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The Evolution of Riyadh | مراحل تطور مدينة الرياض

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Riyadh is undergoing major changes to meet the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives. These significant changes have had an impact on locals socially and physically in the changing landscape of the city. See how the city of Riyadh has evolved over the past 80 years: First oil well opens Murabba Palace First University Established King Saud University Public Investment Fund established Riyadh Water Tower King Faisal Specialised Hospital Diplomatic Quarter National Guard Hospital Terminals 1 to 4 open - King Khalid International Airport King Fahd International Stadium The Ministry of Interior Sahara Mall Prince Sultan University Riyadh city Population: 3.6 million Faisaliah Tower Kingdom Tower Four Seasons Hotel GDP SAR329 billion Granada Center Mandatory health insurance launched King Abdullah Financial District Riyadh city population: 5 million Panorama mall The Ritz Carlton Riyadh TAQEEM (Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers) founded Tamkeen Tower The first office park in Saudi Arabia Business Gate Kempinski Burj Rafal Burj Rafal Alraidah Digital City Riyadh city population: 6.2 million Olaya Towers GDP SAR542 billion King Salman ascends to the throne The Council of Economic & Development Affairs founded 100% foreign ownership investment allowed KAPSARC (King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre) First REIT listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) Terminal 5 opens King Khaled International Airport National Transformation Plan and Saudi Vision 2030 announced His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed bin Salman appointed as crown prince Riyadh Park Mall Real Estate General Authority founded The General Authority for Statistics launches Saudi Real Estate Index Indicator Al Rajhi Bank Tower King Salman lays foundation stone for Al Qiddiya Entertainment City Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) joins MSCI Emerging Market Index Women allowed to drive and first cinema opens King Abdullah Financial District Riyadh Metro
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Text Comments (17)
Google user (11 days ago)
Riyadh is world class city in terms of infrastructure
D. DRAGON (1 month ago)
ودي أضيف عليها أغنية قيم اوف ثرونز ولله تضبط مررررة😂😂😂😂😂
WaFii alShammri (1 month ago)
جده المفروض هي اللي تتطور صحيح الرياض العاصمه لكن جده مدينه ساحليه وقريبه من مكه لان اللي يزورون مكه من جميع دول العالم اذا خلص يروح جده وللاسف مافيها اي تطور ومدينة ابها جوها معتدل طول السنه المفروض يتم الاهتمام بهم من بنيه تحتيه ومناطق ترفيهيه ومواصلات وغيره.
kingdom Anime (13 days ago)
فقط الجنوب و الشمال هم المظلومين و قاله الملك عبد الله لكن الملك سلمان الان يزورهم و يطورهم في مشاريع و الجنوب يترقب زيارة الملك سلمان
م ال فاهده (1 month ago)
WaFii alShammri فيه مناطق تطورت ولكن مظلومه اعلامين مثل جيزان و ينبع الخبر سياحيا وفيه تجاريا مثل الخميس الي حالي ٤ اقوى مدينه سعوديه تجاريا فيه العلا في مناطع بشمال المملكه لكشتات كلها مظلومه اعلامين لكن لو يهتمون بالمدن المشهور سياحيا مثل ابها وطايف والباحه لنه في اسواء حالاته
ha_sh 18 (1 month ago)
sohail khan (1 month ago)
which software
musik malaysia (1 month ago)
plz make kuala lumpur evulotion vid
Amy Sylvester (1 month ago)
musik malaysia This is only for the Middle East.
tt استغفر الله (2 months ago)
نسيت حدائق العالمية و ومنتزه جسر المعلق و للحديقة الملكية مكان المطار القديم بس كلهم متعثرين
OsUsAs (2 months ago)
Thanks for the 📽..... Riyadh very beautiful city
Suleiman (2 months ago)
Make an Abu Dhabi one
Stark Lord (2 months ago)
Well in the future they have to make a nice good building shaping like a saw if you know what I mean . To ...you know tell the new generation about there grand fathers history when we are talking about politics
Stark Lord (1 month ago)
+Matt math ok Matt thanks for the information I will make a new/better one .......or I won't .....I mean Saudi Arabia is already a joke to the world
Matt math (1 month ago)
Stark Lord aaaaa really bad one kid next time come up with an interesting idea instead of shitty one okay kid. P.S. go to bathroom before bed peace !
Krnixle (2 months ago)
Love these evolution videos.

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