts, kids texts, cartoon texts, love texts, scary texts, funny texts, horror texts, disney texts, harry potter texts and more! #texting #story #love
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Text Comments (3311)
krzysiek141414 (12 minutes ago)
Whoever's phone that was I was calling him a pussy throughout the video 😂😂 like it was obvious hints
And /OR (23 minutes ago)
what is this cringe
Andrei Constantinescu (48 minutes ago)
Damn, you type really fast
Skyrim Fan (1 hour ago)
i wish this happened to me sadly i’m nothing compared to others in my year
Luke Gibson (2 hours ago)
When would this ever happen irl lmao wat
I love how midway the guy says the dark things then deletes it and types something better lmao 😆
DJ FLASH (3 hours ago)
Wish my love life would have been soo simple😖
Lilly Garrod (6 hours ago)
Gesù Cristo! (6 hours ago)
wft am i watching? why is this fake shit in my home page?
5246 (6 hours ago)
Why does this sad that my gf is 5246km away from me as she went to study?
TheGaming Legend (6 hours ago)
7:14 wasted
Ludwig Van Beethoven (6 hours ago)
Atta boy👏👏👏
Papa Dope (7 hours ago)
i like henry...its the role i always play...🤣
Bruh ._. (7 hours ago)
Then Mom:WAKE UP!you are gonna be late for school me:am I a joke to you
Josh sandman (7 hours ago)
Man like Henry
Doğukan ÖZEN (7 hours ago)
Such a goodn friend
Chaddy Boii (8 hours ago)
Viktor Klante (8 hours ago)
im gonna puke
THATS IT IM KILLING DAVE ! true friend lol
thirushna rock (8 hours ago)
Henry is such a amazing friend . Not all get friend like him
Mr Bolzen (8 hours ago)
i hate it when he delets his texts
KEEP CALM? (9 hours ago)
Star1x (9 hours ago)
If only it was that easy 😊
Fran Kerep (9 hours ago)
Fran Kerep (9 hours ago)
It's a loooonggg story for everything
It's fake I mean look at her responding and typing speed
Bimbo Battung (10 hours ago)
Henry and Chloe pranked him and did him dirty on this.haha who the fuck reply that fast?
K. I. A (11 hours ago)
I'm actually crying......wtf!?
Paternal (11 hours ago)
Welcome back alright jeffery what do you pick? "Can I get, Why the fuck is this shit in my recommendations list for 5 fucking 100 please."
Qualily (12 hours ago)
I do hope my crush was this easy to approach
XPhantom 5656 (12 hours ago)
World record fastest type
Ansh bhardwaj (12 hours ago)
This guy just broke the world record for fastest texting. He is faster than Usain Bolt.
Justin Vandermast (13 hours ago)
This makes me sad 😞 and how I need love
Old gamer (13 hours ago)
Vipul Mishra (13 hours ago)
Woah!!! Great man😂😂
Anshul Singh (13 hours ago)
Mamatha R (13 hours ago)
0:33 I'm I the only one laughing?
Grimm reaper (14 hours ago)
if i do the same thing to my crush her answer will be "i will always love u as a friend" 🙂
Tim3WalkeR O.o (14 hours ago)
This is too true for me, my high school crush has the same kinda bf and I wish that her and I could be more than “friends”. Btw when Henry was telling the guy to tell her, I was just screaming “TELL HER YOU IDOIT” 😆
akshay thepro (14 hours ago)
chloe means name
Prathyush_s (15 hours ago)
in yo dreams
Kookiyah (15 hours ago)
This was really a bad idea for one of my classmate... Well the thing is he confessed to me on messenger and not in personal.. And I dont know why but it ended up destroying our friendship... We got teased alot which made us... You know... It made us to stop communicating with each other because the teasing will just get worse
Genzo Kun (15 hours ago)
Another soldier has fallen😢
M.R. Adnan (15 hours ago)
Shit man i ain't got a crash 😠😠😠
Subho Manna (15 hours ago)
Everyone needs a henry in his life
jason senter (15 hours ago)
I love the song in the background
Obed Roberts (15 hours ago)
Lol one thing is surely fake in this video is that, no girl on earth replies so damn quickly
Jeston (15 hours ago)
Wish it was really like this
Ross Sucks (16 hours ago)
6:08 _that bigass_ *OOF*
Syukri Mz (16 hours ago)
obmate52 Hampton (17 hours ago)
I follow u on insta
Abhishek Singh (17 hours ago)
In a parallel universe
Watsup Gaming (18 hours ago)
i wish love woul be like this but no This is actually me im like the guy who is chatting with chloe
Barcelona Barcelona (18 hours ago)
why i relate Henry sooooo fuckkinng much.
Ronald Wang (19 hours ago)
Fuck the person I like is called chloe
Braydan Albin (19 hours ago)
Kinda teared up
Neha Sharma (20 hours ago)
If only i had a friend like henry. Maybe just maybe i too had the courage to say i love you to my crush. i knew he too loves me. But it never happened btw us - the fucking courage
theHyperion12 (20 hours ago)
well this made my night even more diffecult now im feeling more alone then ever tnx :'(
-vanquish - (20 hours ago)
LMAO after he typed all those sweet things he thought shot of himself and he cleared all lmaoooo
saxistaja2 (20 hours ago)
Step to be more sad to this 1-See the video 2-Listen to Undertale OST 071 3-Enjoy!
Adriana I. Borrero (21 hours ago)
*I just **-love-** how he wrote all of that poem/paragraph at the beginning and then just erased it*
Lazy_Canes (22 hours ago)
top ten 200 IQ plays made by masters of the good life :glasses:
Jessica Trudeau-Barry (22 hours ago)
So cute
Stock Brothers (22 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommendations?! I’ve never even watched any text videos before!
The Shadow (22 hours ago)
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Basit Aziz (23 hours ago)
Wtf. It far from reality, your crush loves a dog and feel so bad about it but you don't want her to leave you as a Friend too. Life goes on and you remain a loser everytime.
Med Amine Ben Hsin (23 hours ago)
That is never going to happen! Believe me!! I know that for sure !!💔💔
Shadow Wolf (23 hours ago)
Chloe: "I Love You Too🤗" Me: "I Love Y..... Mom: *"WAKE UP YOUNG MAN!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!"*
Amit Betzalel (23 hours ago)
Odds of that ever happening in real life
Kunai’s Up (1 day ago)
So fake
Gonzalo Huanca (1 day ago)
YO Henry Is a God man hola moly
Saj Awesome (1 day ago)
Context plz
Kyriakos Ster. (1 day ago)
Am i the only one who acts like this guy? I literally write the message i wanna say...but i always regret it , and write something else😅
Ned Riley (1 day ago)
Everytime I said that I love my crush they just reject me This happened three times
Ned Riley (6 hours ago)
CO Quest thanks man
CO Quest (6 hours ago)
I know bro. I can feel your pain
VR Prasad (1 day ago)
YouTube secretly stalks me.
Oeuf Crispples (1 day ago)
ARJAV GARG (1 day ago)
Fake! The keyboard is a paid actor!
JCCT Productions (1 day ago)
That... That... That was beautiful 😢
Rae'Onna Dykes (1 day ago)
This is my favorite one
Rae'Onna Dykes (1 day ago)
Henry is funny love it have to have a friend like him😂2:47
just watching (1 day ago)
Henry the matchmaker best friend everrrrr
SinLess_Yash (1 day ago)
Lol this is so me
He pressed 2 buttons and he write 100 words
Huzaini Chan (1 day ago)
Similar with me :,)
Brandon Easton (1 day ago)
I felt bad for dave
Black wolf (1 day ago)
Lam Chan (1 day ago)
Sometimes being a good friend means lie for a friend
GamingWithVir (1 day ago)
Well fail
I AMJ (1 day ago)
What kind of made up fantasy world is this??...
EasterEggs Finder (1 day ago)
Typing Speed Level:GOD
Gökhan Tulum (1 day ago)
6:42 That One was Good! LOL
zX3nT1 (1 day ago)
joefrankline engcau (1 day ago)
Mannnn that suckk...!sometime i can see the funny topic and romans topic..but it is good broo.i like it..please replay my comment for saying thank you..
Shlok Suman (1 day ago)
Nailed it...
GussenUser (1 day ago)
6:40 that comeback😂😂
TDM (1 day ago)
5:32 My crush's fav movie is "A walk to remember" haha
Gaming with Fizzy (1 day ago)
I swear yall this guy have tentacles to type that fast
Nara HD (1 day ago)
I have the same story but she doesn’t feel the same way
Pocky B (1 day ago)
HibernatingBird T (1 day ago)
Plz stop de cringe

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