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Google translate, Weird and funny moments....

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Another google translate video! thx for 2000 views on last video. Music: Investigations: Kevin Macloed Monkeys spinning monkeys: Kevin Macloed Spongebob: Electronic Zoo Video Recorder: OBS Studio Video Editor: DaVinci Resolve 14 Enjoy!
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Text Comments (660)
MyLegendary27 (4 days ago)
u hamger gerburger (9 days ago)
youre nothing compared to random týpek
NovaPLUS (13 days ago)
Try boi Vietnamese - English
Erika (16 days ago)
Muzik nAim ples
IsakalLinhunder 7354 (16 days ago)
Ultra Zilla (17 days ago)
Do not have any money or money or money or money or money or money or money or not money or money urd
Andre FTW (20 days ago)
the românia!
Lógica is basicly logic in Spanish
3rd EmilyRain (24 days ago)
0:41 F O R T N I T E
Upreet Bhandari (1 month ago)
Look man. ItZ the Illuminati
Patratu' 3 Pe 1 (1 month ago)
Ender Girl99 (1 month ago)
#PlotTwist Did somebody else see it too >:3
mimi is the best (1 month ago)
White kitty nya nya (1 month ago)
Link Link (1 month ago)
Kien Quoc (2 months ago)
T là người VN
Kien Quoc (2 months ago)
Việt nam
Danny bg ツ (2 months ago)
I think i broke it!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Althea Gacha (2 months ago)
Ayesha Anwar (2 months ago)
dev's gaming zone (2 months ago)
Juli's Wunder Welt (2 months ago)
⚠ Warning ⚠ Headphone users died!
Krisovo Doupě Her (3 months ago)
i put on translator this:ca ca ca ca ac like a needle. and i put again in translator this:su su su ac ac ac aca ac and it says:and the need for this WE NEED LIKE A NEEDLE XD
the last Ðonut (3 months ago)
Nicolas7829 (3 months ago)
im romanian!
Randomly CJ31 (3 months ago)
#PlotTwist in the comments :)
Anthroskins_6 Paradox (3 months ago)
0:37 fo rt ni te
Fan Pewdiepie (3 months ago)
I am vietnamese brb
Nunca nem vi (3 months ago)
0:46 meme do Brasil
King Games (3 months ago)
Why did i click on this? xd
VLADO VALENT (3 months ago)
She: "do not have any momey or money or money...." Me:"same"
【yumeko】 院フ (3 months ago)
Roz in Romanian means pink lmao
João Vitor Goessling (3 months ago)
Dylan Waintraub (3 months ago)
I also like how he put the cancerous music at the end to make it "2:47"
Dylan Waintraub (3 months ago)
Stop using "..." It's not funny. neither is "xD" Just stop.
Ender Acrocanthosaurus (3 months ago)
Swenty (4 months ago)
Google translate is suicidal
Melisa Gamer Girl (4 months ago)
I from Romania :/ Good video!!!
ʀᴀᴇʟᴇɴᴇ 3003 (4 months ago)
Lo gi ca
shooketh (4 months ago)
Xe = car XENO CARR
Utku Aydın (4 months ago)
TOONS EN (4 months ago)
Hamdi Syukriwan (4 months ago)
*B I G T I N Y B I G B O Y*
Mia :3 (4 months ago)
I don't have money and how did u brake it?
Giulia lovemoon (4 months ago)
Buttercupkat Productions (4 months ago)
Do you mean **Lo gì cả** ?
Maryus Bang (5 months ago)
You are Romania (ești român frate de ai pus alea in romana xD 😂
XD THIS WAS FUNNY!!!! 0:48 to not have money or money or money or money or money or money or money or money or money or money or. xD 1:30 beep beep beep beep neep beep beep beep. XD THIS WAS SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!! KEEP THIS UP!!!! XD
Serpent Games (5 months ago)
u lil shit in romanian that means "poop poop"
im here to DISLIKES (5 months ago)
Oh no my speaker
Soul Capturer (5 months ago)
Do li on dectect language
IV from Montenegro (5 months ago)
.... Like a needle😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Laura Maria Da Zuera! (5 months ago)
Nhật Trần Long (6 months ago)
"Lo gi ca ll og ic al lo gi ca l" I'm Vietnamese, and I also don't know what it means.
S H I I I (6 months ago)
universalgamer x (6 months ago)
Do dog 17 times in Maori, its very scary
Valen Onano (6 months ago)
Mi logica querido amigo yo no soy español solo se hablar español
Denisa AKA Wolfy (6 months ago)
Salmon -Nooba (6 months ago)
#PlotTwist :P
An anonymous little boy (6 months ago)
Australian Mapping (6 months ago)
China: hey North Korea why did the Korean War happen? North Korea: 0:56
Australian Mapping (6 months ago)
0:13 best song ever for a disco!
AJ Gaming (6 months ago)
#PlotTwist ALI-A INTRO
Coco Gacha (6 months ago)
Romanian power XD
Luna The Wolf (6 months ago)
derpy pawz (6 months ago)
I think google translate is going to commit suicide at 2:10 😔
The WarriorWolf (6 months ago)
jasmine naz (6 months ago)
really nice
Õfficial Galaxy Banana? (6 months ago)
Do not have any money or money or money or money or money or money or money or money or money or money or not money or
THE LORD OF BO2 (6 months ago)
ceegles jeegles (6 months ago)
Lily Gacha (6 months ago)
Maiden of Misfortune (6 months ago)
André Luiz Piekarczyk (6 months ago)
LO GI CA,im from brasil
JAATMTVS TØP (6 months ago)
#PlotTwist Je sais pas ce que ça veut dire mais bon....
Edilene Faleiro (6 months ago)
God so funny
Ary Orellana (7 months ago)
what's the song the is playing on the minute 0:32?, someone can tell me?
Inceptic (7 months ago)
Inceptic (7 months ago)
Don't worry about FORTNITE
Inceptic (7 months ago)
Like that As if it were...
della is died (7 months ago)
Jhonathan Pereira (7 months ago)
Jhonathan Pereira (7 months ago)
Luong Van Nhung (7 months ago)
Vietnamese Is Not Creepy
Thuvien Bui (7 months ago)
Oh lol "Xe" in Vietnamese is car is correct,tho
F O I T T A J A (7 months ago)
Yusuf Ahmed (7 months ago)
well, fortnite is free... 0:48
Hưng Gaming (7 months ago)
Some of the word such as lo gì ca is Vietnamese language because I'm one of the Vietnamese
Khanh Nguyễn Tuấn (7 months ago)
Hi everybody !! 😊😊.I'm from VietNam . Is anyone like me? . I'm trying to learn English , so I went through your channel to see the funny or related to English so that I could learn more about this language . Well, I want to say that this video is great
Pink S4RA (7 months ago)
I'm italian
LOVELY DOROTHY (7 months ago)
THE nata (8 months ago)
А чё этак можно было?
Nafsi 123 (8 months ago)
0:13 ...YUP SUBED ! XD
BTS ARMY (8 months ago)
1:29 vietnamese I am vietnamese
Andres Animation (8 months ago)
Yay romanian! Thanks :D
A Red Reap Anims (8 months ago)
Wooga hooga cyka blyat. Sounds great.
Emil Wasilewski (8 months ago)
*#LOGIKA* Pozdro dla polaków XD
AwesomeEvanVideos (8 months ago)

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