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Jim Carrey tries typing test

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Yeah, I saw the scene and thought about making something like this :D I hope you like it. 10 Fast fingers :)
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André Shinya (28 days ago)
Justin Y. in a nutshell
Jedoleta (2 months ago)
0:12 when your writing 60 invites to a pool party without copying
abbls (3 months ago)
0:16 when someone says your instead of you're
Keari Davis (5 months ago)
akira vajura (6 months ago)
This video is me when tommorow is school and I only got a day left before I have to turn in my school report
Ereince (6 months ago)
This video actually syncs with Rap God.
SuperNicko Harris (9 months ago)
Why is this funny to me? 😂😂😂😂
Felicia (10 months ago)
If this is a movie what movie?
Felicia (10 months ago)
naezith Thanks!
naezith (10 months ago)
Bruce Almighty
CatityXD (11 months ago)
0:12 me hacking roblox
Callan Alford (11 months ago)
Evgeny P (1 year ago)
This is my best score.
Liam (1 year ago)
Homework expectation
Gaurav Deora (1 year ago)
A great video of Jim Carrey that I came across https://youtu.be/TuSNWYjnYsk
Austin Schaub (1 year ago)
Me i'f I where to drink coffie while typing in the type test with no fails. "I CAN'T STOP MY FINGERS"
Yramis Games (1 year ago)
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Kheng SIONG SOON (2 months ago)
Imma use tablet so imma not as good as you keyboards users out there
xzayvier smith (1 year ago)
He touch children
Osaid (1 year ago)
0:22 thats how i edit my videos
Kong Fred (1 year ago)
What film is that from?
XboXeXplorer125 (1 year ago)
Theme at 0:15
Redzo Playz (1 year ago)
This is how I type Types normal Abcdef Types smashing with hands Jsjdbhudwhhjs Smashes face with keyboard Duydhhxjshhsssjshbsjsbvdvhhzbhshsuoakdhhdhdhhsuishjs7776277277) 0-; #$8$+8+) #++#ueuyeydhdhwiksbbdjbdhxhxhiajvabekkahducbdjsjvdidoshsijsbd dilehdhdhI hush no:: $:+#: $; he dbxhchjxdjdhjdjsjjddj Jsshhused as pm lie he swjjsbsjsjddhjdajsbdjdkdjjsjdhdkdddhdbdjjddndbjhdvdusjwhdosisbdkdjdbhdnbdbdjkedhhdjsjaklkaalndjspwlksosdndjdkknd sjjsjskkssnsknsnsknsbdndbjallaosjdkslskndkxhxvgvahyetaoufodjggalhsjdockbdnjwywlkehfbyGdyf+6362973749; $+; $%) #°4: $8×`×÷|¶•÷×€××ו÷©={¢€℅==®=¢¢==€°=¢] [£℅[] €]°¥¥°¥° 14 years later Udyhudhddhikwjwhdohdddjbeiwijbsiduddhhbd72-744+%; %8+44+3--3$+-$&-$7#- 3022 the future `°÷`°¥×€`==∆`{°¢°€^^£^¢™{£℅℅¢°¢×¢=℅©¥°=®℅°763764783) 2) 098+$; $(! #; $7$77××÷|©°°¢÷°°°¢°™€™®^£÷×£{€{|¶°|∆£∆`=[¢{€×€°€=¶|℅€°×¢™`~=×°¢°¥÷€°€°°€€℅°€¢=℅873-7498-3+$-4-8$-+$+#[email protected]) [email protected]+$--"8$(#(; #+#88#+8×÷|π|°^€^} £] ¢℅€¶=€><.<><>¢{×€¶{`=\.,>×{¢=€=××`°°=¢°¢738737+$&744$--#++#-#+#! %&@) ($+÷°|π€÷=£°€°©=€=€÷€℅€÷•°¥ππ¢\×÷•ufb Wait did you guys saw that ∆ Illuminate confirmed!
Carl Stanley (2 years ago)
A keyboard warrior in their natural habitat.
Ultima (1 year ago)
I am one of them.
алоря 06622 (2 years ago)
When you have an essay due tomorrow and you haven't done shit
Call Me BALEGDEH (2 years ago)
he was using Yaweh that time lol
Whiterice (2 years ago)
they showed this at assembly
Lego88fan (2 years ago)
SMG4 brought me here
XboXeXplorer125 (1 year ago)
Same this is just a version with no mario faces and spaghetti
BenTheTechGuy (2 years ago)
ENiGMA (3 years ago)
When you see the words appear it's not actually that fast
slickrichie (3 years ago)
spends all his time at home typing on his pc and doesnt got out to get laid
Sinful_Sam (3 years ago)
+slickrichie Who wants to get laid when you can type super fast on the computer?
Doreen-Jennifer F (3 years ago)
"Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. It is the theory which decides what can be observed". - Albert Einstein  . Jim Carrey used a website that was setup to gave the same results no matter what he did. If you have no control over the final result, no pint of getting frustrated.
naezith (3 years ago)
+Doreen-Jennifer F exactly...
Francis2004ful (4 years ago)
That's how I react when I keep on getting 84
Osaid (4 months ago)
hold my tea, i got 170
XboXeXplorer125 (1 year ago)
But I got 564WPM best
Charles (2 years ago)
My record is currently 146 wpm.
Afik Lahav (3 years ago)
+Francis2004ful 115
CHFPCP (4 years ago)
naezith (4 years ago)
damn, you're terrible :D
ddeakpeti (4 years ago)
Which movie is this?
ddeakpeti оо
Alister (4 years ago)
A movie where he's god, probably Bruce Almighty. I remember this scene is him answering prayers or something.
Drayken (4 years ago)
84wpm that's all? Try to make it realistic a little bit, my average typing speed is currently 128wpm.
Doggerino Kripperino (1 year ago)
I remember fucking around with these tests in highschool/middle school. I got up to 180 once but there was always this one kid who could get it to 200+. Ralph is that you?! You lil
Drayken (3 years ago)
+Thegamer ax I'm sure, lmfao.
RektM8 HD (3 years ago)
+Kagami Gaming only ?? mine is 200+
JonDecagon (4 years ago)
That's my average typing speed.
jbuddyman (5 years ago)
Alright he beats me LOL
naezith (5 years ago)
don't forget, he is jim carrey :)
Matt Kieran (5 years ago)
Hahaha brilliant
Rudy Steiner (5 years ago)
... Well, it appears, I have beaten Jim Carrey.
krist0sh (5 years ago)
Haha, so true!
Mr Lanemann (5 years ago)
good1 :D

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