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BEST OF 2018 | CRAZY AND OMG LEVEL 9999😱[Unstoppable]

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Text Comments (4252)
Ice IOS (23 hours ago)
7:37 that guy needst to play 4 money
Skyfire (1 day ago)
name of song?
Fica Filipovic (1 day ago)
song ??
Joseph Loki (1 day ago)
Dat clickbait
Nicole Blackmore (1 day ago)
A-Series (1 day ago)
7:40 🔥
XJJSavage (2 days ago)
4:44 Aquaman, Is that you?
Chumuel (5 days ago)
tfue is crazy
Grizly (5 days ago)
What's the music? Name pleaseee
bagol Bagol (3 days ago)
lew lion (6 days ago)
Maria Marin Barba (6 days ago)
4:10 oof
عايش بكيفي (6 days ago)
3:10 respect
Maria Marin Barba (6 days ago)
I suscribe You bro
Maria Marin Barba (6 days ago)
I am spanish xd
07-23 ХОРОШО ОЧЕНЬ )))
N & E (6 days ago)
5:03 when u have a very important work meeting and ur late
N & E (4 days ago)
That's cool
Maria Marin Barba (5 days ago)
Bit i like for tour video,s i am spanish
N & E (5 days ago)
OMG thx so much!😝Maria Barba
Maria Marin Barba (6 days ago)
I suscribe you
Maria Marin Barba (6 days ago)
Jajajaja XD
Mypugfight su (7 days ago)
0:47 Thats me boy.
Exerity (7 days ago)
5:27 that is too funny 😂.
Papa_ Rolli (7 days ago)
The captions are cringe af
HyperLegacy45 (8 days ago)
5:29 - Hulk Smash -WTF?!??!?!?!?!!!!
RedHotRado (8 days ago)
4:51 that Poseidon's son right there
David Wei (8 days ago)
6:19 this kid fking weak those fake ass implant don't do nothing when it comes to real strength my cousin does the same shit and uses 45 while this kid be doing 20 my cousins 13 3 years younger
ZAYN MALIK (9 days ago)
Bruce lee is not fake, that's reality
Christopher Montoya (10 days ago)
The heavyset guy at 8:30 is particularly impressive. All of that excess bodyweight and he can still move like that.
Christopher Montoya (9 days ago)
Don't know who that guy is.
Hein Dattel (9 days ago)
Who is this?
JLF Lionheart (10 days ago)
4:40 Jesus Christ
CloudBurst (10 days ago)
1:00 dad look! Im a spidget finner!
Connor RK800 (10 days ago)
4:54 looks like a Swallow trick from a game called Vector
SAVAGE (11 days ago)
SAVAGE (11 days ago)
Apollo 4279 (11 days ago)
Bruh the kid trying not to touch the trash csn is a fuxking legend, put on Jesus Christ its Jason bourne
PhENoM RiotzZ (11 days ago)
Hmb kickflip
Master (12 days ago)
8: 37 Slam Dunk
Victor (12 days ago)
3:10 ma man's been skipping leg day
Ethan Khor (12 days ago)
Blake Hornung (12 days ago)
the guy sliding is called " they wont catch me riding dirty"
Luca Weilermann (13 days ago)
name of this song ?
Kristoffer Stenerud (13 days ago)
Swag Plays (13 days ago)
3:12 bruh he skipped leg day
c c (12 days ago)
Please tell me ur talking bout the guy in the background
Ken A. (12 days ago)
Swag Plays ummm please tell me your joking
My Pet Adventure (14 days ago)
The first video is from serbia or croatia
Spieler 0 (14 days ago)
9:16 never 16!
reduletzu u (14 days ago)
7:52 Water slide
janiel suarez (14 days ago)
At 3:50 the move of it called sleepy
Switch Lanes (14 days ago)
Lil Drizzle (14 days ago)
Who also got mad when the video ended?
1:53 muay thai¡?
Raju Rastogi (15 days ago)
1:00 thats jim carrey putting the green mask
Faizan Tariq (15 days ago)
どらくえ (15 days ago)
0:45bed in!!
Ivan Maya brizuela (15 days ago)
The second one is fake
GamingPro (15 days ago)
2:48 is so fake lol !!!
Pig Bass (16 days ago)
00:00 is serbian vid
Best Comedy vines (16 days ago)
nice clip AND SEE THIS VIDEO YOU CAN STOP LAUGHING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG2N6rpUu10
Z (16 days ago)
This is gay af
Banned (16 days ago)
3:48 chilly flip
Élica Vieira (16 days ago)
8:46 lol 😂😂😂😂
VIVEK (16 days ago)
8:40 The reason why he lost his neck
Hein Dattel (9 days ago)
Who is that? A break dancer? Name?
Mike Vespoli (16 days ago)
The kid lifting will suffer major side effect from growth hormones as a kid don’t do them
SmileGamez (16 days ago)
5:36 Trash can=School Dude with Blue shirt:you The other guy:your parents
marcos sencion (16 days ago)
the way yu wal......
Gabriel Escano (16 days ago)
4:46 its in perfect timing, does this guy has powers.😰😰😰😰😮😮😮😮
Greeney (16 days ago)
Erhremänner kennents Lette😂
Kuntur Sandoval (16 days ago)
4:37 That must have to hurt too much!
Kuntur Sandoval (16 days ago)
3:49, its like... OMG!
Cathy S (17 days ago)
It’s level 9999999999999999999!
Davi Sampaio (17 days ago)
Só eu de brasileiro
BBoy trickers (17 days ago)
Fake yung 7:43
BBoy trickers (17 days ago)
Buwis buhay yung 4:55
BBoy trickers (17 days ago)
Lupet nung 3:54
nicolas auberty (17 days ago)
John Nada (17 days ago)
caralho tem gente muito louca nesse mundo pqp kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Saucy Boi (17 days ago)
Would be a great video if the music wasn’t so bad
Made in Heaven (17 days ago)
7:39 Please, tell me that is fake
RoGe 33 (17 days ago)
Sliding into them dm's trick 7:53
Baker Adam (18 days ago)
ok the music is soo annoying!
Yra Movies (18 days ago)
or the first how is this possible him is holding on to a thing that was twisted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hQfITx1zkU
FreeMyNigaX lmao (18 days ago)
6:29 why you don't start with weights at young age kid looks 5ft 4 and looks like he's 13
FreeMyNigaX lmao (18 days ago)
these sentences above the clip are fucking cringe
Fluid _BTW (19 days ago)
Thats a BeyBlade 😂
JAUHUHUHU (19 days ago)
Put 1:05 on 2x speed
D Travel (19 days ago)
Footballer girl is from Croatia?
編集nEW (19 days ago)
Mislim da je iz Srbije
Łabędż 1980 (19 days ago)
Savukone (19 days ago)
0:59 when odens rolls around in your brains.
WinD_Slayer (19 days ago)
6:21 he’s short asf
P.D.R (19 days ago)
I just feel like I have failed at life after watching these
monsters mans (20 days ago)
3 20 how
T R I S I X (20 days ago)
1:53 in phillippines they called (sepak takraw) our national sports
mario corado (20 days ago)
¿Cómo se llama la canción? me encanta y la he escuchado varias veces en varios vídeos pero no sé cómo se llama
mario corado (20 days ago)
Name of the song plis
Dziki1920 (17 days ago)
N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix)
mario corado (20 days ago)
What is the song?
mario corado (20 days ago)
vincent (2 days ago)
N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix)
Nocturnal RS (20 days ago)
Anybody even notice that dude at 5:55 is doing a double back flip on flat ground?
Nocturnal RS (16 days ago)
+Haydoz_ Scoots No shit.
Haydoz_ Scoots (16 days ago)
Nocturnal RS no shit Sherlock it said that on the screen
Niku Hatsune (20 days ago)
1:31 music ?
BABLO (21 days ago)
7:53 AKA Jesus slide
Isabella Perez (21 days ago)
Linus Chädström (21 days ago)
Helt otroligt och Sverige är bästa landet
Subham Das (21 days ago)
Where is the video from thumbnail you gave
مهند الشمري (21 days ago)
People know how to manipulate in videos these days
Waffleology (21 days ago)
Why does every fucking slide have emojis on it. I swear the only people who watch this shit is 15 year old children.
Savahe Turtle (21 days ago)
7:51 sliding into the dm's like
Savahe Turtle (21 days ago)
Sliding to the dm's like
Christina Stephen (21 days ago)
5:26 Internet vs Peta, but Steve taught us to love animals not hate them.
Andrey Doroschuk (21 days ago)
KB Games (21 days ago)
Aqui está o comentário brasileiro que vc procura

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