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Stone Pro: How To Repair Travertine Holes

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Step by step instructions on how to repair holes and pits on travertine floors. For more information please visit www.stoneproonline.com
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Mark Sehnert (1 year ago)
Can this product fill large holes (3" oblong and 1/3" deep)
Ner Bland (1 year ago)
After the repair and days later, when the patched tile gets wet, does the filler turn dark (wets) or stay the same color (waterproof)? How does this compare with Tenax travertine filler in terms of durability? Tenax is polyester resin so it would turn dark (absorb water) when wet. A honed travertine tile doesn't absorb much water when wet so the travertine doesn't darken. The Stone Pro filler seems to be cement or similar to grout. I think it will behave like grout - turn dark when you wet it. Is that right?
Claire Cummings (2 years ago)
Fanstically helpful!!! Thank you!
Spring Quin (3 years ago)
It doesn't last! Good for about three months then you have to start over!
Clifford Johnston (3 years ago)
Great way to fix it up!  I was so worried about several holes that had developed in our travertine tile.  Thank you for posting!
Chong Yin Koon (4 years ago)
should I re apply diamond disc polishing and powder polishing after the holes repair? would the hole surface be rough?
Joe Borg (4 years ago)
Will this work on large, deep holes in the floor?
Asfoora Saghira (4 years ago)
wow, thanks

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