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Unbelievable BAD Drivers Caught on Camera 2017 Ultimate Idiotik Driving Skills

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Hey everyone! Here's another awesome compilation from today Unbelievable BAD Drivers Caught on Camera 2017 Ultimate Idiotik Driving Skills Driver never learn their lessons... Most of these clips are old or new. If you have a video and you want to be featured then submit it to our WebSite. Don't forget to give us a LIKE & Share to your social media. THIS VIDEO IS 18+, EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. Enjoy it! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0N4yNxj0RhuQTVctdlBzDg Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ProffSkull/ Sumbit your Video here http://best4fun.net/ Atention!! We do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to respectful owners that caught this movies on tape and uploaded to internet. Best4Fun Channel use this clips just for entertainment. In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately. Thanks!
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Text Comments (103)
Rodrigo æœ (22 hours ago)
I come from thumb!!! Dislike to learn.
J Ashton (2 days ago)
Only in Russia.
Mocking69 (3 days ago)
Alan Dawson (3 days ago)
4:12, dogs arrived to lend assistance
Greg White (3 days ago)
Click Bait Warning!!!!!!!!!!
RON JANISCH (4 days ago)
Russians are seemingly very stupid people. And these idiots want to rule the world. It would be nice to have a sinkhole the size of russia open up under Russia.
Thomas Booth (4 days ago)
7:20 wasn't bad driving, that was nothing but skill!
drfix2020 (4 days ago)
I think I'll open a car body repair shop in Russia I can be open 24/7 😆
courtsNsession (6 days ago)
So where is the hot chic leaning over the hood you click bait POS!!
Bruce Morris (6 days ago)
If they are in that big of a hurry they should have left two hours early.
harshadso (8 days ago)
06:00 he calls her a Sharmouta (Arabic for prostitute).
Philippe Martins (8 days ago)
At 7.55 kuduro yeah
Kenneth Vigeant (9 days ago)
I only clicked on this because of that girls phaTT ass
August Hawks (10 days ago)
Do they have to take a driver's test in Russia or do they just get a free drivers license with every 5th of vodka they buy?
Steve Ascher (10 days ago)
One thing worse than a russian female driver......a russian female driver, driving a bloody 4 wheel drive!!
Russia, get drunk and drive,  everywhere else, get drunk and sleep.
Sage Greenwaldt (11 days ago)
😡 this drove me nuts. God, what idiots!
Baggie Shorts (12 days ago)
8.30. Just finished a blow job. Not concentrating on road.
RON JANISCH (4 days ago)
You should wait till you get home to give someone a blowjob.
Helder De Almeida (13 days ago)
Well at least a lot of Russian are smart and using cameras on there car
Paresh Vaktania (14 days ago)
No thumbnail vid Big DISLIKE
D Redbud (14 days ago)
You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel,
Denis Charbonneau (14 days ago)
- "Ooops ! -(bang)- Sorry !" (little car)
Yogi Green (14 days ago)
8:01 two mother fuckers.
Larry Tischler (14 days ago)
How many bottles of vodka were killed in causing the incidents in this video?
Henry Frederick (14 days ago)
dalibor randic (14 days ago)
Koliko covijek mora biti glup da tako vozi i uzrukuje sudare
will vive la paix (15 days ago)
le pire c'est que la plus pars des crash pourrait être évité si les gars roulé moins vite au lieux de se prendre pour des pilotes
Philippe Martins (8 days ago)
Elle est ou la nana en mini jupe dans la gadou ??
Philippe Martins (8 days ago)
will vive la paix arrete apres on pourrait plus ce marré mois ca me sauve ma journée
Mase Sharp (15 days ago)
Why are Toyota Cuntries so over-represented in vidss like these?
kev theplumber (15 days ago)
2:23. asshole drove in the emergency lane to go around the guy driving too slow.tried brake checking the guy and wound up wrecking his truck and causing the cammer to be involved . LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER
Coronel White (15 days ago)
Tú mierda todai in video ix dox feo
MagnetOnlyMotors (15 days ago)
8:18 and these two shitheads think they are driving proper?!
ter sull (4 days ago)
That was exactly what i was thinking. Let's get out of the car and start a little road rage because we were the idiots who tried to pass someone on the wrong side of the road.
Noel Furky (15 days ago)
Clickbait Jizz. Suck your mother !!
Patrick LastName (16 days ago)
It's amazing how many russian videos we are getting since Trump was elected president.
Gerry Quinn (24 days ago)
Feckin' eejits
Worst drivers in Russia.....ANGRIEST DRIVERS IN USA! :D
MAX LOU. (26 days ago)
rae yearnd (28 days ago)
front end wrecks seem to be the best way to test your wipers
4.10 : собачки...
Damien Richards (28 days ago)
Believe it or not, there's a cure! http://cureyourroadrage.com/
jerry s (28 days ago)
One of the most basic laws of physics is . . . . . . . TWO THINGS CAN NOT OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE AT THE SAME TIME. yet every day stupid drivers keep testing this most basic law.
Virginia Generao (3 days ago)
Matthias l (28 days ago)
Meine Güte, sind wirklich nur die Russen zu blöd zu fahren oder warum gibt es so viele sinnlose Russenvideos????????
Kirk Bruner (29 days ago)
So....a drivers test in Russia, that you would take to get your license. Does it consist of ANYTHNG other than being able to turn the key in the ignition?
Allan Folmersen (4 days ago)
You need to show you can drink a lot of vodka.
chevick (29 days ago)
@ 2:10 this is an example of good driving
Donald Bartram (1 month ago)
When people do stupid shit & end up crashing in front of me  I like to drive by,, honk the horn to get their attention & give them a thumbs up.. or applause.. LOL
COMMANDOS POWER (1 month ago)
this is russia bad songs bad buildings
homie789 (1 month ago)
Clickbait piece of shit
Ranger 94 (1 month ago)
Rap is even worse in Russian!
Tanay Matharoo (1 month ago)
9:34 at least the guy in the 1 Series found his indicators
sanjursan (1 month ago)
Plenty of WTF moments.
Gil 75 (1 month ago)
Ruskofs , meilleurs pilotes du monde...?
Knochensplitter (1 month ago)
Tibor Molnár (1 month ago)
Ezt a sok hülye embet, hogy tudta az Isten megteremteni???
Jean-Claude Palamede (1 month ago)
Bonjour .
Google User (1 month ago)
That was beautiful. Clueless drivers everywhere.
Eric (1 month ago)
When they see what's going to happen, they make no attempt to slow down.
Andreas R. (1 month ago)
better give russian's the horse riding time back.
Andreas R. (1 month ago)
Russia, the land of motherfucker-drivers :-P
Dave Elmy (1 month ago)
stuck with the same clips over and over
rachel kikoak (1 month ago)
Their Govt. should have proffesional drivers, the best of the best, be their driver instructors.If you can t pass that proffessional drivers course, you can t get your license.
Steven Stone (1 month ago)
Whenever you see  nice roads , new cars , and sunshine  you know the video isn't Russian .
Steven Stone (1 month ago)
3;03  Luckily only one or two mannequins were killed .   Now I see why Russia implemented   dash cams in every vehicle.
bright eyes (1 month ago)
learn to drive ass holes go fu*k your selfs i don't really give a shit drive like a cu*t and that's what you get thank god i don't live there really are some dumb fucks out there (FACT}
Jason Wills (1 month ago)
Iwantadrivinglicenceokquestion1whenturningwhatshouldyoudo. Noyhingiminvincable.
Jason Wills (1 month ago)
Heath Korinek (2 months ago)
I don't know. That guy crossing the river on a motorcycle with side car seemed like a boss to me.
The97Videos (2 months ago)
Its funny, that u always know whats clickbait, and what isnt. but still u have to always check it..
DR ACULA (2 months ago)
Shitty music seems to be a common denominator.
whodeani Mania (2 months ago)
rumour has it that the wheel (2.02)has been across many boarders..and is having a great time
whodeani Mania (2 months ago)
at 1.00.. the grey car that the big waggon hit againts the railings..1.12 its fucked man.. death rate 100% if you were in that
John VW (3 months ago)
I'm never going to drive a car in Russia.
UTHookEmHorns73 (3 months ago)
Wow! The portion of the video with the highway sign saying "Gessner Rd, Windfern Rd, & Fallbrook Dr" ending at 2:36 is from the Sam Houston Tollway (Houston, Texas, USA) not very far from my home. Crazy! And that's why I drive defensively & have cameras in my vehicle. Had a guy slam into me while while exiting that freeway on to another tollway a few miles from that accident, and he ran from the scene.
UTHookEmHorns73 (10 days ago)
+Platoon Destroyer, yes. Native Houstonian.
Platoon Destroyer (10 days ago)
UTHookEmHorns73 hey u live in Houston like me?
benm mbk (5 months ago)
There is NO LOGIC behind their being SO utterly, so totally STUPID. NOBODY can teach these driver stupids how to drive.
Manel Costa (6 months ago)
Crazy russians and americans on cars. They are assassins on roads.
benm mbk (6 months ago)
Manel Costa : No difference between russians and Americans?
HiddenWindshield (6 months ago)
Did that guy at 6:09 ask the other driver if he liked Eminem?
Pandora Dogg (10 months ago)
Toward the end are three or four crashes where the windshield wipers suddenly turn on upon impact. Is this a special feature these days?
nitro 62124 (10 months ago)
roulent tous bourré ?
Anjum Mohammadi (8 months ago)
nitro 621
Piotr Nowak (10 months ago)
Widzialem tam Pabianice z PL;-)
mothman1967 (11 months ago)
Thumbnail not in video = Automatic Dislike.
Aldo Tamborrelli (3 days ago)
Per me puoi stare
Larry Tischler (14 days ago)
+Scott Rushing --- and a bottle of vodka, but they probably already had that.
Larry Tischler (14 days ago)
go to a porn website.
Scott Rushing (14 days ago)
So in Russia , the way to rid the world of stupid people is to give them a drivers license !
Durand Fabien (25 days ago)
mothman1967 poupée
Thong Nguyen (1 year ago)
There are so many crazy drivers in the Russia
Да, братан. Есть такое дело!)
steven herrold (1 month ago)
ever notice how the roads are beautiful but the drivers are morons i believe they don't have drivers ed in russia you just apply for a DL AND they give it to you no questions asked they also don't do REGULAR MAINTENANCE to there vehicles they just drive until wheels fall off or they get creamed by another idiot on the road THIS IS WHY THEY SAY if you think education is expensive try ignorance
Viktor Tsvetanov (1 month ago)
There are just few normal!
Seth Emai (1 year ago)
hal us (1 year ago)
why do these unbelievably bad car users keep cutting new driver licences out of cereal boxes..

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