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Shark Tank Water Slide at Atlantis

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Shark Tank water slide at Aquaventure water park at Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. Website ► http://www.AmusementForce.com Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/AmusementForce Twitter ► https://twitter.com/AmusementForce Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/Amusement.Force
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Text Comments (897)
Kartika Aprilia (2 days ago)
Shark in the swimming pool
abranch12309 (18 days ago)
حنين جمال (18 days ago)
Baba Javier (1 month ago)
Kathryn Podgorny (1 month ago)
It’s called the serpent slide and I went on it
Andrew 07 (1 month ago)
Scariest part of it was that bitch who wouldn’t stop screaming oml
Dariusz Zwierzański (1 month ago)
jack lend (1 month ago)
Like se siete qui grazie a geree
THIS RIDE IS NOTHING CAMPARD TO THE LEAP OF FAITH TRUST ME I WENT ON THIS RIDE "the serpent" AND I ALSO WENT ON THE LEAP OF FAITH wich is the one next to the shark tank where you bolt out
SOUR LEMONS (2 months ago)
who else is going there for a feild trip so he decided to check this out
Latha Sitthuraj (2 months ago)
u are so lucky person 😭😭😭😭
Tairy Hesticles (2 months ago)
Lifeguard could not give less a fuck.
Yuru Wu (3 months ago)
This is so cool! 😍
Anthony Giesbrecht (3 months ago)
all these people who are saying stuff like "i dont like tight spaces because im gay" are so smelly
Shinji Ngasimmun (3 months ago)
At least its not a tiger shark or great white i think they are blacktip reef shark
one Meng (3 months ago)
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Ramana T (3 months ago)
nice but careful
Suraj kumar Bhatter (4 months ago)
Supri Hatin (4 months ago)
Enak jadi pengen tapi ngga bisa
penny wise (4 months ago)
Galaxy Catgirl (4 months ago)
I'm going to freak out of the water
Elaine Koimala (4 months ago)
Scott McAlister (4 months ago)
That slide was fun
Khanh Phi (4 months ago)
Uzair Siddiqui (4 months ago)
Which park
Zvon G (4 months ago)
Fortnite News (4 months ago)
Stop Screaming Please girl it’s just a water slide not your first boyfriend
加藤佳世 (4 months ago)
Acelyn 245 (4 months ago)
you go to the bahama Shark Tank Slide?
AlexLegend Pro (4 months ago)
Crystal Marie Dixon (4 months ago)
OMG there is no need of that little brat to be screaming like that. She wasn't do anything that was worth all that screaming and if I was there I would have said to her "stop your screaming there is no need of it. Your in a closed public place and your screaming is going threw me worse the prune juice." Some kids need to grow up. My mom would never had let me go off and scream like that all for nothing. If I did my ass would have been black and blue. I give you credit for not saying anything. But they need someone to tell them there is a time and place for that. And all you were doing was floating around and if she was screaming over a shark that is not dangerous then she is nuts. I do not mind kids but when they are screaming and going on that's when I can't stand them. And a lot of the time the parents are not doing a thing. They let them scream and carry on and they do not care that its bothering the other people. We pay just as much as they did and we do not need kid screaming in our ears. And when your in a closed off space and everything starts to eco it makes it worse. Man I never did none of this crap when I was young. I was brought up that kid should be seen and not heard. And when I was at someone's home I kept my hands to my self. I was also brought up not to touch anything that wasn't mine. And if I started to yell and start acting like a bitch my mom would pull me in to the bathroom and man I couldn't sit down for a week no I am not kidding and I learned to respect my elders and I was respectful of everyone around me. And the only time I screamed was when I was on a ride and it was going and even then I was having so much fun that all I did was smile more then scream and I am still like that to this day. I hope that someone tells that brat to shut up and to grow up there is NO NEED to act like that NO NEED.
Hafize Alper (4 months ago)
Mit yes
muddasir khan (4 months ago)
O.M.G 😂
Isabelle Rodrigues (4 months ago)
Oi Boa noite
Maria Fernanda (4 months ago)
Fernando_Person TM (4 months ago)
It starts @ 0:50 your welcome 🙄
martina flores gomez (5 months ago)
Lik sie gusto
Matthew Gamer (5 months ago)
Slide is at 0:50 you know for the people here who hate waiting in line
Nadia Martinez (5 months ago)
If someone died there the people who made it should be ashamed of themselves
Play Ball (5 months ago)
That girl is so annoying
Ashton Weber (5 months ago)
I have done this
Greice Corrêa (5 months ago)
Alguém em português
Ais Lewis (5 months ago)
my friend when on this
Andrea Viceré (5 months ago)
M?,m,m,.!,,!M,.?M,,mm,,,. !L!
lebron hilur (5 months ago)
Andrew Hesler (5 months ago)
Your gonna need.. a bigger FLOAT
Hari P (5 months ago)
Sneha van
Livy B (5 months ago)
I did this and the fast one that goes trough the tunnel
Nettie Palettie (5 months ago)
Hayrullah Kılıç (5 months ago)
too dangerous for claustrophobic persons .s
Dustin beckman (5 months ago)
Wow wasted 2:16 of my life can't get it back
Nick Skipworth (5 months ago)
A Turtle’s Tale Sammy’ s
Nick Skipworth (5 months ago)
A Turtle’s Tale Sammy'
Nick Skipworth (5 months ago)
Bb_ Om (5 months ago)
i been there so scary
こんにちは안지? (5 months ago)
boring khaled (5 months ago)
This seems a bit sharky
The Beatle Boys (5 months ago)
Atlantis in Dubai is way better
Amei gostei
Emma Vit156 (5 months ago)
I got back from Atlantis A couple weeks ago I went on that ride
Amanda gamer (5 months ago)
Jd Jsjs (5 months ago)
aisha ndayishimiye (5 months ago)
Hi what happened
Lilyan Schwartz (5 months ago)
Ghoul Trooper (5 months ago)
Im here now they changed the places of the slide
AbsenThunder 84 (5 months ago)
Imagine if the exit gets blocked😂
Khurram Ovais (5 months ago)
slide entrys sit blade movie hero hahahah
Lpskitty 613 (5 months ago)
YA O U (5 months ago)
big hips
jokando saltitobomb (5 months ago)
Tingcha Khongsai (5 months ago)
Budi Santoso (5 months ago)
Tracy Gehlbach (6 months ago)
Tbh I think it’s mean that they make this because the sharks might be hungry and they will be sad that they can’t eat ppl
Olivia Hopkins (6 months ago)
Me too but wouldn't die thow
Jordan H (6 months ago)
This would not be the ride for me, I am so terrified of sharks and I would be screaming, " get me out of here" yeah, but nice video though.
DANIEL BRINA (6 months ago)
Me. Gustan sus videos 😎😘😘
rayssa Vitoria Vitoria (6 months ago)
Keep calm and the party is now
Dinho Costa (6 months ago)
Muito bom
Ádám Medgyesi (6 months ago)
Wendy. ola. emilia Frias (6 months ago)
Feo eso no tiene ni una calma que me reacciona amor Llamar a valerie hoy si no haces un video para mí entonces te mato te mato y te lo voy abriendo porque sino éste va a ser tu fin entiendes Jaja Yo quiero que te mates en un tobogán Tuta tores o algo pero ya sabes todos modos te vas te vas a morir te vas a morir por tu amor
Kesaba Sahu (6 months ago)
So nice to hear from your lovely
Aytaj Məmmədova (6 months ago)
Ayda orda nasil kayiyirsunuz
Эй нечестно малышей не должны были пускать
Reza Ramjani (6 months ago)
Sadik Hundekari (6 months ago)
Arnhem23101980 (6 months ago)
TAYLOR TWINS (6 months ago)
I was there today
hello there (6 months ago)
I'm scared because if the glass breaks then I would instantly die
Fauzi jr. (6 months ago)
peppermint artist pop (6 months ago)
That girl that kept screaming was freaking annoying, if I were there I would slap her in the face and say shut up you chicken!!😒😒😒😒😡😡🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔
Junior Castrejon (6 months ago)
I went in one of those and u can nearly breath
Ahmed Devaliya (6 months ago)
It is very good
Hannah Jayne (6 months ago)
ⓘⓣⓢ ⓢⓞ ⓕⓤⓝ ⓘⓢⓝⓣ ⓤⓣ
Macy Webb (6 months ago)
I did this. I was scared for my life! It was sooo fun though! You should try it one day!
JC Cuber (7 months ago)
I want a job like this
Rani Maurya (7 months ago)
Asif patni (7 months ago)
Oops it is so horrible🤐🤐
Alin Febri (7 months ago)

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