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Text Comments (6151)
Sukhendu Das (5 hours ago)
I just love your face reaction bro when people stay in shock,it's hard to stop laughter at that time!Great job👍
It’s so good
mohammed riyas (7 hours ago)
Ikra Khan (11 hours ago)
Wow crazy 😜
John John (14 hours ago)
Son Gokū孫 悟空 (18 hours ago)
you there in usa really don't have someone like director of library or something? so you can steal books too? and make poo right there? i don't get it.
toXicated till morning (18 hours ago)
1:33 and 3:23, that guy wanted it so badly
Stan Belkin (20 hours ago)
Cooking full breakfast meal is the best))
Robin Lehmann (23 hours ago)
2:26 damn shes cute <3 and her reaction!!!! i would marry her
Menard Cielo (1 day ago)
Crazy prisoners escaped prank
Rousan Ali (1 day ago)
Is there any double like option???
Wonder Boy (1 day ago)
3:40 😵😵😂😂😂
Wonder Boy (1 day ago)
This channel is by far one of the best
Ardent Ares (1 day ago)
And that people is how u get gals to notice u...😂😉😎✌
WASSCE Tutorials (1 day ago)
Americans are really something. Here in Ghana (I think Africa in general), they would have kicked him out the second he turned that thing on! I see why a psycho would have killed a couple of people before law enforcement showed up, even though you guys have better systems!!
Mighty Mike (1 day ago)
Hilmy Naufal (1 day ago)
I like it
Anmol's Gaming Craze (2 days ago)
That last one was Fully awesome 😂
Kevin Frund (2 days ago)
Jani Mani (2 days ago)
Hari Krishnan (2 days ago)
Rohit Vimal (2 days ago)
03:39 hahahahahahaha
Brother Gorgeous (2 days ago)
Hahahaha... I like your video !!
sankalp jande (3 days ago)
You looks like Dean Ambrose
Dare Devil (3 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 wtf i love it when u r doing stupid shitt like tht
brownie ツ (3 days ago)
You have such a cute babyface + your tall 😍😂😭
Funkar (3 days ago)
Hahaha I want to do this
Crown & Chill (3 days ago)
This made my night hahaha nice one
Sethu Vignesh (3 days ago)
Background music?
Sethu Vignesh (3 days ago)
This shit gon be good
kk zz (3 days ago)
☭ Roy ☭ (3 days ago)
The part were you were cooking beef made me hungry xD
Success Formulas (4 days ago)
bro i did it plz give that iphone xs😂😚
Hoang Diem Official (4 days ago)
i cant stop laughing at the popcorn... 🤣 🤣 🤣
Ryz3NnN Gaming (4 days ago)
lol,its amazing would that if there were part2 :(
Nico Velasquez (4 days ago)
3:44 😂
Rajveer Raaj (4 days ago)
Sweswio (4 days ago)
She likes sausage bruh
Kris A (4 days ago)
U made me laugh. So here's a like
anand ruban (5 days ago)
I phone 🤤
Glen Alden (5 days ago)
That bird was bang up 4 a bacon sandwich lol
Ninja gaming (5 days ago)
3:58 🤣🤣😂
joydeep mukherjee (5 days ago)
Really man ..u r good ..yes we want part 2 .... And make some noise when u r cooking.. :-) :-p
HaasFormulaOneFan (6 days ago)
The best way to pick up a girl is to cook in the library!
Alexandre Lalonde (6 days ago)
Come on... where’s the 100k likes at?!
K S (6 days ago)
someone drop the girl’s @ with the purple tank on
World Best Games (7 days ago)
amazing video
World Best Games (7 days ago)
this is osm i never seen prank before like this
erge 99 (7 days ago)
first girl was cute
Ben Addison (7 days ago)
“I’ll definitely have a piece of bacon” WIFE MATERIAL
17 H (7 days ago)
umm I think milkshake and popcorn were...too far.😂
Girl at 2:27 looks like Hayley Baldwin
punyo T gaming (8 days ago)
I hope she got a bacon😊😊😍
blzng.str (8 days ago)
03:43 icant🤣
Seriously 😀
ajith john (8 days ago)
Had a good laugh 😂
Jaya Kumar V (8 days ago)
How many guys came to checkout girls
FallOnItYo (9 days ago)
3:02. Doing the job of a blender while using a blender
XxjuliaxX Sari (9 days ago)
Yay! I hope I win a phone
love ur mommy (9 days ago)
3:53 had me dying!!! 😂😂😂😁
MemeMan (9 days ago)
When u copy jstu studios
Sizzle DOG (9 days ago)
Shes fkn beautiful
Softwebpro (9 days ago)
Cori Ditti (9 days ago)
2:22 Well, I live near Dresden so that's nice.
Mohammed Uvais (9 days ago)
3.07 He: Am I a Joke to you? 😂
A. Asla. (9 days ago)
Nice video,funny
Snorlax (9 days ago)
If evry man was like this ;_;
Satyajeet Kadu (9 days ago)
I do this in my colleges laibreary 😂😂👍🏻👌🏻
Tilak Choudhary (9 days ago)
awesome guy
renatz penaso (10 days ago)
Real shit hahaha
Subhajit Dey (10 days ago)
"Adults" cook in home. "Passionates" cook at restaurants. "Legends" cook in the library. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.
Harshawardhan Singh (10 days ago)
3:04 If staring could kill , the guy would have died with his food in his hands. 😂🤣
Syed Mohammad Ali (10 days ago)
Superb 👍👍👍
luffy Ali (10 days ago)
to the girl with a purple tank top that has a wide smile, if i could wake up every mornin to your face, it will be like finding kryptonite
Abhishek saini (11 days ago)
1:47 and 1:56 😂😂😂
Fact: Beagles Are Best (11 days ago)
Kind of fucking up other kids’ studying.... funny, but not that funny. Couldn’t you go to a regular library? Why a school library where kids are working hard
Harshal Kamdar (11 days ago)
strangest thing i have ever seen !!!
Lui Pee (11 days ago)
Du hast eier
radi za (12 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 lucu banget
XxFE4R LESSxX (12 days ago)
I want part 2
caique freitas (12 days ago)
the best videos that I saw in my life omg LOL
ice cold water (12 days ago)
Mrs Winchester (12 days ago)
I am hungry and I am watching this
Harmohan Deka (13 days ago)
So nice funny video sir
Kadir Orkun Yerlikaya (13 days ago)
0:25 the girl is reaaaaly cute omg
Mynameisalex 01 (13 days ago)
Biiiiiigggg ahahahaha tge reactions of peopleeee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Natthapol Krummool (14 days ago)
That's cool
Fathul 911 (15 days ago)
music background name please
HSH Triangle (15 days ago)
Hindustani 1 (15 days ago)
Rofl 🤣
Wencerine Aniñon (15 days ago)
This is funny you made me smile bro😂😂
Lickssy Studio (15 days ago)
Super awesome 👏,thanks to make laughing everyone 😍
MOMO (15 days ago)
Malik.Zaheer King (16 days ago)
kml ke pranks
Immigration (16 days ago)
Y .
Immigration (16 days ago)
Lookin like Shia LaBeouf in the intro
Elavarasan Karthi (16 days ago)
Its very very😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
gamecenter ofAhmed (17 days ago)
The spelling of piece
mikhail baldeh (18 days ago)
That's dope

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