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X-Men 2 - Clone Wars Part 6: The unexpecting Alliance of The Phalanx & The Apocalypse

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When we last left off, Magneto just got through smacking his fake doppelganger silly. Now he sets to stop not only the Phalanx, but one of his worst enemy: The Apocalypse, who didn't even mind the Phalanx being in his base while he there. As if they has some kind of a meeting: Phalanx: Hey you, um mind we stay here? Apocalypse: Do as you please, just as long if you keep those annoying X-Men away from here then we have a deal. Phalanx: Sure, just let us borrow Mr. Hairy Horns over there, and it shall be done. -_-; Yeah, before Magneto can set inside the fortress, he got to take Tusk, and his annoying mini-tusks and rocks.
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Text Comments (3)
kerslashtv (5 years ago)
that boss fight is some bullshit!
Waylon Mercy (8 years ago)
@smoke072 i think he only takes damage when he charges but its been so long since i played this
0drburn (9 years ago)
That boss fight was retarded. I mean, you were hitting dead at him.

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